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Re: Mariah directing for Hallmark (63,759) (63,783) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 25 June 2016; 3:46)
She said on Mario Lopez that the first movie was like a comedy that will come out around a holiday (I think Valentine's Day). She didn't want to go into detail because she said she didn't want her ideas stolen. Lol. I hope it's something creative as well. I've always wanted Betcha Gon Know played out. Can you image.
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Re: My All remix is way better (63,745) (63,782) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 25 June 2016; 3:40)
They both serve different purposes for me. The dance remix is great for the gym, cleaning the house, and dancing at the club. Too bad they don't play that classic. The ballad is great to reflect, deal with, or get through a situation. Although I am happy in my personal life, I love the ballad and listen to it a lot. Mariah is finally going off the cuff with My All in Vegas and its breathing new life into the song. Have you seen the performance on 6/21? When she started to go off people seemed surprised and loved it.
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Re: Repetitive (63,743) (63,781) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 25 June 2016; 3:37)
I understand what you are saying, however there is lots to talk about. I'm sorry someone was talking to me while I was typing so I didn't get to respond. See there are individuals on this board who purposely bring up topics "focusing on the flaw". They do this on purpose to suck the whole board into responding about some nonsense and then everyone ends up fighting. Their purpose is to disrupt the peace and watch all hell break loose. I read another board recently that I'm not apart of and they bring up all kinds of topics and used to be brought up here. And by all types of topics I mean everything. If someone starts fighting or gets out of line, they get warned by the moderators to stop or they get temporarily kicked of the board to cool down. If they come back with more mess, they get kicked off permanently. Also, trolls are not allowed. Anyone that trolls gets kicked off as well. Before anyone says anything, it is not a kiss Mariah's a$$ board either. People are mostly respectful but aren't afraid to bring new topics, like the one bogus rumor about Whitney, Bobby, and Mariah. Would have never known had I not read that board. Some stuff may not be of people's interests but at least it's a new topic. Remember the lists? There was a big fight over the lists and the board was split on this topic, then after the smoke cleared, the next post was a list lol. Long live the lists.
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Re: Ty, B, Andrew and My All (63,772) (63,778) by B from USA
(Saturday 25 June 2016; 2:39)
The bad video? My All is an amazing video. My All was huge. The video was huge on TRL and the radio. It was massive. Heartbreaker was a hit but it wasn't as big. My All is still played on the radio today. I've heard TGIFY played more than Heartbreaker.
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Re: Ty, B, Andrew and My All (63,771) (63,777) by Licia from USA
(Saturday 25 June 2016; 1:59)
I need pics of that Glitter party. Randy we know you love Mariah. No need to prove that. We all do even if we are hard on her sometimes.
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Hey Mimi L (63,776) by TRAVON AUSTIN from United States
(Saturday 25 June 2016; 1:51)
I have been busy lately but wanted to give a shout out to you. I love your posts lately. I just re-enrolled into a new college and had my first orientation today. It's not cheap. In Mariah Carey's voice, "not everybody has that and we live for moments dahlings".
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Re: Chuck D. (63,767) (63,775) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 25 June 2016; 0:20)
People stay pressed for no good reason. It's a celebratory party to celebrate another successful round of her Vegas show. It's not like Mariah is suddenly using her star power to become a full time DJ and kick out the real DJs. People need to chill.
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Re: My All (63,762) (63,774) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 25 June 2016; 0:18)
This is my 100th post about this, and I'll like to ask this again. "Where the heck is the track Morales tweeted about working with Mariah on during the MIAM era?"
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Re: Repetitive (63,758) (63,773) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 25 June 2016; 0:16)
"Manaka" and "BryRiah" are the current ship names. And good lord, we have to talk about the ranking lists that happens every other week. Top 10 favorite 90s songs, top 10 songs where Mariah touches herself, top 10 songs where Mariah lip syncs in her music video. I kid you not, I actually saw a music video on YouTube of Mariah's and some dumb person road "well she's lip syncing". It wasn't even one of those "live" setting videos like "Hero" and IWKWLI but something like YME or some other song. So ya.
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Re: Ty, B, Andrew and My All (63,771) (63,772) by Sheila from United States
(Friday 24 June 2016; 23:56)
Randy, I never really liked My All. Maybe it was the bad video but after SNL's Butterfly performance I was blown away and Divas Live was great. The Vegas performances are so soulful and passionate. I have grown to life the song. I've always liked the mixes, they are on point.
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Ty, B, Andrew and My All (63,771) by Randy from USA
(Friday 24 June 2016; 21:52)
Ty I respectfully disagree with you. My All original version is killer and just look at her face when she sings the last chorus on Rosie O'Donnell and SNL in 97/98. I live for when Walt cuts the music out before the last chorus and Ty furthermore, she cloned the song twice afterwards on Rainbow its clone is After Tonight and on Charmbracelet its clone is I Only Wanted. B. I also disagree respectfully with you. I think Heartbreaker is her last big hit before WBT. In fact, they played Heartbreaker more on American radio than My All. And finally Andrew please come to the A so we can play Carpool Mariah Carey-oke. Do you know I actually had a Glitter party for her in 2001, where we played Mariah Carey-oke? I sang Outside. But of course this board thinks I hate her because I hold her accountable for her live performances.
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Re: Chuck D. (63,767) (63,770) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 24 June 2016; 21:35)
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Re: Mariah directing for Hallmark (63,768) (63,769) by B from USA
(Friday 24 June 2016; 21:34)
Also let's hope she doesn't use that awful filter again.
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Re: Mariah directing for Hallmark (63,759) (63,768) by B from USA
(Friday 24 June 2016; 21:21)
She'll be directing and starring in the films and writing a song for each per the press release. I don't think she'll be writing or scripting any of the three. Personally, I think she should stay off screen when directing. Unless she can get her fragile friend Lee to direct her scenes, lol.
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Re: Chuck D. (63,766) (63,767) by B from USA
(Friday 24 June 2016; 21:13)
It's not like she's quitting her day job. It's to celebrate the end of this Vegas run. She's basically co-djing or whatever. She'll probably be his hype man and tell him what to play.
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Chuck D. (63,766) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 24 June 2016; 20:59)
Chuck D. via his twitter threw some major shade about Mariah's DJ moment. I guess he doesn't like that real DJs are going without jobs so superstars can play around, to paraphrase. The article he posted said she starts at midnight. Sussone is going to be the main DJ anyway.
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Re: Don't be fooled (63,757) (63,765) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 24 June 2016; 20:53)
Or all of the above. Love, hate taking high road for the kids. But they did sign gag order not to discuss their specifics, or pay a big fine. The next phase will be this reality show.
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Re: Lip syncing (63,752) (63,764) by Andrew from London, UK
(Friday 24 June 2016; 20:43)
B, if that is, indeed, your real capital letter. I'll let it go when people stop posting that lipped performances are live. Simples.
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Re: My All (63,754) (63,763) by Andrew from London, UK
(Friday 24 June 2016; 20:39)
If I was in Atlanta I sing with you. I completely agree. Everything that was done with My All was amazing and Stay Awhile was my time. "Put your lovin' arms" was *the* line. You get it right, very often.
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Re: My All (63,754) (63,762) by B from USA
(Friday 24 June 2016; 19:24)
The original My All is a classic. It was her last big hit before We Belong Together. The remixes of My All are epic. Those remixes are among her best, if not her best. I hope Mariah remixes her future singles. I hope she works with David Morales on classic club remixes and underground producers for her hip-hop remixes.
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Re: My All (63,754) (63,761) by Ty from USA
(Friday 24 June 2016; 18:52)
I never really liked it but these recent soulful Vegas versions have put it on my playlist and the mixes have always been blazing.
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Re: DJ Mimi (63,732) (63,760) by May from Denmark
(Friday 24 June 2016; 18:30)
Hopefully it won't be that way this time around Ian, Mariah is not just any other celeb, she is someone who is very much into music. If she still has the appreciation for music she has shown, I am truly hoping for some of her original spin and not someone in the background, it would be utterly disappointing to waste an opportunity like this at making music.
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Mariah directing for Hallmark (63,759) by May from Denmark
(Friday 24 June 2016; 18:23)
Has actually anyone have any idea if Mariah will be scripting or if she will be directing someone's else scripts? Has she signed yet the contract or was just a project she is looking into after being offered the job? If she is scripting, I wonder what she will come up with. Maybe Lee shared with her some ideas. I would really like to see something penned by her, maybe a drama. Perhaps she could even pour her own experience regarding the psychological abuse and control that she shared a bit in her songs, I believe she would take the job pretty serious, could be nice to see from her perspective how it was dealt with, obviously it doesn't have to be an exact representation of what happened in reality but Mariah has material from her own life to work some interesting scripts. What kind of movie would you be expecting from Mariah? She can't endlessly do Christmas and holiday movies. The next question would be, will she act in any of them?
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Re: Repetitive (63,743) (63,758) by May from Denmark
(Friday 24 June 2016; 18:07)
Agree Marissa, spot on, no new music then we fall into whatever topic there is, even gossip. The very idea that there are lambs going around calling Mariah and Bryan "Manaka" and making a whole subject out of them is very telling that new music is missing in the air.
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Re: Don't be fooled (63,750) (63,757) by Amber C from USA
(Friday 24 June 2016; 18:07)
They either absolutely hate each other or they're in love, I don't believe this high road propaganda.
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