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Remy Ma puts Mariah in Nicki diss (73,143) by Ty from USA
(Sunday 26 February 2017; 0:30)
Most vicious rap I've ever heard.
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Mariah should release EPs, not just singles (73,142) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 23:35)
John Mayer just dropped the second installment of his upcoming album The Search for Everything last Friday. He calls each EP a "wave". Don't know if you're a fan or if you've listened to any but here is Wave One and Wave Two in case you wanna. It's a return to form for him as this is shaping up to be his best and most diverse-sounding set of songs in a long time.
Now back to Mariah. If she wants to keep making music without really releasing an album, then maybe she should release songs she has recorded via extended plays rather than just drop singles. A single must be big and successful enough to be able to tide fans over until the next release, and Mariah's recent attempts at that have failed to make any impact, so maybe a collection of songs will do better. It won't guarantee success, but it's a bigger artistic expression than just one song. I'm sure she's recorded enough material since MIAMTEC to fill at least 2 EPs, so why not try to release them.
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Vocal changes (73,141) by Marissa from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 22:57)
I don't think she had surgery or anything of the sort. Everyone says 1997 was the year her vocals changed but let's not forget that was the year she started wildin', drinking and partying way more than when she was from '90-'96. Drinking + never getting any sleep + no discipline anymore = a waning voice. I may sound naive but I really believe her drinking and fast-paced lifestyle is what's deteriorated her voice the most. Let's not forget that when she was pregnant and unable to drink, her singing voice sounded damn near like the '90s again.
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Re: What should Mariah do now? (73,123) (73,140) by Special K from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 22:18)
I don' t know about vocal surgery but I do believe she should disappear for awhile and focus on her children and self. Start working with a vocal coach and perhaps write and produce songs for other artists. I hope Mariah fires her whole team and drops all of the parasites that are in her life. Cleanse the mind, body, and soul finding spirtual inner peace.
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Re: Article: Lionel Richie's concert tour with Mariah on hold (73,135) (73,139) by Gigi from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 22:12)
Typo* I meant to say that I hope Mariah fans aren't stuck with tickets to see Lionel only, as I'm not sure how that would work with her being billed as a "very special guest" if scheduling conflicts arise. Anyone know? Can we still get a refund?
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What should Mariah do now? (73,127) (73,133) (73,138) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 21:45)
Stacey, isn't it evident? Celine's voice has also changed, but not to the point where she can't sing her own songs anymore. She lips, but when she has to deliver on occasional performances, she gives it her all and delivers. Celine has used her voice twice as much as Mariah. Her first album was released back in 1981 when she was just 14. She's recorded 15 French albums, and 11 English albums. She's toured twice as much, in both languages. It's obvious that taking care of her voice has been a priority throughout her career. At this point, after watching what went on Mariah's World, the lies and pretenses, I think she lost a lot of credibility, and it has made me question whether some of the things she's always complained about through the years were 100% true. Nobody, unless you're Adele or Taylor Swift, is making money from albums. Mariah makes more from a few concerts than what she makes from an album, and I understand that. She's out to make money, but it is sad to see she's not out to make great music anymore.
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Re: What should Mariah do now? (73,123) (73,137) by Dani from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 21:43)
I think it's a tricky thing to go about surgery, honestly. Her range, in my opinion, is contingent with her vocal fold nodules. She's said that the only reason why she can access her whistle register is because of presence of nodules in her throat. Unfortunately, she went all out in those first few albums, and her voice succumbed to wear and tear. Oversinging also lead up to more nodule build up. That was inevitable. If she gets them removed, she loses her whistle. If she keeps them, her voice will continue to deteriorate but she won't lose her whistle. I, personally, might be okay with her losing her whistle if it meant her voice reverted back to her initial strength and fluidity. But then again, would MC still be MC without her whistle? Hmmm.
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In Hip Hop news (73,136) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 21:21)
Remy Ma ethered Nicki Minaj and included both a Mariah and a Nick mention in the same song. Lol. She is obviously pro Mariah, which is a good thing because she pulls no punches on Nicki Minaj.
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Re: Article: Lionel Richie's concert tour with Mariah on hold (73,122) (73,135) by Gigi from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 21:15)
Unfortunately, she is still being attacked on other social media sites like TMZ and Billboard. Thankfully, Lionel Richie's fans are sympathetic to his injury, but others are claiming that he's faking it due to low ticket sales. For some strange reason, I had a weird feeling this tour wouldn't go as planned, so that's why I was hesitant to buy tickets in the first place. I'm just hoping his new dates don't conflict with other engagements she has going on and Mariah fans are stuck with tickets to see Lionel only.
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Re: What should Mariah do now? (73,133) (73,134) by M from Asia
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 21:01)
Celine lip syncs that high note in All By Myself every time and her voice has changed too but unlike Mariah, she doesn't drink alcohol and is a pro at lip syncing.
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Re: What should Mariah do now? (73,127) (73,133) by Stacey from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 19:30)
I don't know if MC had vocal surgery. I think along with telling MC what to wear, how to act, Tommy Mottola also did all he could to protect that voice. Sure, he was thinking of money, the bottom line. Nonetheless, if we look back at when her voice started to deteriorate, it was around the time of her divorce. TM was no longer able to do what he could to protect his investment. I wonder why after all these years, MC's voice has gotten worse while someone like Celine can hit that high note from All By Myself 20 years later.
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(73,132) by Gee from U.S.A.(NewYork City)
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 18:09)
First things first hopefully all the members of the Archives family are in the best of health and spirits. Now onto the meat and potatoes of my post while I myself must admit some of Mariah's choices as of late are a bit much. I must also remember that she is human just like the rest of us, which means she is going to experience peaks and pitfalls like we all do. Also I find that some of us here find any little thing to complain about Mariah related just for the hell of it. Yes her voice has changed, yes sometimes she dresses too sexy but she has been doing this for two decades now the shock should have worn off about a decade ago. Lastly yes Mariah should take time for herself and her family but God forbid she does then people will find fault in that. At this point even though we as her extended family know that she is capable of doing better I think we have to let her make that decision and just pray that things come full circle for the better soon.
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Re: What should Mariah do now? (73,123) (73,131) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 18:00)
Or was it the nosejob what changed her voice in 97? Just asking.
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Re: Lionel Richie postpones tour (73,119) (73,130) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 17:42)
I'm with you on that. She should release "Kick Rocks" or one of those songs she has in her vault. It doesn't necessarily have to be a single, just something to keep us entertained in the meantime. I'm pretty sure many of her unreleased songs are way better than most of the things she's been putting out lately. When "Help Me Make It" was leaked, it was a great surprise. "100%" wasn't a hit, but it was definitely well received. I have a friend who just heard "Almost Home" a week ago for the first time, and he told me he's falling in love with her music all over again. Since most people don't stay or watch the end credits of movies, most people were not exposed to "Almost Home". This time my friend decided to leave the movie playing on until her song started playing at the end. That's to prove that she doesn't really need hits to connect with her audience. She just needs great lyrics and an honest delivery.
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Re: What should Mariah do now? (73,127) (73,129) by Jose Jaam Andrion from Panama
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 17:38)
Performances like those of Dubai, will sound good only for delusional people.
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Re: What should Mariah do now? (73,127) (73,128) by M from Asia
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 17:34)
Agree. If she can do that with her body, it's beneficial if she do it with her voice too. Maybe it's crucial but that's why there's A-list doctors in the world and there are also a lot of singers that has successfully undergone vocal surgery.
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Re: What should Mariah do now? (73,123) (73,127) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 16:31)
I also suspect that she had vocal surgery around '97. I personally think that vocal surgery wouldn't do anything for her if she doesn't lay the booze and the weed down. We've come to lower our expectations so much, anything is considered good these days. It's sad, but it is what it is. And the thing is that she gets on stage and she really thinks she's killing it because she goes an octave up here and there or because she hits a whistle note. Everything these days sound choppy, but who am I to complain? If these Dubai performances are great for the fans, that should be it.
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Re: Lionel Richie postpones tour (73,119) (73,126) by Billy from England, UK
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 13:37)
I agree lol.
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Re: Dubai (73,118) (73,125) by Darren from Indonesia
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 11:31)
But one problem were her belts. I notice that some of belts above B4/C5 were either non-existent or really quite strained and chesty. With more practice, she would be fine, considering how in SSFT she could belt D5s and Eb5s with minimum effort.
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Re: One More Try - Dubai (73,116) (73,124) by Andrew from London, UK
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 11:20)
It didn't last longer because it goes into notes that, on the balance of probabilities, were engineered in the studio and not a true reflection of what Mariah laid down for the track. However, the part that she did perform in Dubai of OMT was nice to watch. It's nice to see honest singing.
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What should Mariah do now? (73,123) by Andrew from London, UK
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 11:08)
Since the tour is not happening as planned, suggest Mariah go get vocal surgery. She sounds the worst she's ever sounded. Hitting a few notes does not a good singer make; it actually has to sound good, also. I suspect she already had surgery around 1997 and maybe 2013 and what we are hearing is the result. However, if not, time to get surgery. There's nothing to lose, anymore, really.
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Article: Lionel Richie's concert tour with Mariah on hold (73,122) by Capri_ from China
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 9:59)
I heard Lionel's fan were attacking Mariah on Facebook after NYE, how about now? It's Lionel's problem to hold on the show not Mariah's.
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Re: Lionel Richie postpones tour (73,119) (73,121) by Dennis from Ukraine
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 8:12)
I really wish she does something to fix her public image. And I wish Lionel a speedy recovery.
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Re: Dubai (73,118) (73,120) by Tyler from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 3:42)
After this showcase, especially the Emotions intro. I don't want to hear any discussions about her voice for at least a month. I think she put us all in our place.
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Re: Lionel Richie postpones tour (73,115) (73,119) by Licia from USA
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 2:20)
She might as well get back in the studio or put out another single since she has time (yes I'm being selfish lol). Didn't she push back the dates for the Vegas shows to do the tour? I wonder how all that will work out now.
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