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Re: Sorry and not sorry (64,741) (64,746) by Andrew from London, UK
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 13:39)
Again, with this lol you're way too clever for me, Latifah. Red and blue and white. And blond hair and white skin in the sunshine in summertime. I know you probably don't know anyone with blond hair and white skin but we do exist. We just don't want to live near you lol. I have other photos of myself. I'll send them to you. C/o which ghetto shall I address it? Lol yeah we can all act like teenagers. If you can't attack my arguments feel free to do what you need to do. You ain't clever, m'kaaay? M'kay.
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Re: Glitter (64,742) (64,745) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 13:11)
Haha no that isn't Roman Polanski, he does look like him though. Regardless, it's weird she is at an all adult's table when none of the kids are there.
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If it's over (64,744) by Lee from UK
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 11:08)
I have been re-discovering some of Mariah's best live vocal performances and this one from 1992 is my all-time favourite. This song just builds and builds until it reaches it's climax at 2:30. There is a plethora of pleasing, well-controlled vocal runs, not a note out of place and a satisfying ending. Where did this Mariah go? If someone wants to make a petition about bringing this Mariah back, I will sign it a million times.
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Re: Glitter (64,736) (64,742) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 3:41)
More importantly, isn't that convicted pedophile Polanski sitting across from a 12 year old MB? He is probably salivating and not about the dinner. The company people keep. I could be wrong about that being Polanski, but he sure does look like him.
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Re: Sorry and not sorry (64,660) (64,741) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 3:15)
You don't know how to airbrush? I'm sure you know how to use a filter on your smartphone. Fools can figure out how to use them so I'm sure you're a pro. You are really trying to pass that pic as a candid? With those unnatural colors that do not exist in the real world? Or maybe in a Complex Magazine world? No dark roots you say, it's the "lighting". I didn't know lighting could make dark hair blond and vice versa. Let me try, nope, still dark. It's ok, in the words of Bianca, "You keep pretending, and we'll keep believing."
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Complex and Clash (64,740) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 3:07)
Both great promotional pieces. While one article seemed more fluff, the other was what we have all been salivating for, a real interview. It was like she returned to form. I love that she sang during the interview (proving her talent), talked about other artists (2Pac, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Prince), I still wish she got to do a song with 2Pac. I read that he played her debut album over and over again to the point where people questioned why he did, "Man, you wouldn't understand." 2Pac was a lamb. I love the inclusion of the comments of other musical collaborators discussing her musicality. I love how they just quietly snuck in that she's been working on the album since the beginning of the summer like she said she would. I wonder if she will record again during the August leg of her residency like she did in June. Maybe call the album "The Vegas Sessions". Confirming that even Michael was stifled in the Sony days to only make big mainstream records. Her finally discussing how she creates music again. Her guiding each producer to the sound she wants them to create. Her recognizing that it's a different musical landscape and how money is made now versus the 90s. She really is doing everything she should be doing as an artist. Promotion, insightful interviews, new pics, touring, side projects (Hallmark), and recording new music. Here is hoping she has music ready to release to coincide with the docuseries. Good job Illumi, I mean Stella and Co. Lol.
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Re: Glitter (64,736) (64,739) by Giselle AKA JLO's Maid from USA If Trump Wins I'm out
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 2:55)
Tacky, listening to her own music this is all the time. Drinking and why is that child always hanging around Mariah and all these adults? Doesn't she have young ones her age? Mariah isn't herself, she's full of herself now.
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Complex (64,738) by Giselle AKA JLO's Maid from USA If Trump Wins I'm out
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 2:51)
No shade but I was getting Wendy Williams vibes in every picture. Mariah is starting to favor tacky Wendy Williams, it's the blonde hair and tacky pantyhose and those drag shoes. That's all.
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Poor Mimi (64,737) by Giselle AKA JLO's Maid from USA If Trump Wins I'm out
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 2:44)
Every time I see a candid shot of her she's got a glass in her hand. She's listening to her own music at restaurants/clubs like some narcissistic (s/p). She's forever in some tacky pantyhose now and some bloody awful outfit. Her facial fillers are making her age badly. She keeps Stella and her wannabe Khardisans (s/p) daughter around because they tell her everything she wants to hear. I've never seen where she's on vacation with her fiancé and yet her manager and kids and entourage are always around. I'm shocked Jimmy Packer sticks around. Mariah is way over the top, she probably has Stella there in her room while she's making out with Packer. Mariah is lost and a lush, poor Mimi. I love you Mariah but truth hurts.
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Glitter (64,736) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 1:20)
Oh my gosh that's "Glitter" being played in the background. Haha is Mariah finally acknowledging this gem after so may years.
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New lamb (64,735) by EmotionsLamb from USA
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 0:48)
Hi Lambs. It's emotionslamb here and, I just wanted to say hello to everyone on the board. I always read alot of the posts here but never created an account. I've been seeing loads of good things, and some not so good. As a result I decided to join and speak out.
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Re: Theme (64,733) (64,734) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 0:39)
If she wants a comeback in any capacity, she will have to set everything up in advance. This is where Stella can show what she is capable of, if she is capable at all, apart from partying and getting her name in the magazine articles alongside Mariah. Mariah should learn by now that just by using her name she can't get commercial success on new projects. Yes people will still pay good money to watch her in Vegas and tours for the nostalgia, but for her to push her new material, she can't rely on her brand. She needs to not only woo back her original listeners but also appeal to the newer, younger audiences (if she wants another successful era). But even success aside, the cheapening of her image needs to stop and if she is really the diva who loves everything luxurious, she needs to act like she has the budget to pull of luxurious visuals. And no that doesn't mean her laying half naked dripping in diamonds. We all know she can do that everyday.
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Re: Theme (64,730) (64,733) by RibbonB from USA
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 21:39)
I doubt Mariah has anything that well planned out. First Beyonce's success was because of a well orchestrated and secret concept to create music and associated videos. I wrote about Lemonade here when it first came out and I was instantly impressed. Mariah's problem is she lives and works like a focus group, where she leaks and teases and tries to drum up internet interest. She does not seem to have the confidence to work, write and film privately. The past year has been a public, spectacle of excess. If she pulls off a unique surprise it won't be anything like what she has been putting out this past year.
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Illuminati (64,732) by Giovanni from USA
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 21:29)
If Mariah did in fact join the Illuminati then we definitely should be expecting that next number one. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.
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Re: Clash and Complex (64,729) (64,731) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 21:15)
Lol. Thanks, Andrew.
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Theme (64,730) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 21:09)
If she wants to venture into the dark, moody, artsy territory, I'm fine with it. Songs like BGK, "The Roof", "My All", "Looking In" are some examples of dark and moody songs that I really love. "My All" already had a very sultry yet haunting look about it and it's one of my favorite videos. In my mind I always wished for a dark, moody video for BGK (the opportunity lost on that one, just too much, my heart still aches for that). Anyways another example of a dark, moody song I really liked recently is "6 inch" from Lemonade featuring The Weeknd. It's sexy, and dark and mysterious. I love it. I don't necessarily love the video, but the song is great. Whatever direction Mariah goes, I know I am repeating myself, but I hope she has a good budget for visuals and promotion. Say what you want, most people didn't just get into Lemonade on first listen, no matter what they say. Ya they might have liked one or two songs, but it took more listens to like the album as a whole. But what caused the main hype around it (aside from supposed Jay Z bashing, which was a stunt) was the visuals. It left people mesmerized. So since Mariah is already into her next album, I hope she really has a promo/visuals plan in mind if she wants it to get mainstream success. She has been listening to Lemonade, Rihanna's "Work" and The Weeknd, all of which has a moody, dark, mysterious vibe to it, so maybe that's the direction she is headed. I am glad she is actually listening to recent songs and not avoiding them like she did with MIAM. It's not a bad thing to draw inspiration from other artists. Although I understand why she must have not wanted to get influenced during MIAM because she wanted to tell her life story. But ya I am glad she is listening to other popular songs. I hope we get some good collaborations too. This will also probably push her out of her comfort zone.
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Re: Clash and Complex (64,726) (64,729) by Andrew from London, UK
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 20:49)
Deedre, yesss. Yesss on the photo shoot logic and yesss on your putting your photo up. *tips cap over bleach blond hair and airbrushes resulting pap photo*
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Illumate your life (64,728) by Andrew from London, UK
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 20:46)
If you believe in the Illuminati you are a [censored]. Now, I censored that myself. So if you do, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a pretty soft word that would accurately describe a fool, let's say, oh, "fool", to 10, with 10 being a word that succinctly describes insanely unintellectual people and/or describes genitalia, pick one very close to the 10 and use that. Like a 9. Like a 9 that 8'd a 10, then had a baby with 10 and named it 11. Insert a word that's 11 on the scale and use that. That's what you are. Daesh have a belief system as well. Yours get about the same level of intellectual consideration and respect as their garbage.
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Photoshoot (64,727) by Will from England
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 20:06)
Can't keep myself from just laughing at some of these comments. Illuminati? Please, as if. Haven't we been down this ridiculous road before? And people say that Mariah's the one who has lost it lol. No, it's a different photo shoot for her, it's refreshing, it's moody, well shot and just nice to see her doing something different other than standing against a wall and posing. Nothing more, nothing less. Brilliant articles as well, a hint of the next album is already in the works. What more can you want?
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Re: Clash and Complex (64,719) (64,726) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 20:04)
It seems like an artsy concept photoshoot. *shrug* Very stylized in that you do "play" and put on a "mask" for the duration of the shoot.
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Complex (64,725) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 18:49)
Mariah looks even better in the Complex magazine shoot behind the scenes footage. I really hope when it comes to her new album (which she apparently started working on mid May) and her new singles that she really puts in an effort to have videos like these which look high budget and has a strong theme. No more tacky green screen moments and sitting on a rain forest touching herself. How surprised will you guys be if this behind the scenes doubles up as a new single promo with the title "Eyes wide open"?
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Re: Clash and Complex (64,719) (64,724) by M from UK
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 18:00)
I wouldn't say fishing by the sea and posing in what seems to be an Illuminati induction ritual would look the same or potentially have the same meaning if pictured. Why go to that elaborate length if she's not trying to say something specific? I'm hoping this was just a dark direction for the purposes of the photoshoot. Otherwise I'd be very disappointed.
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The Illuminati, really? (64,723) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 17:42)
If we try to find shit on everything, we'll find that shit even if we have to make it all up to validate our assumptions. I'm pretty sure if Mariah were in the set of "Game of Thrones", the Illuminati believers be like: "Wow, it was true, look at the dragons, they look so demonic. Look at the settings, oh, did you did see how they chopped that man's head off, that must've been a sacrifice." I personally think it is ridiculous. The Illuminati supposedly has this huge power and control over the music industry that artists sell themselves to achieve success, well, I don't know what went wrong with Whitney. The Illuminati believers say, oh, Whitney was sacrificed so that Brandy could take her place, well, where's the success that Brandy has achieved? If Rihanna is so involved in the Illuminati, why did she have to basically go back to the drawing board when the concept she had for her album wasn't working out as she expected with her first three singles. Well, it seems to be the Illuminati people don't have as much power as some seem to think. Sometimes I laugh because I'm pretty sure people in the music industry play with these imagery on purpose. While some conspiracy theorist have their fix, they laugh all the way to the bank. If the Illuminati is real, and Mariah is in it, she should be having a huge comeback with like 5 #1's before they sacrifice her for Stella's daughter to take her place. Wait a minute, could the Illuminati give Stella's daughter some Kardashian type of talent, well, they don't even seem to have that power, maybe Selena Gomez will take her place. My cell rung three times, the Illuminati is here to get me.
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Re: Clash and Complex (64,720) (64,722) by RibbonB from USA
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 17:42)
Yeah these are all Brett's friends, Mariah met them through him.
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Re: Clash and Complex (64,719) (64,721) by RibbonB from USA
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 17:35)
Well I'm talking about since this last year, when she rolled out her merger with James and her new team. Funny the interviewer called it what I did months ago. Lol. It's not just this one photoshoot, the whole era has been about excess, egotism, elaborate stunts. But time will tell. As always, I wish her and especially her children well.
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