New look (46,858) by Luis from Spain

Is it just me or Mariah has radically changed her look? She seems to dress "her age" (okay, inverted commas because this is a cliché) but, now, really, she seems to have quitted dresses and extravagant clothing and now she looks fantastic.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 23:31)

Ariana Grande (46,857) by Otti from Belgium

If you take a look (listen) to Mariah Carey her catalogue, from her very begin until now, you can tell that Mariah is a true talent, her written and singing ability where beyond her age. Ariana Grande on the other hand is just an imitator of Mariah, and she does it well, without no soul, realness or rawness. Her style is just like Mariah was in the mid nineties. She is so fake. Not so long ago I saw a video of her on YouTube, where she was imitating Shakira's voice and Britney's voice. At the same age Mariah was singing for an adult audiences and setting standards with big ballads like Love Takes Time, Hero, Without You.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 23:30)

Lee / Travon (46,856) by Abraham from USA

I for one think it's ridiculous comparing Ariana to Mariah. Ariana's voice is nothing special. She may sing better than other female artists as of now, but even on her best day, will never touch Mariah. Especially in her prime. Mariah has a beautiful one of a kind voice. And even if some say it isn't what it used to be, I don't care. She still sounds amazing. I see Ariana as a copy cat and wanna be. She's also showing her true colors as a brat and acting snotty. Throwing fits and making demands at such a young age, not good. She's not a diva. Mariah earns the right to be a diva because she worked her butt off. I don't blame her for being offended at the comparisons. I would be too. Travon, several of us have already expressed are thoughts and opinions on Wendy. There isn't really much to say about her. She's a snake who's mad because Mariah doesn't want to be her friend and come on her show. I used to watch her once in awhile but saw how she would shade and speak of Mariah, so I was done. Why would I watch and give ratings to someone who disses one of all time favorite music artists?
(Friday 19 September 2014; 22:54)

Irrelevant but... (46,855) by Billy from Greece

Lately (namely, almost the past year), I've been obsessed with Sarah Vaughan. Yet another aries diva, just like Mariah, Diana Ross, Aretha, Elton John (!), Chaka, and the list goes on. I remember Mariah mentioning her quite a few times (even earlier this year) as an influence, but I never really delved into her catalogue and body of work, until (relatively) recently. If you haven't done that either, do it. The woman is a wonder to behold. Her voice went through various changes through the decades, becoming quite dark and heavy towards the end of her career, yet retaining an undeniable allure. She may be considered an "acquired taste" (in the sense that her style is probably less immediate than Ella's) but the breadth of styles and genres she crossed is impressive. I personally prefer her post-1960s work (while her late 1970s work is some of her best). Listening to her improvisations on her "Live in Japan" set, as well as her little stories and the kind of humor interjected in between, reminded me a lot of Mariah, especially in the impromptu performance in Carlyle (2012). A true artist.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 21:45)

Wendy Williams (46,854) by travon austin from usa

I am so upset after watching the 6th season, 5th episode of Wendy Williams. She said Mariah Carey is a ticking bomb that men will never date. She also compared Nick with a better career at this time. She then had the ordasity to compare Mariah to Jennifer Lopez. Wendy said Mariah needs to take notes from Jennifer Lopez's career back in 1998, when Jennifer Lopez first started to buckle down and do music. On the contrary to Wendy's statement, Mariah outsold Jennifer that year with number ones? Wendy oviouslly doesn't look at the platform Mariah provided for Jennifer. Just saying. I'm dissapointed because it seems Wendy hates Mariah and she is doing everything she can to discredit this woman she claims to love as fan. On her first episodes she had the nerve to say lambs aren't true fans of Mariah. Wendy seems a sick lady and I will no longer support her disrespecting our faces. I can't right now. How do you guys feel about Wendy Williams' thoughts on Mariah?
(Friday 19 September 2014; 20:35)

The Elusive Chanteuse Show (46,853) by Lee from USA

It's exciting to see Mariah adding additional dates and I hope she continues to do so while on the road. I hope the tour really becomes a world tour and brings her all around the world to places she hasn't visited. Maybe she can treat the tour like a long extensive vacation with dem babies, being on the road and enjoying her time performing for the fans. This could be Charmracelet World Tour 2.0 where it puts her in a good place vocally and her writing new music. And we all know what came after. But as of now I want her to come out looking beautiful, sounding powerful, and just enjoy her time on stage as the elusive chanteuse.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 18:30)

Just a bit of gossip, lol (46,852) by Lee from USA

I do enjoy Ariana Grande and I think she's a talent. Yes, she's no MC by far but I don't think it's horrible for Mariah to get that comparison. It shows Mariah's influence and impact on pop music. Miss Grande has been getting a lot of bad press lately for supposedly diva behavior and I find it funny she only allows her "good" side which is her left side be photographed. Mariah much? Haha. But that'll be perfect for MC and Ariana if and when they ever meet, they'll both get to be on their good side. So here's the tea, Mariah's makeup artist Kristofer dates Ariana's ex-choreographer Isaac, rumor has it Isaac was fired because he told Ariana to lose weight. After being fired, Isaac has been showing love to MC on his instagram and Ariana's fans call him out for being shady. And Kristofer has been working with Ariana a lot lately and lambs on twitter are even saying she's trying to steal MC's makeup artist lol. It's actually all very silly. I think Ariana has a very pretty voice and is still spanking new, she's trying hard to escape MC's shadow where she won't even talk about Mariah anymore. As a longtime lamb and a new fan of Ariana's, I hope they'll cross paths one day. Maybe at an award show or sing together on stage a la '98 Olivia Newton John Aussie performance. It can be cute.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 18:06)

Top 25 (46,851) by Jamie from UK

It's not really in order after the first 5, it would take forever to try and figure out which I like slightly more when there's like a 0.001% difference:
1. I Still Believe
2. We Belong Together
3. Fantasy
4. Mine Again
5. Open Arms
6. Always Be My Baby
7. Can't Let Go
8. It's Like That
9. I Still Believe (Stevie J. Remix)
10. Obsessed
11. Don't Forget About Us
12. Silent Night
13. After Tonight
14. My All
15. Faded
16. Cry
17. I've Been Thinking About You
18. My All (Stay Awhile)
19. Christmastime Is In The Air Again
20. Prisoner
21. Get Your Number
22. Heartbreaker
23. Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix)
24. If It's Over
25. All I Want For Christmas Is You (So So Def Remix)
(Friday 19 September 2014; 16:49)

Top 50 greatest Mariah songs (46,850) by KeShawn Taylor from United States

Here is my opinion of Mariah's greatest 50 songs. Feel free to comment.
50) Alone In Love
49) It's a Wrap
48) Stay The Night
47) For The Record
46) Subtle Invitation
45) To Be Around You
44) Dedicated
43) Outside
42) It's Like That
41) Melt Away
40) Mine Again
39) When I Saw You
38) Through The Rain
37) Make It Look Good
36) Sent From Up Above
35) Never Too Far
34) I Wish You Well
33) Vanishing
32) I Wish You Knew
31) I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time
30) I Still Believe
29) Faded
28) Whenever You Call
27) Underneath The Stars
26) Can't Let Go
25) All I Want for Christmas Is You
24) Someday
23) Thank God I Found You/Make It Last Forever Remix
22) #Beautiful
21) Till The End of Time
20) Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)
19) Love Takes Time
19) Forever
17) Dreamlover
16) Butterfly
15) Close My Eyes
14) Hero
13) The Roof
12) Don't Forget About Us
11) Fly Like a Bird
10) Honey
9) One Sweet Day
8) Without You
7) Emotions
6) My All
5) Breakdown
4) Always Be My Baby
3) We Belong Together
2) Fantasy
1) Vision of Love
(Friday 19 September 2014; 15:52)

Mariah in Australia (46,849) by The webmaster from the Netherlands

(Friday 19 September 2014; 15:08)

The tour (46,848) by Mimi L. from

I do hope in addition to songs from the new album, Mariah sings some songs from E=MC2 and Memoirs. Not just the singles, but some album cuts like Side Effects and Inseparable. I would also love for her to film one of the shows to later put it out on DVD. I have not been lucky enough to catch her tours so I love watching it and getting the feel of it from the taped shows.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 14:39)

Here is my top 25, so hard (46,847) by Fernanda Sousa Fontes from Portugal

Hi everyone. So yeah, this top 25 was hard. There are so may great songs. I decided to isolate a top 3 per album (didn't include Merry Christmas II You and Unplugged) and I got 39 songs lol. I managed to get the top 25 but it breaks my heart I had to remove a few.
- Vanishing
- Can't Let Go
- If It's Over
- The Wind
- All I've Ever Wanted
- Everything Fades Away
- Music Box
- Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
- Looking In
- Melt Away
- The Roof
- Close My Eyes
- Petals
- Rainbow (interlude)
- Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
- Bringin' on the Heartbreak
- We Belong Together
- Don't Forget About Us
- For the Record
- Side Effects
- Betcha Gon' Know (The Prologue)
- Standing O
- H.A.T.E.U.
- Faded
- You're Mine (Eternal)
(Friday 19 September 2014; 14:11)

Top 25 songs (46,846) by Eternal from Italy

1. Vanishing
2. Looking In
3. Butterfly
4. My All
5. Forever
6. Languishing
7. Anytime You Need A Friend
8. Vision of Love
9. Love Takes Time
10. Can't Let Go
11. Without You
12. Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix without rap)
13. Emotions
14. Make It Happen
15. Miss You Most
16. Melt Away
17. The Roof
18. Honey (Bad Boy Remix)
19. Through the Rain
20. Fly Like A Bird
21. I Wish You Knew
22. We Belong Together
23. Don't Forget About Us
25. O Holy Night (1994 Version)
While compiling this list I was thinking about other singers/bands that I listen to and how I could name only about 5 to 10 songs that I really love. She has without a doubt the most solid and extensive catalogue of all of them.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 13:53)

Now: my top 25 favorite MC songs (so hard) (46,845) by carlos from peru

1) The roof
2) Close my eyes
3) Outside
4) Never forget you
5) I still believe/pure imgination
6) Melt away
7) Christmas time is in the air again
8) underneath the stars
9) Lead the way
10) Miss you most
11) Lead the way
12) Fourth of july
13) Butterfly
14) I'll be there
15) And you don´t remember
16) Twister
17) Crybaby
18) Till the end of time
19) Vanishing
20) Love takes time
21) H.a.t.e.u
22) Hero
23) Dedicated
24) Thank God found you/Make it last forever
25) I wish you knew
(Friday 19 September 2014; 6:19)

Top 25 (46,844) by Randy from USA

1. Right To Dream
2. Butterfly
3. My All
4. Through The Rain
5. Outside
6. Never Forget You
7. Bye Bye
8. Petals
9. Heartbreaker
10. Never Too Far
11. Loverboy
12. Languishing
13. Close My Eyes
14. Looking In
15. Always Be My Baby
16. Vanishing
17. Fantasy
18. Touch My Body
19. We Belong Together
20. I Stay In Love
21. Obsessed
22. Reflections (Care Enough)
23. Twister
24. Someday (Video version)
25. Can't Let Go
(Friday 19 September 2014; 3:31)

Songs from TEC for tour (46,843) by tobby from canada

I hope she makes a statement (said in the vein of TAOLG) and performs 7 songs from the album. She can always tour a proper greatest hits tour in the future and it will always do well but this one has to have the intention of getting the album heard. It's such a good body of work. I'm hoping:
1. Cry
2. Faded
3. #Beautiful
4. Make It Look Good
5. You're Mine Eternal
6. You Don't Know What To Do
7. Meteorite
Those would be the perfect representation of the album and would help sell copies imo.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 3:10)

Billy / Billboard (46,842) by Mus from UK

I completely agree. I love those little mentions or, even better, full length articles. Like the ones Billboard have been increasingly putting on their website about Mariah's achievements over the years. She's their queen, and I get the impression that now that she has surpassed Elvis they want her to beat the Beatles too. Fingers crossed for the next album.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 3:00)

RTD / HMMITTN (46,841) by Manny from U.S.

I would love to hear Mariah sing either "Right to Dream" or "Help Me Make It Through The Night" live. The simplicity of the guitar and her voice makes it so raw. The cracks in her voice and tone along with the lyrics makes her sound so vulnerable. I can feel her pain in the songs. The first time I heard these songs, I had them on repeat.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 2:50)

Emotions C&C Club Mix No. 1 (46,840) by Skip from United States

In my Emotions anniversary celebration yesterday, I listened to some of the era's remixes, and I realized I had a couple questions about the C&C Club mixes of the title track, specifically the one entitled "Club Mix No. 1". I only have this mix on a vinyl and was wondering, does anyone know if it was released on a CD single anywhere? Is it the only remix to feature the additional lyrics towards the end ("Got me feelin' so good, you got me feelin' so nice, baby, you got me feelin' so good, baby")? And do we know if these lyrics were actually edited out of the original version? Considering how they are placed just before the whistle note section, it feels like maybe they were. I would love anybody's knowledge on this. Thanks.
(Friday 19 September 2014; 2:00)

How many songs from MIAMTEC? (46,839) by Angelo from Italy

Hey friends, counting every tour since 1993, I've noted that Mimi always choose 6 songs from the album associated to the tour, with the exeption of the Music Box (5) and the Rainbow (7 plus 2 interludes). So, with so many songs after 25 years and the weakness of the MIAMTEC sales (shame), how many songs will she choose, and which? I think 5 songs, here my thoughts:
1) Cry (she did this even in France this summer, she loves it)
2) #Beautiful (excellent single, you know)
3) Thirsty (she told us, inviting even that band from US )
4) You don't know what to do (this song is a bomb live)
5) The art of letting go (the song from MIAMTEC era)
So, what you think?
(Friday 19 September 2014; 0:20)

Top 25 (46,838) by Mirage_Nunez from America

1) Love Takes Time
2) Butterly
3) Cry
4) Don't Foget About Us
5) Vanishing
6) Till The End Of Time
7) To Be Around You
8) Underneath The Stars
9) Long Ago
10) Melt Away
11) Slipping Away
12) Everything Fades
13) Mine Again
14) Fly Like A Bird
15) My All/Stay Awhile
16) I Still Believe/Pure Imagination
17) O Holy Night
18) O Little Town Of Bethlehem
19) Saving Grace
20) Had Your Chance
21) Languishing
22) There Goes My Heart
23) Inseparable
24) Lead The Way
25) I Wish You Well
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 23:06)

Speaking of favourite MC songs (46,837) by Kenny from Canada

Rich Juzwiak from Gawker posted his ranking of MC's singles.
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 22:06)

Edward (46,836) by Stephen from London, United Kingdom

Thanks for the message. Wendy just isn't constructive. I see the appeal with her show, but it's not for me. I don't believe Wendy has any real opinion, she floats with popular opinion and seeks to take it a step further to grab attention for her show. Just compare the Wendy that appeared on radio to TV. There's a clear difference in her personality and demeanour. She disingenuous.
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 21:50)

Elusive tour dates thus far (46,835) by enwar00 from usa

As much as I want Mariah to tour the States again, I'm so happy for the fans and lambs of the land across the world, since she's been there less often.
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 19:13)

Overall top 25 favorite Mariah songs (46,833) by KeShawn Taylor from United States

Again, like the first list, this one is going to be based off of what comes to mind first. It is a very hard decision for me to make. Nonetheless, I'm going to do the best of my ability without having over thirty honorable mentions. Lol.
1) Vision of Love
2) Fantasy
3) My All
4) We Belong Together
5) Breakdown
6) Dreamlover
7) To Be Around You
8) Love Takes Time
9) Always Be My Baby
10) Forever
11) Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)
12) Fly Like a Bird
13) For the Record
14) H.A.T.E.U.
15) Faded
16) Dedicated
17) Make It Look Good
18) Subtle Invitation
19) Through The Rain
20) One Sweet Day
21) Emotions
22) Butterfly
23) Mine Again
24) Without You
25) Hero
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 15:40)

My top 25 Mariah videos (46,831) by KeShawn Taylor from United States

Here are what I believe to be Mariah's top 25 music videos.
1) Honey
2) Heartbreaker (original)
3) Through The Rain
4) The Roof
5) Fantasy
6) Emotions
7) We Belong Together
8) My All
9) Always Be My Baby
10) Dreamlover
11) Don't Forget About Us
12) I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time
13) Shake It Off
14) Touch My Body
15) Obsessed
16) Breakdown
17) Say Somethin'
18) Vision of Love
19) Make It Happen
20) It's Like That
21) When You Believe
22) I Still Believe
23) Triumphant (Get 'Em)
24) I Don't Wanna Cry
25) Crybaby
Honorable Mentions: Loverboy (Remix), Heartbreaker (Remix)
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 15:36)

My top 25 underrated Mariah songs (46,830) by KeShawn Taylor from United States

Let me say first off this list is damn near impossible for me to compile but I'm going to do my best by just naming the first twenty five songs that come to mind and not any in particular order. I have so many top Mariah songs based on sound, genre, lyrics, theme, style, etc. that its unfair. However, I decided to stick to the underrated theme. But nonetheless:
1) Underneath the Stars
2) Breakdown
3) The Roof
4) Side Effects
5) Stay the Night
6) Mine Again
7) Fly Like a Bird
8) To Be Around You
9) Sent From Up Above
10) After Tonight
11) Faded
12) Dedicated
13) Make It Look Good
14) For The Record
15) Subtle Invitation
16) Lead The Way
17) Whenever You Call
18) Close My Eyes
19) Forever
20) Melt Away
21) Slipping Away
22) Now That I Know
23) When Christmas Comes
24) Inseparable
25) H.A.T.E.U.
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 15:31)

Rolling Stone feature (46,829) by Billy from Greece

There is a Rolling Stone feature on the 100 best singles of 1984 that has been circulating, and both (originals) "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" and "Didn't Mean to Turn You on" are included. In both tracks, Mariah's name comes up. Here's what the commentators wrote respectively, in addition to comments about the original versions: "Mariah Carey took it one step further in 2002 when she turned it into a full-on, symphonically orchestrated R&B song" and "Mariah Carey used the original instrumental bed for her 2001 version, which appeared on the soundtrack to her notorious quasi-biopic Glitter." Glad to see Mariah mentioned in such pieces. It shows that what she does/has done does matter indeed.
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 10:33)

My 25 favorite Mariah tracks (46,828) by Matt Summers from US

I don't post on here very frequently but I thought I would like to share my favorites. This list is as in-order as I could possibly get it. And making this list wasn't easy. It was very difficult to leave out a lot of songs that I also love so dearly. But without further ado, here is my list of top 25 Mariah songs.
1. Dreamlover (video plays a key factor in this ranking)
2. Always Be My Baby
3. Emotions
4. Do You Think of Me
5. Can't Let Go
6. Joy To The World (Celebration Mix)
7. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
8. I Don't Wanna Cry
9. Honey (Bad Boy Remix)
10. Make It Happen
11. Underneath The Stars
12. Endless Love
13. Slipping Away
14. Everything Fades Away
15. One Sweet Day
16. I Still Believe
17. #Beautiful
18. Fly Like A Bird
19. Lead The Way
20. Butterfly
21. Melt Away
22. I'll Be There
23. Never Forget You
24. Through The Rain
25. We Belong Together
(extra #26 Just Be Good To Me)
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 9:22)

Great start to the day (46,827) by pharaoh_shawn from New Zealand

So glad to see Mariah is coming to New Zealand for the first time, last time I had to go over to Australia. I hope we give her a mean Maori welcoming like we did the king of pop Michael Jackson and of course when our Queen Elizabeth II and her children come over to visit.
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 5:57)

There Goes My Heart (46,826) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

Don't know what's gotten into me, but I have been listening a lot to Charmbracelet lately, which is the first Mariah album I've ever owned and listened to. I love a lot of tracks in it, including some of the bonus ones, especially Miss You and There Goes My Heart. I just love how the tropical island vibe immediately transports me to the beach wherever I may be. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the only released Mariah track possessing this feel, right? She should do more of this. It would fit perfectly on any summer playlist or beach compilation. It reminds me of Janet Jackson's Spending Time With You. I also love how Mariah's so conflicted with her casual relationship and wants to take it to the next level but is being all shy about it. So sexy. The video for this could be a great sequel to the gorgeous Honey clip. Plus the ending lyrics are just perfect. Truly 7th heaven.
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 3:24)

Stephen (46,825) by Edward from USA

Stephen, I couldn't have said better, Wendy's just a hypocrite. Those crocodile tears a day after Whitney's death were so dishonest. Instead of talking about Mariah so viciously, she should keep an eye on her husband, her wigs, and her two ridiculous balloons. I understand the type of show she has, but sometimes she just goes over the top with her comments.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 21:21)

Wendy Williams flip flopper (46,824) by Mirage_Nunez from America

I thought I was the only person that had a certain distain for Wendy Williams way of "reporting" stories. My biggest issue with her is that she never bothers to have her facts straight and base all of her commentary off of hearsay. In other words she's a horrible gossip, I mean if you're gonna gossip at least be good at it. She reminds me of this exercise in school, when you tell one person in class a story in their ear and about time it gets all the way back around to the person who originally told it, it's a whole new story. That's how bad her "journalism" is and I use the word "journalism" very loosely.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 21:10)

B / Adam (46,823) by Abraham from USA

Thank you B, likewise. I've always enjoyed your posts as well. You always have nothing but nice things to say about Mariah. I'm also glad you love the album as much as I do. Adam you're right. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it's one thing to express an opinion on someone. But doing it in a rude, harsh and mean way is completely different and uncalled for. Someone of things Wendy said are true. But she could have said it in a more nice and respectable manner. Especially for someone who is a "so called" fan, or admires Mariah. She's always kicking Mariah when she's going through a difficult time. I stand by what I posted. Wendy is just mad and pressed that Mariah won't acknowledge her and come on her show. How can you say we are being mean and negative when Wendy was being that way to Mariah? Get over it. At the end of the end of the day, who do you love and side with the most? A music legend who has recorded and given the world timeless music or a tv talk host who gossips and trash talks? I for one find Edward's post funny. Many people have been questioning Wendy's gender since the first time she was seen.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 20:52)

Re: ADAM (46,822) by MimiLamb from Germany

I have a problem when people talk about the lambs in general like we all think and act alike. I never had a problem with JLo nor did I ever took part in the "rivalry" between the two. Nobody knows what really happened so why pretend we do know? Mariah herself said as well there is no rivalry.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 20:52)

Edward (46,821) by Stephen from London, United Kingdom

You're hilarious. I guess some people don't get your humour. I do agree re Wendy though. She's such a hypocrite. The way she spoke about and to Whitney in the years before her death was nothing short of disgusting. She then had the cheek to cry on her show when she died. She's a vile gossip monger, who doesn't have a real opinion on anything. She changes her opinion with the flow of wind. Whenever Mariah has been down in her career, she's tried kicking her. I say tried, because something as distasteful and unimportant as Wendy could never "kick" Mariah. She's irrelevant. Her opinions defy logic IMO. Regarding your drag queen comment, I've seen dogs dressed as bitches in drag with more going for them in the looks department.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 19:20)

Wendy Williams on MC (46,820) by ADAM from USA

Wendy Williams was born a female. Some lambs on here are just being mean spirited and spreading the negative word that she has been called "tranny" and has male-like features which are the worst things you could say about any female. Personally, I agreed with Wendy's opinion about Mariah and feel it was done in good spirit. She has been a long time supporter of MC in her radio and now TV days and has never wavered from her support for her whether it was in the Glitter era or even throughout the popularity of JLo in her hey day. She has always stated that MC and JLo are 2 different talents and can both exist which I couldn't agree with more. This rivalry between the 2 divas is really within the lambs and Mariah's delusion that JLo was intentionally apart of the plot to unravel the Glitter project. Anyways, my main point is that just because you may not like someone else telling the objective truth about Mariah's career and status among her fans doesn't make it ok to demean Wendy's appearance, grow up and keep your mean thoughts to yourself. It's America we are all entitled to our own opinion and to share it with others in a peaceful, non violent way.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 17:21)

Butterfly (46,819) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

I was 14 when I first listened to Butterfly in its entirety. Back then, my musical taste was quite limited. I liked the singles, but it took me some time to take the rest of the album in save for Fourth Of July and Outside. It took me quite a while to appreciate the album as a whole, as I've previously always felt it was too moody and even a bit overlong. But, just like a real slow-burner, I have come to understand its appeal - dark yet sultry, and most importantly, emotionally naked. Now, I still feel like it sags a bit during the second half, but that doesn't change the fact that it will always remain Mariah's greatest body of work to me (so far). All her albums are snapshots of what she was during that time, but to me, this one always gave the most vivid image. Happy birthday, Butterfly. Out of all of Mariah's 90s albums, you have aged the most gracefully.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 16:04)

Cry. (46,818) by Ken from USA

You know when you can't remember what song some lyrics are from? That happened to me today. I couldn't remember where "and I didn't know enough, truly too enchanted to disregard the words you said" so in my head I scanned through Mariah's debut thinking it was from there, then I realised where its actually from got a lot of love for Cry, such a "classic" Mariah sound.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 16:00)

Edward (46,817) by Will from England

Since when was Wendy a man?
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 15:41)

8 Questions with MC (46,816) by Andy from Germany

I really enjoyed this short interview. I felt it was more grounded and calm than other ones. Also, this interview showed the smart and working side of MC.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 14:50)

Bill / Wendy Williams (46,814) by Edward from USA

Bill, Wendy is a woman, I guess. Some people think she's just a man in a dress.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 14:23)

Edward (46,813) by Bill from UK

Wait, Wendy is a man?
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 13:40)

Wendy Williams who? (46,812) by Edward from USA

Wendy Williams is just jealous because Mariah is a real woman. No matter how many wigs and make up Wendy wears, even RuPaul looks more feminine and natural than him. Most drag queens love Mariah, so I don't understand why Wendy Williams doesn't. He is a disgrace to the drag queen community. Wendy hasn't quite understood that when you mess with the best, you die like the rest. He had been kind of supportive of Mariah for the past few years, but now he came back viciously spitting fire out of his mouth. he wasn't just gossiping, he was being plain evil. I hope Mariah won't ever set foot on his show, ever. As for Mariah's album being a flop, I take MIAMTEC anytime over Ariana's all over the place album with all her three hits. I have the feeling that MIAMTEC is going to become a cult classic in the future.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 12:02)

Happy anniversary Butterfly (46,811) by Bill from UK

When I get home from work tonight I will listen to this album and transport "back in time" to when a 15 year old me first listened to this album. I was rendered speechless by its beauty, elegance and maturity - and still am to this day. A true pinnacle of her glorious career.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 11:11)

Re: Miss You (46,810) by Christopher from USA

I always loved this song. It has such a moody darkness The Roof-esque but dance track. It is about the same guy as Don't Forget About Us (remix) and The Roof, My All/Stay Awhile (remix). You can tell by the quality of those two remix videos, the style of the songs, I love this Mariah. Subtle Invitation, Lullaby, Thank God I Found You Make It Last Forever Remix. I love it all. Btw, I think she is most beautiful in the Don't Forget About Us (remix), The Roof, My All/Stay Awhile (remix) videos.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 9:48)

Butterfly (46,809) by Randy from USA

I get upset with this board sometimes because you all nitpick everything MC does. I agree her live performances have been wobbly, the voice needs repair and her image is comical to the general public. With all of that said, it doesn't add or detract from my life and I'm not in tears because of the current state of those things. I have to wonder if some of you have a career, a family, a job, or a God and Savior the way you obsess over MC's every little move. Now with that said, the reason I fell in love with MC is this album. On Butterfly's 17th anniversary, I learned that an artist could be commercial and deep at the same time. She uses impressive vocabulary, intricate melodies and different arrangements/genres to create this pop masterpiece. And it flows together seamlessly. There has never been an album that infuses genres and flows together like this nor will there ever be. It manages to mix pop: Butterfly, My All, Whenever You Call, Close My Eyes, with R&B: Babydoll with Hip Hop: Honey, The Roof, with Gospel: Outside with 70s/80s Soul/Funk: Fourth of July, The Beautiful Ones and with Dance/Techno Butterfly Reprise/Fly Away. No matter where MC is commercially, artistically or image-wise, I will always be grateful for this album.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 6:09)

Miss You (46,808) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

Anyone else really digging this song? I've always wondered why this didn't make the final main tracklist for Charmbracelet. If they deemed it inferior to the tracks that did, then I don't really feel the same way. I mean that chorus is just relentless in all the right ways. Plus, I feel like it's sort of the sequel to Boy (I Need You) in some way. And when JD introduces the bridge as the sexy part, it really, really is. Fun, light, and flirty - what's not to like?
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 4:06)

Abraham (46,807) by B from USA

I love reading your post.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 0:54)

Mariah (46,806) by B from USA

I'm not worried about Mariah's mental health. She was exhausted, not suicidal. Nick and his family and his management team know the public thinks she's crazy after the events that occurred in 2001. It's a chead and obvious ploy to try to get custody of the children.
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 0:52)
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Saturday 20 September 2014
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Is Mariah Carey giving us another sign that her marriage to Nick Cannon is coming to an end? The superstar posted a series of photos with her adorable twins Moroccan and Monroe to her Instagram account on Friday while visiting an aquarium.
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Mariah Carey busy preparing for huge comeback tour
Mariah Carey might have recently separated from Nick Cannon but it seems nothing will stand in the way of the singing sensation making her musical comeback as she prepares for her world tour. The hitmaker has been putting her split to the back of her mind.
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Mariah Carey's Australian tour coming in November
Mariah Carey will tour Australia - in just a matter of weeks. Carey will bring her Elusive Chanteuse Show here in November in her first full national tour since 1998. She will visit Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Sydney, Auckland and Brisbane.
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