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Re: Variety interview (69,717) (69,725) by Marissa from USA
(Friday 9 December 2016; 23:11)
"I don't know what people think of me. I had this conversation with Ellen DeGeneres and I was like, 'I don't know what the biggest misconception about me is because I don't know what people think.' I don't know." This is the most horrifying and alarming quote that she gave in this interview.
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Mariah's World ratings (69,724) by Lila from United States
(Friday 9 December 2016; 22:58)
Updated ratings article on Deadline. The article basically says that Mariah's World garnered nearly 4M viewers, E. and Bravo viewership combined. Honestly I was stumped as to where 4M came from, especially as they only mention the premiere night views and not reruns of the episode and say that E. only drew 689k total and Bravo 1. 3M total. Then I realized that regardless of the fact that the article has told us outright that only a little less than 2M (1.3M + 689k) tuned in total, they added up the separate demographics: adults 1.2M, women 18-49 904k, adults 594k, women 18-34 442k. Total that gives us 3,140,000 viewers. That's basically a padding of the numbers in my book though as people are being counted twice or three times as though there's more than one person when it's not. Yes the person is an adult, a woman who fits the 18-49 bracket and the 18-34 bracket but that's still one adult. Then on top of it, it still remains that E. viewership was crazy low and those who watched on Bravo were more than likely just too lazy to change the channel. Still, I won't pretend to be a ratings expert so anyone else good at understanding these things, please chime in with your opinion and/or expertise.
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Re: 19th No. 1 (69,713) (69,723) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 9 December 2016; 22:32)
That might actually work. Oh my guess I'm gonna try it. Haha. The navy's gonna have a major breakdown like take that Rihanna Pow. Another No. 1 to beat. Haha.
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Re: 19th No. 1 (69,709) (69,722) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 9 December 2016; 22:19)
Lol. Only 6 months?
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Mariah's final Vegas shows rescheduled (69,721) by John john from UK
(Friday 9 December 2016; 21:28)
She will now play final part of her Vegas gig in July and not May. Wow hopefully people can change the flights and hotels. I'd be crying right now if mine was booked and had to change.
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Re: AIWFCIY (69,714) (69,720) by M from UK
(Friday 9 December 2016; 21:19)
I agree that #1 would be a bit of a stretch. But top 10 should be pretty easy. It's the highest Christmas song entry on Billboard 100 this year. In the UK, it jumped from #29 to #6 this week. That's quite amazing. UK Official Charts are saying it's in hot pursuit of the top spot. With the exception of two songs, everything else in the UK top 10 are either holding their positions or falling. A Billboard #1 is the ultimate accomplishment of course but a UK #1 would be great. It's long overdue. There's a meme going round on Instagram about making AIWFCIY #1. It seems most lambs are planning to go all out this year. Who knows, maybe a Billboard #1 isn't that much of a stretch.
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Re: Variety interview (69,717) (69,719) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 9 December 2016; 20:54)
I wonder if she will appear on Lee Daniels' new show "Star" with Lenny Kravitz and Queen Latifah.
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Official UK chart - Mariah is at Number 6 (69,718) by John john from UK
(Friday 9 December 2016; 20:52)
Wow what a shock to see Mariah doing well in the UK. She is also number 1 on Holiday airplay chart too. Amazeballs.
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Variety interview (69,717) by M from Asia
(Friday 9 December 2016; 20:06)
This is one of the best interview she's done this year.
Q: Are there any other shows that you would like to guest star on?
M: Not really. I'm happy to be doing my own show. And there's another show that we're talking about that's more of a scripted series, but I'll tell you that when I can.
Q: Is there anyone you are dying to collaborate in the studio?
M: Oh yes, but I'm not telling. [laughs] There are a few and we're working on it now.
There's so many things to look forward to for next year, I just hope she will do the best in all of this things especially with the next album. Don't disappoint us with that remark about your upcoming collaborations, gosh i'm excited. Still love ya.
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Are the Emotion's whistles live or lipped? (69,716) by Sheila from United States
(Friday 9 December 2016; 19:06)
Sometimes they sound live and then sometimes they sound lipped. Does she have different one she switches up with?
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Re: Bodysuit (69,710) (69,715) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Friday 9 December 2016; 17:45)
The video really did melt my heart, so cute to see her just up and run suddenly to her fans. Her security clearly didn't expect it haha. I'm glad the fans waiting outside got their moment.
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AIWFCIY (69,714) by M from Asia
(Friday 9 December 2016; 17:35)
I don't think it will hit #1 this year but instead reach top 5 or within the 6-9 spot. Zayn and Taylor Swift recently release a duet and I think it will go straight to the top plus AIWFCIY is only charting on itunes within the top 20. Maybe next year?
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Re: 19th No. 1 (69,699) (69,713) by Darren from Indonesia
(Friday 9 December 2016; 17:33)
Please, let this happen. For people outside of the US like me, we can help streaming AIWFCIY with a VPN (I use TunnelBear) to set our websites into a US server. We all have to unite and contribute chart points to AIWFCIY. But tbh, a top 5 position is already amazing.
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Re: Beacon (69,700) (69,712) by May from Denmark
(Friday 9 December 2016; 16:55)
Oh gosh I do recall your great experience back tjat year after you shared it. It's so amazing it has been a year already, so much has happened with Mariah, so many changes. I see most changes in a positive light. I know one of my posts sounded negative but I couldn't clarify some of it because I was busy. Anyway, it made me very happy to know Mariah is indeed working new music, but makes me unhappy she hasn't taken a single time to talk about future projects. Anyway, this kind of awful year is going away finally. Can't wait to see what Mariah will present us next. Hopefully a new album won't take too long. I think Mariah Christmas presentations are being really well put. I have no real complaints. Just waiting to see if this year AIWFC peaks to that nr 1.
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Re: Bryan (69,690) (69,711) by Lexingz from Estonia
(Friday 9 December 2016; 16:55)
She was married to Nick and had just given birth so I really doubt that they were getting cozy then because she was way taken. Plus I doubt they had time to hang out because the stage and choreography was all set up and Mariah just came and did the songs.
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Re: Bodysuit (69,681) (69,710) by May from Denmark
(Friday 9 December 2016; 16:48)
But I love it. She looks like a superhero lol. In all truth, I do like how she looks in them. I only find it strange that it's becoming a casual attire, she is either getting used to them as a Gagaesque thing and can't go out without it anymore (like when you get too used to eyeliners or have a mobile fixiation) or it is reinforcing the "Mariah lives in Mariah's world". She look happy so I could care less. On another note the video snippet was mega cute, the way she ran as if she was on tiptoes to the fans was nice to see, it's like the thankful Mariah is still there.
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Re: 19th No. 1 (69,699) (69,709) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Friday 9 December 2016; 16:13)
Fingers crossed. If it does hit No. 1 then I promise I won't make boob or ill-fitting ensemble references for at least 6 months. Haha.
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The voice (69,708) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 9 December 2016; 14:20)
I'm afraid I've come to accept that her 5 octave range has now become 2. The whisper vocal and the "infamous" vocals (song with Jussie) is all that is left. Even watching the Beacon show clips it's all to obvious. It makes me so sad. It also pisses me off because I've just kind of lost interest in seeing her perform. Oh Mariah, does anyone else feel the same? Her current voice is so unpleasant to the ear. The staccato vocals are just terrible.
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Transparency (69,707) by L.H from Lebanon
(Friday 9 December 2016; 14:04)
I wish Mariah would be transparent and explain all the questions we have about her voice and weight changes. I bet none of the real things we ask about is going to be revealed during Mariah's world. Let it go Mariah, maybe the world will see you more relatable.
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Re: Beacon Shows (69,705) (69,706) by Sheila from United States
(Friday 9 December 2016; 11:51)
Thank God we got one new song - with R. Kelly.
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Beacon Shows (69,705) by Licia from USA
(Friday 9 December 2016; 10:39)
I just saw two small clips on Instagram of Mariah and R. Kelly. One is on her page and the other on his. They both sounded good and yes she was live. I'm going to go fall out on the floor like a 3 year old and have a tantrum because I missed seeing this live. I'll be back later. Lol.
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Re: Beacon (69,700) (69,704) by Licia from USA
(Friday 9 December 2016; 10:26)
Thanks for the update. Man I would kill to see her and R. Kelly sing together. Hopefully someone will post videos soon.
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Re: Bodysuit (69,684) (69,703) by M from Asia
(Friday 9 December 2016; 6:56)
She really needs a better stylist. She looked like she can be the wife of Grinch or something. She's better than this, don't really get why it's so hard for her to dressed properly with all that money she have.
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Re: Leave her boobs alone (69,691) (69,702) by Darren from Indonesia
(Friday 9 December 2016; 5:44)
It's a joke, chill.
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Hour and a half late? (69,701) by Mara from United States
(Friday 9 December 2016; 5:03)
Did anyone hear that M was 1 1/2 hours late for the show tonight? I heard she was late last night too. That would start the show at 9:30 if it is true. I really hope that someone online got that wrong. People have transportation lined up to get into the city and that is not cool if MC gets in the habit of doing that now. One thing about Beacon was she always started that show on time. The same way Vegas starts on time. Unless it has to do with her surprise guests and maybe their schedule didn't permit them to come earlier so she pushed the start of the show later?
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