Dedee (53,694) by B from USA

I wasn't responding to you directly just stating that Mariah doesn't shade those who don't deserve it. J.Lo, Nikki, and Arianna all deserved the shade, lol.
(Saturday 23 May 2015; 1:18)

Deedre, Mariah is not negative in the least (53,693) by Baby from Sweden

Celine is part of the vocal trinity, yes, but she has also been greatly insulated from the negative aspects of celebrity in a way Whitney and Mariah never were. Partly it is because she is a genuinely nice person who doesn't go out if her way to be a bitch but to my knowledge, neither did Whitney. And Mariah is too nice for her own good sometimes. My point is, Mariah never seeks out the negativity but because of her perceived threat level (vocalist, singer-songwriter, actress) and status as the one to beat. She attracts the comments of insecure artists who are jealous and envious. That has been true since Madonna, JLo through Christina, Nicki Minaj to Katy Perry. There are countless others but for the sake of brevity they shall remain nameless. Meanwhile, Celine, Mariah and Whitney never had any beef between them. In fact, they seem to all have always been friends once they were properly introduced and never had any falling out. That's the norm with Mariah and not the exception as some would like to falsely report. Mariah responding to digs, daggers and disses that are 100% uncalled for is not her being negative. If anything she's really the modern day Pollyanna.
(Saturday 23 May 2015; 0:37)

Can we get a standing ovation in the house? (53,692) by Anthony Basco from Egypt

That performance on Michael and Kelly was just too perfect. There can be no complaints. Singing. She sang. And it was perfection. Just so superstar, so sure, so Mariah. I just thought it was incredible. And JLo, honey, checking your phone how to be a good vocalist is less helpful than getting tips from a pro. Different performance, yes, but for [censored] sake, learn something. Talent vs commerciality? Talent wins everytime, regardless of sales. There is a reason MC is regarded as one of the greatest vocalists of all time, and this is why. Go Mariah. So happy.
(Saturday 23 May 2015; 0:28)

Can't Let Go mic feed MTV Unplugged (53,691) by Warrior Butterfly from USA

This sounds so good.
(Saturday 23 May 2015; 0:20)

Re: Infinity remix / 2015 a cappella (53,690) by NYHotShotta from USA

I agree, I would like an old school feel for the Infinity remix, maybe sing it with Faith Evans or SWV with an 80's or 90's hip-hop or r&b sample. Also check out a new cappella from this year.
(Saturday 23 May 2015; 0:06)

B (53,689) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada

I'm not sure if you are addressing me with your last post or not (lol). But just to clarify I actually wasn't referencing Mariah. I just read her article welcoming Mariah to Vegas and was making an observation about Celine. My intention wasn't to underhandedly judge Mariah. Or make any sort of underhanded insulting comment about shade. We're all capable of dishing it. Now I kinda wish I had rephrased what I said. (lol)
(Friday 22 May 2015; 23:57)

Who should MC do "Infinity" remix with? (53,688) by Ardis from Earth

I think she should go "old school". Forget trying to appeal to the teenage crowd. Grown ass folks buy music too. I say maybe do it with Missy Elliot, Salt & Pepa, Queen Latifa, or even MC Lite. That would be hot tamale. If only Lisa Left Eye Lopes was still alive, I would suggest her too.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 23:53)

Mimi in Vegas (53,687) by Mimi L. from

It's funny how before she started her shows, the whole world was so sure that midway her residency will be cancelled and every article printed from the time she announced her residency, up until the opening night had a certain para with something along the lines of "meanwhile tickets for Mariah's Vegas residency are having sales way below expectation" or "her Vegas residency tickets are have disappointing sales" and the moment she got on stage on the first night, people just had to sit down and shut up. Her shows are sold out, she sounds amazing and now instead of being cancelled, her shows are being extended. Then it's also hilarious how Wendy's poll (even though it's a small example) showed how the vast majority chose Mariah over Britney (Britney's votes were less than half of Mariah's) and JLo got only one vote. Goes on to show that real talent conquers all.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 23:47)

Mariah's performance on Live with Kelly & Michael (53,686) by Ardis from Earth

I love this performance. Very simply done. Grand piano and back up singers. Gotta give love to the back up singers. They are amazing. Awesome. We love you Mariah.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 23:42)

Infinity remix (53,685) by Mimi L. from

So while we wait for the video to drop and since there is no current schedule promo, I'd like to know that if there is an Infinity remix, who would you like Mariah to collaborate with? I think due to the content of the song, it would be best if she collaborates with a female artist (getting their women empowerment on), but I want to know which artist (male or female) would you like to be featured on the remix?
(Friday 22 May 2015; 23:39)

Mariah on Live with Kelly & Michael (53,683) by Ardis from Earth

Another great interview. MC is so sweet and so real. I love her. I kind of sense some chemistry between MC and Michael, anyone else pick up on that? Woohoo. No seriously though, I love seeing M on tv and giving great new interviews. I am loving this era.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 23:36)

The current adventures of Mimi (53,682) by Mimi L. from

This is such an amazing time to be a lamb. We all have collectively gone through a very disappointing few years (not because of her musical ability, that is flawless) due to various things going wrong in MC's professional life and eventually her personal life. We all struggled with her and we alternatively supported her and complained, but now we are being rewarded. Mariah is finally giving us everything we have been wanting, one step at a time and I couldn't be happier. She is in great shape vocally and her live performances are getting better with each show and she is slowly getting back her onstage confidence and taking risks, improvising as she goes. The world is again in awe of this amazing voice of an angel. She deserves every praise she is getting. Sometimes when I look at the comments below her articles being mean and harsh, I used to feel bad but now I don't care, because there will always be haters, even for the most popular current star. I don't care because Mariah is giving it her all, coming with guns blazing, and nothing else matters. She is receiving critical acclaims left and right. I love her new personality, its not a drastic change. She is still the same MC, but with a few tweaks here and there, keeping the humor at right level, professional responses in check, sounding more human (less untouchable diva) thanks to her interviews detailing how she has suffered. I really have no complaints about her at the moment. Yes, if she would get a better stylist, I could die in peace but as of now, if this is the trade off (great performance vocally and her current persona over some questionable fashion choices), I will happily overlook the fashions faux pas. I won't even complain if she doesn't get a lot of commercial success right now. I can see that from her side she did everything, so I will be happy with whatever is the result. Do I want another major comeback? Yes of course and few days back I was going on and on about how I need MC to be back on the charts, but now I am fine if it doesn't happen. Our girl gave it her all. This is not to say that she can't have another huge comeback. I think she is more than capable of getting huge success, and can really show the current lot who the boss is. I just want to thank Mariah for making the changes she did. A little change goes a long way. Look at what her image had turned into just 365 days back and look at her now. Keep slaying them Mimi.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 23:36)

Mariah on Fallon full interview (53,681) by Ardis from Earth

Found this on Youtube for anyone who might have missed it. Very interesting interview. She gives major respect to Aretha Franklyn. I think she came off very likeable in this one even funny. I love it.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 23:24)

Shade (53,680) by B from USA

Mariah has never given shade that was deserved. It doesn't matter if Jennifer Lopez or Nikki Minja knew what was going on behind the scenes or not. Ariana has built her whole career on being the new Mariah. She started her music career by covering Emotions. She may have an impressive voice but MC is more than a voice. She writes and produces her music and at age 21 she could sing that poor little girl under the table. Let's not forget that both Christian Aguilera and Jessica Simpson were also called the next Mariah. I've never heard Mariah talk badly about someone that didn't deserve it.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 22:36)

Celine Dion (53,679) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada

I have never heard her utter an unkind word to anyone. For me, that's the only way to live. There's no need to dwell on negativity. It serves nothing, except to create unhappiness. I remember someone put her on the spot about Britney's residency in Vegas, and lipsyncing. It was a video about lipsyncing in general and how it is used in the industry with dancing and theatrics, and she was like "Who cares? Just enjoy the show." I loved it. Nobody can force someone to buy a ticket to see a show. Instead of judging someone for what they choose to do in their life experience, put on the CD at home.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 22:25)

Improvement (53,678) by cherbette from usa

In recent, seems like there is much improvement in Mariah's belting. Sounds like she may be using a vocal coach? Has Mariah ever had proper vocal training? I've always wondered that. I know Cyndi and Cher and a few others have admitted to doing so. I've never heard Mariah talk about it. I am, however, just the casual fan. I've grown up listening to her and admiring her voice.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 22:00)

Celine Dion (53,677) by B from USA

Mariah has used humidifiers for years. I believe it was Luther Vandross that gave her the suggestion. She sleeps in a room full of humidifiers.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 21:42)

Dennis (from Ukraine) (53,676) by ktktkt from Philippines

Oh thanks. We also have that kind of show in the Philippines (called "Your face sounds familiar") where it's more of a "visual" show because they tend to copy the "looks" only and not the voice of the artist. But this woman from that show (in Georgia) must be really talented (vocally) because I watched some of her impersonations on that show and I was impressed. We have our Mariah impersonator in "Your face sounds familiar" but I got furious because the participant makes her Mariah impersonation laughable and far from Mariah sound and looks (though she can sing). Baby, well, for the show where the "goal" is to just impersonate, the girl did a pretty impressive job compared to other version of that show in other countries. And also, her runs/melismas kinda close to Nippy/MC. And it's the closest I heard. I heard karaoke versions in YouTube (Lisa Lavie and some others doing note by note Mariah cover and they don't even come close) that's for me is impressive because Mariah voice is impossible to be duplicated. And of course, I don't want a copy cat in the real business (hi Ariana Grande, that's why I'm not a fan of that girl). That show's purpose is to impersonate and that woman did an amazing job.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 21:34)

Bino / Live with Kelly & Micheal (53,675) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada

Lea Salonga is an excellent example. I enjoy her. Thought Mariah was simply lovely on the show today. And wow to the dress.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 20:33)

Infinity (53,674) by M from Asia

I'm so happy that as of now, Infinity climb to the 100 bracket in iTunes chart. I wish it will continue to climb and boost up to the top 50 again. As for her performances, I'm so very happy because it is fantastic, I think if she will perform more and more, the rawness of her voice will eventually be back and I hope Mariah will follow Celine's advice about the humidifier (please someone correct me if she is using it already). About the music video, has someone any updates about it? The long wait must be over but I think she will release it on May 27 as the 1 month of Infinity. Have a nice day Lambily.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 20:22)

Re: Baby (53,673) by Bino from Philippines

Spot-on observations, Baby. I don't know why is that either. Perhaps because of almost 400 years of colonialization by Spain, US, and Japan? So we try to aspire to be like the "other"? I love karaoke too, but I never attempt to sing Mariah's songs. A lot of big names in the Philippine music industry follow Mariah's style. But there are still plenty who have their own individuality and musicality. Off the top of my head: Lea Salonga, Dulce, Aiza Seguerra, Sharon Cuneta (80s). Sorry a little off-topic. New to this board.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 20:07)

Baby from Sweden (Pinoy) (53,672) by juan from Dubai

The impression Mimi/Nippy was not a Filipino show. But regarding your comment, Pinoy culture is rich but the popular culture is more money-generating, so emulating who are really popular is the business which goes back to the 50's and went on as US Marines who are in the PH and are needing entertainment imitating their home country. Saying that, late 80's and 90's were the days of diva-power-belting, like Mariah, Celine, Whitney, who are the supremes and extremely successful, are the measure of real singing and success shaping the culture of what we are seeing now everywhere.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 19:49)

Very happy (53,671) by DV from US

With everything Mariah and her team has been up to promoting her. And her voice, so in love the past week with her performances. I just think if #1 To Infinity had two new songs, like a more uptempo summer song she would be even hotter now on the charts and airplay, but I get the whole #1 To infinity and VOL to Infinity, I just think she needs another pow solo uptempo friendly song and she would be so hot like fire.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 19:19)

ktktkt and my impression (53,670) by Baby from Sweden

Honestly, it's not stellar. Neither the Nippy or Mimi impressions were anything to write home about. But: Yay for effort. The gratuitous hologram of M was on point though, pointless, but on point. BTW, what is the back story to why the Pinoy have such love of extreme karaoke? It's a pity so much emphasis is placed on emulation of great singers rather than the development of individual quirks, tones and musicality. It's very obviously not for lack of talent. Maybe I'm just not exposed to the right Filipino artists but that's been my impression so far. Am I making any sense?
(Friday 22 May 2015; 18:26)

Kelly and Michael and Infinity (53,669) by enwar00 from usa

I thought that performance was so good, Mariah and company sounded really nice, I dug the outdoor atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bravo to the extra effort being put forth. It's making a difference as it's not going unnoticed. Also, the ending of Infinity where the music breaks down and she sings "I believe infinity is more than just a made up dream" twice and does the whistle is so emotional to me. Does anyone else feel that? I feel the emotion from her and with the sound of the violin I really like that.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 17:35)

ktktkt (53,668) by Dennis from Ukraine

It's taken from the Georgian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar franchise. On a side note. Similar number was done on the Russian version, the only difference was that Whitney was the hologram. The Russian girl who did that is a close friend of Walter A., it's quite possible they've had a fling.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 16:26)

Impressive Mariah/Whitney impersonation (53,667) by ktktkt from Philippines

It's a spot on impersonation. Anyone knows the singer or what show this is?
(Friday 22 May 2015; 15:52)

TGIFY (53,666) by B from USA

Mariah performing TGIFY at the Vegas show was a highlight for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the Vegas show.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 15:46)

Kelly and Michael (53,665) by B from USA

Mariah slayed vocally. Kelly and Michael calling Mariah a queen made my morning. Respect.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 15:42)

VOL / Infinity - Disney (53,664) by ktktkt from Philippines

She sounded great and also she did the whistle/head voice twice.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 14:59)

Trish / thoughts (53,663) by clueey23 from USA

Hey. I was at the 5/20 show. MC was great. Thank God I Found You was my favorite performance. That stripped down arrangement with just the vocal and piano took the song to another level. Like a vocal testimony that took me to church. This version of the song brought me to tears the other night. But it was kinda lame about texting to get a copy of the track for free though. Anywho, I am very happy with this promotional season. I like the fact that my favorite is still very much relevant 25 years after her debut. My girlfriend went to the show with me and she said she now understands why I love MC. She said she seems just like a really talented wealthy diva that is more down to earth than what she would've thought. My girl is also mixed so she was telling me the impact MC had on her growing up, truly something special to bond over MC with your better half. Lol.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 14:30)

Emotions (53,662) by Bino from Philippines

Has anyone seen this performance? She failed to hit the rest of the whistle notes (see how she changed the failed whistle part to "high in the sky"). Great clarity and tone, she was simply divine here. After all these years, she still amazes me.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 13:14)

A revisit of this Hero performance (53,661) by Lee TS from USA

I don't know if many lambs have seen this performance but I love this. Her performing Hero on Jay Leno way back when. I've never seen this until like yesterday and it's pure perfection. This is one of those where she can just stand there and sing but not stiffed and awkward.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 12:53)

Watch this Lambily (53,660) by M from UK

Hey Lambily, peep this new video of a YouTuber called Flannibal unboxing Mariah's new #1's album. He is incredibly complimentary and hilarious. I love it. Support fellow lambs.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 11:55)

Top 3 #1s (53,659) by TheOne from Philippines

1) Vision of Love - I think this is one of her most mature songs because of its content. I still can't believe how mature she was at the age 20.
2) Fantasy - This is her most uplifting song IMO. Whenever I listen to it, I feel happy and great. This song does not get old and I think it would still rock the charts if it's released today.
3) Hero - This is one of her most iconic songs. This songs helped me through a lot of things. When I'm depressed or discouraged, I always play this song. I still can't believe that Gloria Estefan should've sung this instead of her.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 8:51)

Vegas concert / Thank God I Found You (53,658) by Trish from USA

I got to see the show on Wednesday 5/20, and overall I loved it because I loved hearing some of the older songs live, but I do have a gripe. No, not about her voice which still brings me to tears, but about Thank God I Found You. Mariah stripped it down and sang with just her and the piano (something she doesn't do *nearly* enough anymore) and it was breathtaking. My problem is she basically only sang the chorus and told the audience they were still working it out, but we could download it for free if we sent a text to some #. Huh? I dropped $250 on my ticket, $600 on travel and you haven't worked out how to perform one of the songs in the show? What fan needs a free album version of TGIFY? And how hard would it be to rework it in to a solo for your concert? I felt slighted.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 8:43)

#1 To Infinity is still doing well Internationally (53,657) by Travon...The Nostalgic of Truth from USA

I am pleased with international fans and their response to this album. Music sales might be nothing now in the USA but international countries tend to still buy albums. People or haters say Mariah is not a global artist but how can you explain this consistent effort with no promotion in these countries for almost 5 straight days. The United Kingdom and Japans' cosistency are huge for this album. She is now starting to impact European countries. Kworb album: #1 to Infinity
#2 Nigeria
#3 Taiwan
#4 Hong Kong
#4 Turkmenistan
#5 Botswana
#6 Indonesia
#6 Japan
#6 United Arab Emirates
#9 Egypt
#9 Malaysia
#9 Singapore
#9 Vietnam
#10 South Africa
#11 Namibia
#12 Bulgaria
#13 United Kingdom
#13 Italy
#14 Turkey
#16 Kazakhstan
#16 Sri Lanka
#16 Zimbabwe
#18 Macau
#18 Trinidad and Tobago
#19 Qatar
#21 Azerbaijan
#21 Cayman Islands
#21 Saudi Arabia
#27 Finland
#27 Israel
#27 Mauritius
#27 Spain
#27 Thailand
#29 Chile
#29 Norway
(Friday 22 May 2015; 8:33)

So I just had a thought (53,656) by Amber C from USA

I haven't been on here in ages. Anyway does anyone else recall the article written about a certain artist who stole material or ideas from Mariah? I don't want to accuse anyone, but here is just a beginning of a theory: Remember when Me. I am Mariah came out, and Beyonce fans asked why Mariah would use a title so close to I Am... Sasha Fierce. Well it just dawned on me that the title isn't the only similarity. Also the album covers are very similar. I don't think Mariah did this unintentionally at all. I'm not saying Mariah stole the idea, I'm saying Mariah did what she did on her album cover and album name to make it clear that she knows who stole her intellectual property. To me Beyonce was the first person that popped up in my head when Mariah was going on about stolen ideas. Mariah even had her ring on the same hand that Bey's bracelet is, but that's not where M wears the ring.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 7:53)

My top 3 #1s (53,655) by JCS from United States

Vision Of Love - When I first heard this song, I thought it was Whitney Houston. And then I realized it wasn't. I still knew this girl was special and gonna change the game.
Hero - It's a special song. Great message for confidence and self esteem.
Emotions - That voice, that range, that power. Such a fun uptempo song to play while driving around.
And I love that these songs are not break-up songs. All very positive.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 7:48)

Another vocal prime? (53,654) by TheOne from Philippines

Guess who's back in the motherchuckin house? (Sings Heartbreaker Remix.) Lol this video is giving me life. She can still sing her original adlibs with such "ease". She definitely got rid of the nasal part of her voice and reveals her deeper tone that makes VOL sounds soulful. Good job Mariah.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 7:22)

Butterfly (53,653) by Darryle from USA

I love this album so much. Every time I listen to it I feel like I'm rediscovering it for the first time. It truly is Mariah's magnum opus.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 5:31)

Top 3 (53,652) by Darryle from USA

1. We Belong Together: This was the first Mariah song I ever heard. I have so many memories attached to it. I've been listening to the song since I was 5 and I never tire of it.
2. Heartbreaker: Everything about this song is perfect. I love the layering and phrasing. The video is super fun and cute. Who doesn't love animated Mariah?
3.Vision of Love. Classic. This is probably the most defining song of Mariah's career. It doesn't get better than this. It's got low notes, high notes, belts, and growls. Everything from the intro to the anticipation that builds waiting for her to belt that last note makes it absolutely amazing.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 5:24)

I have been trying all day (53,650) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada

To narrow down to 3 #1's. I'm finding it a nearly impossible task. (lol) Mariah and her music are such an influence on my life. I don't think I could pick just 3. Might sound like a cop out, but it's not I promise. I love so many of her songs for different reasons. Vision Of Love would be there. I literally bought a tape of her debut album right after it came out because I heard her on the radio. She blew me away and ever since I've enjoyed concert specials, interviews, CD singles with remixes. My All (see my username) and as for the third I literally can't decide. Everytime I try it's like "But what about that song? Or that song?" (lol)
(Friday 22 May 2015; 5:00)

Umbrealla holder (53,649) by Lee TS from USA

I believe that's her makeup artist who doesn't paint her well.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 2:41)

For the record (53,642) by Marcel from Looneyville (53,648) by Baby from Sweden

Why the false anecdotes? Walter didn't write Love Takes Time, he only produced it. Mariah wrote it with Ben Margulies while they were still collaborating, before it was discovered he'd essentially enslaved her by contract. Also, it's 100% more likely M who was responsible for plucking Walter from obscurity. Just because Tommy Mottola likes to be in control and give the impression that he's the genius by always making the calls to reach out doesn't mean it didn't come from Mariah. Notice how by Emotions none of the co-writers/producers from the debut except Walter survived. If it weren't for Ben's rapaciousness M would have remained loyal to him and Walter wouldn't have ever been a part of Mariah's music in the way he later became. Well, for someone who didn't co-write IDWC both MC and Narrada Michael Walden have a funny way of showing it. Kelly Price was a backup singer for Mariah many a time but she is only credited as a featured artist on the TTR remix. Walter's a glorified transcriber in my book of Mariah and he shouldn't have recieved half the credit he got. If he was a real 50/50 contributor he would have been as successful as Diane Warren, David Foster, Jermaine Dupri, and his team with other artists. I mean, the man thinks emblazoned is a word MC made up. Meanwhile he's credited as songwriter on My All? It's pretty obvious he was given credit for even just breathing. He should go write songs with BM, maybe he can get him to finally smile like he won the lotto.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 1:39)

Walter / I Don't Wanna Cry (53,647) by Bill from UK

I thought Mariah and Narada wrote the song, because Mariah once eluded to it not being a very pleasant experience. She's not written with him since and their collaboration was just to get some big names on the record. I understood that Walter produced the song, as he was Narada's protege at the time, but received no production credits (they went to Narada), and instead Tommy made it up to him by signing him to Sony as a writer/producer and paired him all of their top artists.
(Friday 22 May 2015; 0:04)

EU booklet (53,646) by Bill from UK

So does anybody else's booklet on the EU edition cut off the lyrics to "We Belong Together" after "I'm tryin' (to keep it together)"? Pretty horrific oversight from whoever signed off the proofs. I hope later pressings correct it.
(Thursday 21 May 2015; 23:57)

#1's (53,645) by Antonio from Spain

1. Vision of Love. The introduction, the vibe, the vocals, the first single. Heaven.
2. Honey. Such a good song. Five delicious minutes. Sexy, classy, flirty. Great video.
3. Against All Odds. UK #1, beautiful song. Definitely in my top 5 Mariah songs. She sings it with so much feeling.
(Thursday 21 May 2015; 23:29)

My top 3 (53,644) by Tiina from Finland

1. Vision Of Love. The easiest to pick and the most obvious choice for me. I've said it before but I feel very close to VOL. It's a spiritual experience for me. I also think it's still one of the best songs she's ever written. All that maturity blows me away. What an entrance, dahling. Vocally it's one of the most challenging songs to sing because you need the range, elasticity and power yet you gotta keep it soulful and use breathy tones, which she does so effortlessly. Pure gold. VOL is Mariah's Bohemian Rhapsody.
2. Always Be My Baby. Mid-tempo ballad perfection with a wonderful hook and a joyous melody that sticks with you. Simply stunning vocals, her buttery tone sounds so good. Very smart approach too, those melismas have generations of singers studying them. A song she wrote with Dupri, merging pop and r'n'b.
3. We Belong Together. Another Carey/Dupri collabo blending pop and r'b'n. I actually may love DFAU more but had to pick WBT as it's so important to her career. A defining moment. And because it's a damn great composition, the number 1 song of the last decade. I remember when I wasn't yet a lamb but was hooked on watching Mariah on YT. I played WBT over and over again. It wasn't what I was used to listening but I simply couldn't deny how good it was, it broke barriers for me. The lyrics are some of her best and the vocals are epic, showcasing her whispery falsetto (love the phrasing) and her higher belting range. New classic.
(Thursday 21 May 2015; 23:05)

Top 3 #1's (53,643) by Musti from UK

1) Heartbreaker - I don't care much for the original version. The DJ Clue Remix however is her hottest uptempo song ever, in my opinion. I love Da Brat and Missy's parts as well. The whole song has a fun element yet it's heartbreaking at the same time. It's also slightly higher than the original version. Love the whistle.
2) Honey - This song is pure awakening. I don't see it just as an "I feel sexy" number, though it truly does scream sexy. It's very empowering. Funny enough, this song helped keep me positive at the end of a long term relationship. I love how the colour of her voice shifts from determined to yearning and wraps up happy.
3) We Belong Together - Besides the fact that it's an absolutely gorgeous song, we were able to witness Mariah becoming popular again because of it. Since CTTA in 2000, times had become very tough not just for Mariah but also for the lambily. Just as we were about to lose all hope for commercial success, this song arrived and changed the game. We were all so damn proud.
(Thursday 21 May 2015; 23:01)
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Mariah Carey performs "Infinity" on "Kelly and Michael"
Mariah Carey's week-long promo tour wrapped up Friday with an appearance on "Live! with Kelly and Michael" at Disneyland. In support of her new album #1 To Infinity, Mariah began the week with a performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.
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Mariah Carey: I don't want to be a stage mom
Mariah Carey wants to give her kids the world - literally. During a Friday appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael at Disneyland, the singer admitted she's excited for her twins Monroe and Moroccan to experience the happiest place on earth.
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