Edward (47,030) by Stacey from USA

There will always be people who need their 15 seconds of fame no matter how foolish it makes them look. Thankfully you don't need such drama to make your life meaningful. Well done.
(Wednesday 1 October 2014; 5:36)

Webmaster (47,029) by Mimi L. from

Where did you get the full version of the picture in the article about MC's tour in China? I haven't seen this version. I checked out the main website on which the article was posted, they don't have it either. Can you let me know where I can find a big size of this version? Thanks. [Webmaster: I used Google Images to find this picture of Mariah, but I couldn't find a HQ picture.]
(Wednesday 1 October 2014; 4:23)

Monykkka, rare music (47,028) by todd from Australia

Hi Monykkka. If you know where to look, there are lots of rare MC remixes and unreleased songs available online. I'm by no means advocating illegally downloading things, but it's there.
(Wednesday 1 October 2014; 3:42)

Kenny (47,027) by Edward from USA

Kenny, thanks for you comment. I never get nasty to people on this board. I have my opinions like everybody else. If I like a post or have something to say, I do so. My problem is when some people try to get personal or dictate the way other fans have to act or the things they have to post here to be considered true fans, according to their guidelines of course. If you read what I posted in answer to Angelo as to why YDKWTD wasn't successful, you'll see there wasn't anything disrespectful to Mariah on it, and his answer was equally respectful. I don't know if you got to see some of Isaac's posts, he was mostly nasty to other fans here when people didn't agree with his "Mariah is perfect" point of view, and got banned from the board. I think he is back with a different nick, a nick I won't acknowledge by typing it here. He'll get banned again though, Isaac is starting to show his true colors again.
(Wednesday 1 October 2014; 1:25)

Divas live (47,025) by Abraham from USA

Does anybody else enjoy watching "Divas Live" as much as I do? Course my favorite part is Mariah. She slayed with "My all" and "Make it happen". Her voice was fierce that night. And she looked amazing. No shade or disrespect, but I saw no reason why Carole and Gloria were there. I like Shania, but meh. It would have been something if Barbra, Patti and Whitney had been there instead of them. As they are the true divas. It would be cool if there would be some kind of special that honors Mariah. And have a couple of artists sing for her. Like Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Lady Gaga, Adele. And hell, even Beyonce. I think that would be good for something in the future. I'm hoping the tour gets Mariah's voice in a good place to the point she won't have to lip sync any more.
(Tuesday 30 September 2014; 21:56)

Edward (47,024) by Kenny from Canada

You always keep me entertained with your posts. Keep them coming. For anyone to question your loyalty/fandom to Mariah either must be really new to the board or just have problems dismounting from their high horse.
(Tuesday 30 September 2014; 19:39)

Someday (I Want You Back) remix (47,023) by TiffMelody from USA

I made this remix a while back. I'm not a DJ but MC and Jackson 5 sounded so cute together I couldn't resist. This is Someday and I Want You Back remixed.
(Tuesday 30 September 2014; 19:14)

Wendy (47,022) by lamb from USA

I've recently watched all the Mariah mentions on the Wendy Show. Yes, she loves to bash Mimi but this should be viewed as a positive. She's keeping our girl in the spotlight. Bad publicity is good publicity. She even poses a potential public image turnaround for the diva. Additionally, I predict Mariah will earn a grammy nod for M.I.L.G.
(Tuesday 30 September 2014; 17:02)

Mariah's legacy (47,021) by Lee from USA

I read this on twitter one time, "As long as Christmas is celebrated, Mariah will be remembered. Let that sink in." When will your faves? Haha. I hope the tour goes off without a hitch, good things and new music to come. I want to see MC back on top and celebrated.
(Tuesday 30 September 2014; 5:03)

Kyle / I agree (47,020) by Edward from USA

Kyle, I completely agree with your post. Digital singles are cannibalizing album sales. Some movement will have to breathe some life into the album concept again. The concept of releasing an EP with five or six songs as a bundle, either you get them all or you get none, is great. Quality artists are struggling with what is happening. In the past the Grammy's would at least honor great music regardless of popularity, but when you see Justin Beiber getting nominated, we clearly realize there must be something wrong. As for Barbra's new album, selling 196k was a big accomplishment, her fan base keeps being loyal to her. Back in 2009 she topped Mariah by selling 180k. So, even though things have been going down hill for most artists on the albums department, she has managed to keep her numbers up plus some.
(Tuesday 30 September 2014; 0:01)

The tour (47,019) by Marcus from Brazil

I hope Mariah comes to Brazil on this tour. We love Mariah dearly here. I have been coming to this messageboard for a few years now, but I just decided to actually become part of the community and post.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 23:23)

(47,018) by travon austin from usa

[censored] Finally fresh air of life. *sips tea* Abraham thank you. I enjoy your commentary as well. I try to stay quiet and let people talk s***. However these [censored] lambs are taking it to a whole new level. I appreciate you and the other nice lambs on other forums.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 23:16)

Travon / no, thank you (47,017) by Edward from USA

Travon, this is not RuPaul Drag Race. You can go with your customs, dresses, wigs and stinking attitude someplace else. Whenever you feel like dragging someone, get a doll so you can keep on practicing. I won't entertain any of your posts anymore, you can save them. As far as I know, I've never addressed you, so don't send for me, unless I send for you. I like Mariah as singer, as a lyricist, as an entertainer, but I'm not interested in her weaves, perfumes, nail polish, high heels or dresses. Don't get me wrong or feel bad, I don't have anything against you for being into all that though. After all, this is America, the land of the free, and the land of some jerks too. You can sit down now. Really, have several seats.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 22:57)

Marissa / Wendy (47,016) by Edward from USA

Marissa, Wendy as always goes with the flow. She doesn't seem to have anything to talk about these days. Mariah hasn't said anything for God's sake, yet Wendy keeps on talking BS. It is so sad to see this fuggly troll being so insensitive towards Mariah, considering she very well knows what Mariah is going through. It's like she's going back to her radio days. Now I see why her son doesn't like her anymore, kids must make fun of him at school for having such a mouthy woman as mother. Mariah will bounce back though, she always does.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 22:32)

Sales in general (47,015) by Kyle from USA

The music business is dying. Barbra Streisand just released an album and it only sold 196K copies. Barbaa Stesisand is huge and has a very loyal following. We have to accept the music album concept is dead. These companies and artists need to invent new avenues for selling singles. People don't want to buy a 15-disc album, they want to pick and choose what they want on their play list. Maybe a "mini-album" will help? Release exclusively to iTunes a set of 5 songs and you have to buy all or nothing. Music companies have a budget for every project. Just like your personal budget, when the funds run out, you're done. If they gave Mariah a $1 million dollar promotional budget (video's, travel, wardrobe, transportaion, etc) then when it ran out IDJ stopped pouring more money into a prject that wasn't going anywhere. I think we all can agree that if the album was released right around #Beautiful it would have done better but the injury pushed it back. Life happens. Let's stop critisizing everything Mariah does, she is never going to make all of us happy. Let's appreciate Mariah and music in general for what it is: insperational, motivating, refreshing and so on. If you think she isn't pissed then you're a fool. We haven't seen the best from her. She'll have another #1. The music world is a completely different game than when she started. She is a trendsetter and if I know MC, she'll do something amazing that will change the game. Again.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 21:49)

Wendy (47,014) by Mimi L. from

Wendy's only talent is sitting on a sofa, gossiping about people she doesn't know personally. Then she'll go ahead and state her opinions in a way as if those are true facts. Gee Wendy why are you suddenly after Mariah? The lack of talent is finally starting to bug you at this age? Months back I wrote in a post that I wouldn't mind Mariah going to Wendy's as she was supportive of her and refused Mottola's offer to bad mouth Mariah. Now I would like to take back what I said. Wendy deserves exactly what Mariah gives her, which is "no acknowledgement at all". Wendy recently has been making such harsh comments on MC, I wonder why? Trying to look like Mariah didn't work out for her either. She's a bitter woman who thinks gossiping about others will make her more liked.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 21:22)

Travon / Marissa (47,013) by Abraham from USA

Travon your posts give me life. I like what you are bringing to the messageboard. And the read you're giving Edward, too funny. Marissa, don't let that one person or any person who says anything negative about Mariah get to you. It's that not serious. Obviously that guy is just a jerk. But at the end of the day, how many number ones does his favorites have?To me, 18 is more than enough. And something that is quite an accomplishment. I'm proud of her. She would have more with "I still believe" and "Beautiful". I have a feeling next year will be her year. She just needs that one song that will get people's attention, and then go from there. I'm hoping that she will release another "TEOM". Her career is far from over. I bet you anything that with the next album, Mariah will get her 19th number one.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 21:16)

Marissa (47,012) by travon austin from usa

Thank you. I completely agree. Continue to preach the truth to certain so called lambs that are starting to act the same as non fans. All we can do is wait for her North American leg tour. Tours can do great things for singers. I was checking through ticket master for her Australian dates and Asia dates of her tour to get a sense of her selling out. I can confirm that all of her austrailian shows are 95% sold out based on ticket availability. Most of Asia is sold out as well. 4 shows in Asia are no longer offering tickets as they have all sold. Also most of the Vip packages are taken as well. Mariah just needs to deliver. Does anyone think this tour will help or hurt her? How and why?
(Monday 29 September 2014; 20:40)

My 12-song Mariah Carey playlist (47,011) by Robert-Anthony from United States

If I could play twelve Mariah Carey songs at a party this New Year's Eve, it would be the songs listed below. I choose these songs because they showcase Mariah Carey's versatility as an artist. What female singer today has her vocal range, songwriting skills, and artistry? What 12- songs would you play?
1. Faded
2. Migrate
3. You're So Cold
4. Always Be My Baby
5. Skydiving
6. Thirsty
7. The Roof
8. H.A.T.E.U.
9. My All/Stay Awhile ft. Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq (Remix)
10. Never Too Far Away
11. Dedicated ft. Nas
12. Make It Look Good
Bonus: Bliss.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 20:34)

Beyond ungrateful (47,010) by Marissa from USA

So Wendy was on today and she had a segment called "Who should Mariah date?" It was one of those "word on the street" style segments and some random guy said "She hasn't had a hit since Nick Cannon was a baby," and I immediately turned it off. I don't have time for people's ignorant negativity towards MC. She surpassed Elvis for #1 singles before she was even 40 years old, yet people want to act like she's never done anything significant. The problem is society (Americans to be specific) value celebrity over merit. If you aren't at the latest VMAs or if your music videos aren't playing every morning on VH1, people act like you have no value. I think it's so disrespectful for someone to bust their a** making hit records that not only would be catchy but touch people's hearts and for people to not give a f*** whatsoever just because she hasn't had a #1 in 7 years. We live in a sad world if you can be the most successful female solo artist with a 24 year career, but be treated like a one-hit wonder.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 20:05)

Edward (47,008) by travon austin from usa

My facts are checked. I check them before I post. Your opinions are just that. Opinions. I do wonder what makes you think the record label is over her? I also want to know how you think an artist cant obtain a deal on their own? Are you really a fan because you sound judgmental? Mariah doesn't need judgmental people especially her fans who expect way too much. I have followed this site for 8 years now. Last year everyone was tired of waiting for an album. Now everyone has the album available. Even with an album the complaining has gotten worse. All I hear is what she should've, could've done. However the people complaining always say how great the album is. It's annoying as a true lamb to see other lambs continue to support her music but expect her to sell these gigantic numbers. *sips tea* I have moved on to the tour. So please don't come for me unless you're ready to be dragged.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 17:25)

Need more MC music (47,007) by Monykkka from Romania

Guys, I seem to have misplaced so much of my MC collection of rare/live/remix songs. Especially her concerts, I'm so lost without them lol. Please, can anybody help?
(Monday 29 September 2014; 15:05)

Travon, promotions (47,006) by Edward from USA

Travon, Mariah doesn't control the promotion of her albums, she has input on her part of the promotion. It is clear the label executives are over her. The #Beautiful Clear Channel deal was negotiated by the label as part of the promotion plan they had for 2013, many other labels have negotiated similar deals for their artists. The videos she put out (#Beautiful and YM(E)) came from the label promotional budget to be recouped from future album sales, so check your facts. When Mariah signed up with Def Jam, she had come from a 100-million deal to a 20-million deal with IDJ for 4 albums with an open option for a 5th album. She regained her popularity back in 2005 with TEOM, so the label clearly knew when they signed her Mariah's name alone wasn't going to do the trick, and Charmbracelet was an indication of that. Labels are out there to make money, they had a plan for MIAMTEC laid out for 2013, when things started falling apart, they did what any smart organization would've done, and I don't blame them for it.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 11:12)

My list (47,005) by Spir Ja from USA

Well, I'm a singer and major fan since 1989 or when ever I heard her first syllable. So, I have to pick what I love to sing:
1. The Wind
2. Vision of Love - Still trying to cover the BV the best way.
3. You're So Cold - Still can't ace that insanity note, can't ace any of her insanity notes like her with all the [...] but I can hit and hold a lot of em. Her ability to have pitch perfect overtones consistently on those "emanations" continually blows me out.
4. Looking In - Oh hell yeah.
5. Vanishing
6. The Roof
7. Long Ago
8. Melt Away
9. H.A.T.E. U
10. Never Forget You
I'm pretty famous round town for three or four dubs I do at the karaoke of her live stuff. I can't find the fricking karaoke tracks for those live verstions at all, so the DJ mixes my lead over it just right and people just freak.
1. Daydream Reprise
2. Emotions live
3. Heartbreaker live with Missy and Kim, including the RAP
4. Heartbreaker/Diana Ross song mix
(Monday 29 September 2014; 7:45)

Grammy nominations (47,004) by Jono from USA

I will be very surprised if Mariah Carey gets any nominations. We all know she deserves way more love than she's gotten in her career, but the Grammy board is made up of prickly voters who try to take themselves seriously, yet want to seem hip and in the now. I mean compare the nominations from the last decade, compared to the previous one. The talent level has dropped significantly when it comes to who gets nominated. I mean, if "My Humps" can win a Grammy, than anyone can. Also, I can't help but feel that the Grammys have never been big on diversity, at least when it comes to the main categories. Sure, rappers and R&B artists will do well in their respective categories, but don't expect there to be huge love for them in the main categories. I mean they certainly play their favorites. I mean, does U2 really deserve that many wins (still bitter about MC's album, song, and record of the year loss in 2006)? And although he is absolutely arrogant, Kanye West was obviously snubbed by not even getting an Album of the Year nomination for the masterpiece that was "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". Yet you get the likes of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry getting nominations and wins left and right as if they have actually contributed anything significant in the music industry. The Grammys struggled with losing their utter pretentiousness and tried to "right" their reputation by going more mainstream, and it still doesn't work. Mariah doesn't need the silly award show.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 6:28)

Edward / promotion (47,003) by travon austin from usa

Edward, your point would make sense however Mariah Carey is the one that controls how to promote her music. Her recording contract only includes an advance and a proper release with minimum promotion. She has built a name for herself that doesn't require 50% of a record label service. However, with that being said, she has to find alternative ways to promote. Mariah received the clear channel deal for #Beautiful not her record label. Her label was not cited on the PR. It suits her to get a deal however the record died because clear channel needed more than an her reputation to play #beautiful. Radios require people calling in requesting the songs to continue airplay. The issue was after 3-4 months Mariah stopped promoting it, therefore, people stopped taking interest. On top of that she injured herself, badly. People lost interest because the combination of lack of promoting and the unfortunate time lapse. It's so easy to say her diva-ish attitude cause lack of interest. I am not buying it. If that was true then The Emancipation Of Mimi would have bombed. Edward, next time consider your fact checking as it can be misleading. Thanks.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 4:37)

Mariah and her private life (47,002) by Alex from England

All I'll say is once again I was right. Mariah not promoting the album the way we are used to seeing her promoting had to mean something about her personal life. And yet some "fans" doubted her. I'm not glad I was right as it means the likely failure of her 6-year marriage but I can proudly say that I "know" how Mariah functions. This is why I didn't want to blame her for the commercial failure that is her album, I just knew something more important was boiling up behind the scenes. When you know someone and how they usually respond to things, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the promotion of the album was as sporadicas it was when it was released. Mariah has always been a hard-working woman and the same people who were throwing her under the bus are the same who are wishing her well today. Just because an album or song doesn't go to #1 shoud allow anyone to turn their back and spew hatred their supposed favorite artist's way. Mariah will pull throuh as she always does, she is too strong-willed to let anything bring her right down.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 0:40)

Angelo, maybe just maybe (47,001) by Edward from USA

Angelo, I understand your frustration. YDKWTD could've been a great follow up to #Beautiful. Mariah had a killing body, everything was moving accordingly, #Beautiful was a fresh new sound and was getting some love on the radio, but with the attention span of people these days, if you don't act quickly, you're forgotten quickly. Maybe, just maybe, Mariah will re release MIAMTEC with some bonus tracks once she starts touring. I have a feeling she'll do that, since she has already stated she can't stop writing songs, and that fans shouldn't be surprised if she sung a new song at some of the venues. A producer posted a picture with Mariah on the studio stating he had heard three new tracks a couple of months ago. I think we're in for a treat, but we have to wait and see. Besides that, this tour is going to get her in a good place vocally for the next album. An album that I think won't take more than two years to be released.
(Monday 29 September 2014; 0:29)

YDKWTD single (47,000) by Angelo from Italy

I see, Edward, you're right, but I really hoped that the performance of this song with Wale could help. I mean it was a great performance, Mariah was on the piano, the album coming and that was the only song from MIAMTEC, so I'm really sorry about all this failure and really I don't understand totally. And also, I knew Mimi had recorded 2 more videos from MIAMTEC era, I mean, sure one, don't know the other one, and I always thought that the video could be YDWTD, but why don't even release just via VEVO?
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 23:41)

Angelo, YDKWTD (46,999) by Edward from USA

Angelo, YDKWTD didn't even have a lyric video. It had no promotion from Mariah or the label; it didn't have any exposure, so radio didn't play it. When a new album is released, iTunes top 100 gives you an idea which songs people are feeling because most of them chart into the 100 for a couple of weeks, and regardless airplay, they also chart on The Hot 100 even if it's for one week. That's what happened with "Migrate" and "Betcha Gon' Know". This time, I was so surprised when I checked iTunes and no one single song from MIAMTEC charted on their top 100. Not only that, Mariah is not whom most people are looking forward to listening to these days. No promotion plus push backs plus no video plus no interviews plus lack of popularity is disaster. At least MIAMTEC was a great album. Labels are not investing millions in promotions because they are not making money like they used to from album sales. MIAMTEC's opportunity was when #Beautiful came out, but sadly things didn't go well and the expectation deflated just like what happened to Leona Lewis' Glassheart. Knowing now that Mariah was going through some rough time with her marriage, I can understand why she wouldn't be in a promotion mode. Marriage has always been a serious matter to her.
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 21:38)

Grammy nominations (46,998) by B from USA

I think MIAMTEC has a chance to score a nomination or two. It's gotten some of the best reviews of her career. I hope it does but if it doesn't I'm ok with it.
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 19:38)

Billy from Greece and this_is_qhm (46,997) by enwar00 from usa

Billy, thanks for the response and video. It was cool seeing that one too with the different tour performances. It's crazy I barely remember anything from that concert besides the boxing ring, really was a long time ago huh? Plus they never put out a DVD or anything to remember it by. this_is_qhm, thanks for posting Heat, I'd never heard it before. I liked it.
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 19:28)

Against all odds (46,996) by Jenny from South Africa

I really love this song. Probably my favourite from Rainbow. Thanks for posting those videos. Really made my day guys.
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 16:22)

YDKWTD single (46,995) by Angelo from Italy

I don't understand, one of the most acclaimed songs by critics and lambs too, but it is also the most failure in her singles career: any chart, I mean, any Billboard chart saw this single. I mean, "Bringin' on the heartbreak", "I stay in love", "Right to dream", even those singles had an entrance, why YDWTD nothing? Airplay, dance nor adult? I mean, if this song could reach even little peaks it could be really considered at Grammy nominations (and maybe win), but it it so difficult (more for Mimi) has consideration just for critics acclaim.
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 12:56)

Grammy nominations (46,994) by Angelo from Italy

Closure times of Grammy nominations. Well, I'm not sure she'll not win, the sales (and project exposure too) were too low, really I don't understand why US lambs want more concerts or perfomances in their country and then they don't even buy or request her songs. By the way, I think she'll have those nominations: 1. Best R&B Album - MIAMTEC (I know it hasn't sold weel, but it is actually her most acclaimed album by critics) 2. Best R&B Performance - You're mine (it was the only single really impacted on charts, #1 on Dance Chart, acclaimed by critics too, beautiful performance at BET). Let's hope in those nominations at least (and maybe a winning time, MIAMTEC is great).
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 11:14)

Heat / Mimi's "ghetto" alter ego (46,993) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

First time I heard this song, I was like, "Oooh girl, you're scary." This has to be the most combative and "hood" we'll ever hear of Mariah on a record. Thematically, it's like the sequel to X-Girlfriend, only more severe, with the damage infliction setting turned to 11, just like the confrontation that ensued when the bitch was dumb enough to ignore Mimi's warning. It's just brimming with so much sass and bravado that it ends up coming off as comical, which probably was the goal anyway, as everything about it points to that direction - the vibe, the production, the attitude, the "I'mma cut you" delivery, even right down to the sly melody. I was even thinking this song would've suited the Heartbreaker clip better. Haha. This is probably what Bianca sounds on a track. Wild, fiery, catty, and ghetto-fabulous. It's a pretty solid track, which makes me wonder why it didn't replace one of the monotonous ballads on E=MC2. Whether it's because it was considered too uncharacteristic of her with regards to her image at that time or that its (already censored) profanity was still a bit too much, all I know is that it's the most hilarious track she's ever done. Mimi on aggressive mode. This explains why all dem other basic bitches (a.k.a. regularities) should stand back.
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 10:47)

Re: enwar00 / Against All Odds (46,992) by Billy from Greece

Enwar, this is one of the two available solo video versions of "Against All Odds". I initially saw the official video in early 2000 (almost 15 years ago, oh my) and it was the one I have now attached, which includes a montage of various stops from the "Rainbow Tour". I used to think (and still do) that she looked gorgeous in that mermaid-like light blue dress. Her hair was so long back then, seemingly without the use of artificial extensions. She was so fierce during the Rainbow era. Clearly, she was overworked, but there was something empowering in her presence. Aw, the Rainbow era. Getting all nostalgic now.
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 9:49)

Against All Odds (46,991) by enwar00 from usa

I never even knew there was a video for this, aside from the Westlife version. Although Rainbow remains one of my least favorite MC albums for some reason, in hindsight she sounds great here and I enjoyed watching this. Did anyone used to see this on tv?
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 1:19)

Grammys (46,990) by Peter from USA

I would say she would be nominated in the R&B category. I hope she gets some nominations for what is a great album. I would love to see Make It Look Good get a nod.
(Sunday 28 September 2014; 0:23)

Grammys (46,988) by Jonathan from United States

Since the Grammy cut off is in a few days, here are my predictions for Album of the Year:
Prism - Katy Perry
*Beyonce - Beyonce (they love her)
Me. I Am Mariah... - Mariah Carey
In The Lonely Hour - Sam Smith
Ghost Stories - Coldplay
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Eminem
I hope Mariah atleast gets nominated but we all know the Grammys can be shady to her and their credibility isn't what it used to be. What do you guys think? Also would this album be considered for the Pop or R&B category?
(Saturday 27 September 2014; 18:02)

Edward / Mariah's songwriting (46,987) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

I get where you're coming from, although it only seems to be that way. She still very much has the lyrical depth she had two decades ago, but now, her writing's gotten even better because she has the experience to back up whatever she says, making her able to breathe life into her words even more convincingly than she would've been back then. When she sings VOL now, it isn't as polished and effortless vocally as it was 20 years ago, but it still somehow sounds better because it's now coming from a woman who lived a lot more and isn't wide-eyed anymore. True, as she grew older, she adapted more "hip" language and some of her subject matter may have become less than age-appropriate, thus misleading most to believe that she's aging backwards with her music, but to me, it's just her growing as a songwriter and being able to talk about more things in more ways than she used to. I also feel like this shows how much she was suppressed in the early to mid-90s, and that if she totally had her way, she would've written I'm That Chick and It's Like That back then. Her writing has also become more "real" in a way, like closer to everyday life than her older, more platitudinal ramblings. Well, she still touches upon dem generalities now and then, but songs like Cry., Camouflage, and TAOLG prove she's still got that (big-worded) depth, only now, she can fuse it with plausibility. The fact that she has gotten cheekier and gained a whole lotta sass, sarcasm, and humor is just a big bonus.
(Saturday 27 September 2014; 13:26)

Shelly, Manny, "Close My Eyes" and "Outside" (46,986) by Edward from USA

Shelly and Manny, you guys are right, it is definitely "oblivious". My browser has the habit of auto correcting some words when they are right. Most times I catch the error and add the word to the dictionary, but sometimes they just slipped through. "Close My Eyes" lyrics are genius.
Funny how one can learn
to grow numb to the madness
and block it away
I left the words unsaid
let it all dissipate
and I try to forget
"Outside" was my go to song
Standing alone
Eager to just
Believe it's good enough to be what
You really are
But in your heart
Uncertainty forever lies
And you'll always be
Somewhere on the
Should I get crucified for wanting more of that from Mariah, I would go peacefully into the night. The former verse is the vivid description of how Mariah handles most things. Wendy talks sh*t, the media spread rumors, that backup singer throws shade, yet Mariah applies that verse time and time again. That's how I got hooked up to Mimi. Her distinctive voice and lyrics spoke to me, and I wasn't ever the same.
(Saturday 27 September 2014; 6:07)

MIAMTEC success / future singles, if any (46,985) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

A lot about MIAMTEC's underperformance has got to do with timing. It was off to a good start. Mariah was looking great, and as much as I didn't like how her Idol stint turned out to be, it still somehow helped propel #B to the top 20. Then came the album title leak, the pushback, then the injury, and the anticipation for anything from her quicky waned. It was clear that TAOLG wasn't released to be a hit; she put that out to vent somehow as she wasn't doing interviews at that time. It was YM(E) that was more of a calculated attempt to get a Valentine hit. Thirsty or YDKWTD would've been great singles - last year, right after #B. So now where do we go from here? Faded is the most commercial ballad and would be a great future release. Cry. comes a distant second since I doubt she'll release OMT (due to its faithfulness to the original), much less Camouflage which is lovely but not as distinctive as Cry. On the more upbeat front, I really hope she releases the album's best song, MILG. Dedicated or M($*/...) would also click with the younger crowd than Meteorite, which is great, but I feel would just end up like YDKWTD somehow. But since it's clear she's got nothing left to lose, I hope she'd just throw caution to the wind and just release anything she really loves on the album. Who knows, it just might take off and become an unexpected hit. But if none of this happens and she just decides to move on to the next album, I'd still be happy because she gave us a masterpiece.
(Saturday 27 September 2014; 2:18)

DVD/CD combo (46,984) by Shelly from AZ, USA

Also, I looked it up to make sure, but the lyrics are: "That woman-child flailing inside was on the verge of fading." I started playing Butterfly again and it truly is perfect. I wish she would have done an unplugged album for each of her albums. When they re-release them, they should include the videos and the best live performances, so that there's a visual for each song. I appreciate when artists release a DVD/CD combos. Adele did it with the Royal Albert Hall concert, Paul McCartney did it with Good Evening NYC, Kari Jobe did it with Magestic.
(Saturday 27 September 2014; 0:07)

Close My Eyes lyrics (46,983) by Shelly from AZ, USA

Edward: I always thought it was "nearing the edge, oblivious I almost fell right over" that might of been an autocorrect typo. When she sings "guardian angel I sail away on an ocean with you by side, orange clouds roll by, they burn into your image and you're still alive, you're always alive" gets to me every time. It's so deep and intimate. It's poetry. When I saw that butt video I thought of that scene in the movie Idiocracy where the whole movie is a butt and it won an Oscar. What is this world coming to?
(Friday 26 September 2014; 23:31)

Edward / Mariah's lyrics (46,982) by Manny from U.S.

I agree with you. Her lyrics sounded like poetry to me. I was a teen and Mariah's lyrics drew me more to her. I'm not sure if it was a typo but the lyrics are "Oblivious I almost fell right over." Those lyrics stuck into my head. The first time she used oblivious in her lyrics was for "Music Box" in "I've been thinking about you". She wrote "I was oblivious, so very out of touch, all the while I couldn't see." I had to look up the meaning of oblivious. Which I had to do with several big words Mariah used, even in her first album (alienation, fathom).
(Friday 26 September 2014; 23:28)

US tour? (46,981) by Dan from US

Does anybody think Mariah will play any Venus in the US? What's your thoughts.
(Friday 26 September 2014; 22:33)

At her best (46,980) by Edward from USA

Lyrically, "Butterfly", "Outside" and "Close My Eyes" are the epitome of perfection, Mariah at her best. It is kind of weird, but it seems to be that when Mariah was younger her song writing had much more depth.
Nearing the edge
Obvious I almost
Fell right over
A part of me
Will never be quite able
To feel stable
That woman-child falling inside
Was on the verge of fading
Thankfully I
Woke up in time
When Mariah was 20, she had the maturity of a woman way older than that. Many seasoned lyricist would dream to have such depth. Now we have deep lyrics like: "Wiggle wiggle wiggle", "Bang bang into the room (I know you want it)", and even with much more depth like Nicki's Anaconda: "My anaconda don't, my anaconda don't, my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun." I can't wait for Anaconda in acoustic version.
(Friday 26 September 2014; 22:32)

Myles / Butterfly (46,979) by Marissa from USA

Myles, you are right. I remember seeing an interview a long time ago where Mariah said that the lyrics to Butterfly were what she wished Tommy had said to her. She said that even when they separated, she initially didn't think they would get a divorce. She thought that Tommy would come to his senses and see that she was a free spirit who needed to be able to do her own thing and that they would get back together with that mutual understanding. So much for that, but at least a beautiful song came out of it.
(Friday 26 September 2014; 20:31)

Myles re: Butterfly (46,978) by Warren from Trinidad & Tobago

I always felt so. There were switching perspectives during that song that as a teenager had me a bit confused, but yes, sheer brilliance.
(Friday 26 September 2014; 20:24)
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