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Some lambs are beyond crazy (58,014) by DV from US
(Friday 27 November 2015; 1:45)
I admit I am obsessed with and love Mariah to death but 95% of these lambs who post critical posts are beyond nuts to read and to come up with these crazy illusions about her life like maybe you need to take a Mariah break and find something else to do because it is just not cool and now with the lipsync on the parade who cares like seriously who cares? And how she is acting in interviews. Who cares? Mariah will never make any of you happy anymore so go find someone else to talk trash about. And I don't care if you say you love Mariah and you have your own opinion. Who freaking cares about you trashing her?
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Re: Out now: "All I Want" lip-sync (58,011) (58,013) by Stella Lewis from USA
(Friday 27 November 2015; 1:14)
Every other singer in the parade also lipped their performance. I think the tech team requires singers to lip sync because the float/parade can't handle a proper mic feed and maintain good sound quality. A few years ago Ariana got a lot of heat from lip singing during the Macy's parade and she said that she had no choice.
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Re: Out now: "All I Want" lip-sync (58,011) (58,012) by The webmaster from the Netherlands
(Friday 27 November 2015; 0:38)
Why did it take you so long before you started your usual complaint about Mariah's lip-sync? You are so predictable. Did you really expect Mariah to sing live?
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Out now: "All I Want" lip-sync (58,011) by Andrew from UK
(Friday 27 November 2015; 0:17)
So I just watched a clip of Mariah at the Macy's Parade on YouTube. It must have been dubbed, right? She didn't get up there and lip-sync, surely? Mariah wouldn't be so silly as to follow a much derided AIWFCIY vocal last year with another PR disaster like, oh I dunno, miming the words this year instead? Right? I hope whoever posted the video dubbed it. However, judging from her body movements and facial expressions it was lipped. I hope I'm wrong. Add that to what looks like a completely cringe TV movie and it's a PR disaster. Again.
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Re: Current Mariah (57,999) (58,010) by ADAM from USA
(Friday 27 November 2015; 0:06)
I feel the same way. I was hoping for this latest round of press to get to know her more but it's always the same script - how glamorous her life is and how much of a legend she is. Very boring and pretentious. I don't know why anyone thinks that makes someone more endearing or relatable. I just wish Mariah would drop the diva antics and allow herself to become reliable more. I don't blame her team because Mariah has the power to hire and fire anyone so IMO her image and questions she gets asked are a result of her asking.
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Re: Morgan and Allison (58,003) (58,009) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 23:12)
Exactly, Bill. We don't know what goes on for anyone based on what we see in the media or by the opinions of countless people. Mariah gets called countless names. She lies, she's lazy, she drinks too much, is "fat" she should have vocal surgery to fix her voice (we're not in the room with her medical professionals) lol. She's mentally ill. People say they want her to open up more, but at the same time are always looking to find some kind of flaw with whatever it is that she's doing. There's a desire for her to "be more confident" but by the same token, scrutiny when she does anything. How does analyzing everything a person does (or doesn't do) boost their confidence? Only respect and love can do that. When you live under a microscope, and have been through a really rough few years emotionally, I imagine you might put up some walls because you feel safer that way. You're careful who you trust, because you feel you've been hurt before. Especially when you're a known sensitive person who is affected by what others say/do (which Mariah has said she is). Maybe when there is no expectation on Mariah to change or be different then she is, some of those protective walls will come down. Maybe when she's greeted with compassion and acceptance rather then scrutiny and judgement, everyone would feel better. The public, the fans, her family and Mariah herself.
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Okay then (58,008) by todd from Australia
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 23:04)
Holy crap. I didn't insinuate that Mariah was on drugs or anything of that nature. I just said that it was so sad that she wasn't being her usual bubbly, accessible and most importantly, relatable self. So now I'll just sit in the corner and wait for you all to apologise. [censored]
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Kelly and Michael (58,007) by Jenny from South Africa
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 23:00)
I might be in the minority but I really enjoyed this interview. I thought she was relaxed and enjoying it. On Steve Harvey I admit she seemed less comfortable. On a completely unrelated matter, my local radio station plays Infinity almost every day and my colleagues really like the song and her high note.
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(58,006) by Tijl Borgers from Belgium
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 22:51)
I wish everybody could just wish she is in a good place after all the turmoil in her life.
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Re: Mariah on Steve Harvey (57,990) (58,005) by Manny from U.S.
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 21:47)
My friend corrected me. I meant Hallmark not Lifetime. I don't watch TV, I see her stuff online.
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Re: Current Mariah (57,999) (58,004) by Cgee54 from Usa
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 21:41)
I think it is sad how in every performance Mariah gets criticized from all directions. That's why in my opinion she's afraid to sing sometimes. Every performance she does she always has to outdo her younger self and sadly that will never be. I honestly think she has fallen out of love with music and her voice. Is there a task for her now and not something she loves to do? She even stated in one interview that she can't even do karokee without doing a technical flawless performance.
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Re: Morgan and Allison (58,000) (58,003) by Bill from UK
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 21:19)
This is why I dislike reading the negative comments that fly around on here about Mariah. I grew up listening to her, her music was the musical back drop to my life, and her singing and her songs have brought me countless hours of joy, as I'm sure is the case for most of us. When you listen to a song like Petals, Looking In or Camouflage, they are heartbreaking but probably barely scratch the surface of what she has been through. My mind often wonders how lonely she must feel at times. I think to myself, here is someone who got down on her knees at night and prayed to the Lord for this to happen to her, but it came at a price it would seem. Yet, despite that, she continues on. She carries on making great music, smiling through adversary. Yet her fans, who she does this all for, and who know all what she has been through, sit here and say she has mental problems.
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Re: Current Mariah (57,999) (58,002) by Giovanni from USA
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 21:11)
Girl bye, you make absolutely no sense. Honestly just leave the poor woman alone. You and everyone including myself should be grateful Mariah is even coming out and doing interviews.
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Mariah won't ever please everyone (58,001) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 19:19)
There will always be something "wrong" with an album, a single, a live performance or an interview if that's what you focus on. We all have our preferences. For example, the last Infinity remix wasn't my bag, no big deal, nothing to go over the deep end about, still adore Mariah and will always love and enjoy her. We either accept Mariah as is, or we don't. I've enjoyed what I've seen of the interview, she answers what is being asked honestly as far as I'm concerned. It's interesting how the same thing can be seen so differently through different lenses. Happy Thanksgiving MCA and Mariah for sharing your gifts with us.
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Morgan and Allison (58,000) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 19:15)
What saddens me is how people in her family should've been in her corner and how they betrayed her. Are paid spots on Entertainment Tonight and in tabloids worth selling out your sister, who by the way has enough money to give you the world? After Tommy and now Nick's betrayal who humanly does she have to turn to? I criticize MC over her live performances but recently I've began to feel sorry for her. Who does she have?
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Current Mariah (57,999) by CMC from NY,NY
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 19:14)
Watched both terviews Kelly and Michael and Steve Harvey. Watched back to back and felt uncomfortable for Mariah and sad. I get that she's tired, you could see it, but it makes me said that she seems to be hardened and shut down from the way the media has been to her or possibly everything with her personal life, fall outs with family etc. IDK. To me, the problem is all the interviews are 90% based on and talking about how extravagant her lifestyle and her legendary status is. It's hard to carry on interviews without stating how different her life is from the average person, even so different from other celebrities. It makes her extremely unrelatable to. It's unfortunate that she's becoming kind of a characature of herself. If she's at least going to do the same Schtick why doesn't she at least sing. Why wouldn't she sing a Christmas song on a hour long Mariah Carey Christmas episode of Steve Harvey. Curtain should of opened and she was singing. The beauty school drop out thing is litterally the only thing she gives them on Kelly and Michael. I'm pretty sure she's discussed that on on Kelly and Michael/Regis and Kelly alone at least 5 times. I'll always support and follow her but I'm sad that she seems robotic and so untrusting. Side note- my prediction of "Can't say no" being "Can't let go" remake was correct.
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MC's performance at Thanksgiving Parade (57,998) by Ardis Logic from Earth
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 18:40)
Here's a little snippet. She looks gorgeous.
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No offence (57,997) by Ardis Logic from Earth
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 17:22)
Poor guy, he was just giving his opinion, and now everyone is freaking out. He could be right, we don't know. It is what it is, chill out everyone. It's not that deep.
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More videos from Steve Harvey interview (57,996) by Ardis Logic from Earth
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 17:21)
Still haven't been able to find full interview but, if you go to Steve Harvey's YouTube channel you can watch about 7 short videos of MC. Happy Holy-Days to all.
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Re: I mean no offence, but... (57,982) (57,995) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 17:03)
I think it's hard to judge Mariah based off of her public appearances. Keep in mind she will always be more comfortable with us fans because she knows we understand and love her unconditionally, and see a side of her that the general public overlooks. It's how we all act. We are totally ourselves with people closest to us, and different with strangers. And I'm sure she's still very aware that she's been a bit of a punching bag ever since Rockefeller and 2014 in general. Keep in mind this is someone who has never been open about her personal life, and there it was being splashed over every tabloid for the world to see. Mariah is an incredibly hard worker, so I'm sure her natural reaction was to feel like a failure that her marriage didn't work out. And again she was portrayed as the difficult one in the media, and the reason why the marriage fell apart. So she was upset and resorted to her defensive diva persona, and then was called difficult and rambling. So now that she's composed and just simply happy, and possibly tired, it suddenly means she's on drugs? It's a bit far fetched, don't you think? Also are we really going to compare her to 1999 when she was 29? I'm certain that at 45 with two kids you act a bit different than 29 and completely independent, even for someone who claims to be eternally 12. We can't expect her to be quirky and fun every interview. I actually enjoy the fact that ever since she became a mother, not once has she shown the us or the world that she's a "bad mother". Because you know the press is just waiting to slander her in that negative light. But she's been phenomenal.
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Re: I mean no offence, but... (57,981) (57,994) by Sofia from Portugal
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 16:08)
You mean no offence but you are offending. Mariah is just being Mariah in these interviews and you are being judgemental as [censored]. If Mariah ever is or was on those drugs I'm sure it's because of fans like you who don't give a damn about what she does and only look for reasons to find flaws. We don't need to be yes m'am all the time but we don't need to be constantly complaining about everything she does because we think it's wrong. Honestly. You're saying you don't mean to offend only shows how you know you are offending. It's bleak, completly out of purpose. You know what? I thank God Mariah has so much strenght within her to deal with this and still didn't give in to bad habits like so many legends. You are entitled to your opinion but you're wrong and I'm sad some fans agree with you. How low the lambily came. And don't you dare to blame Mariah for it because you brought it on yourselves.
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Re: Melt Away (57,951) (57,993) by Baby from Dreamville...Where There's No Beginning & There is No End
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 14:09)
There is just one thing about your post, Melt Away was produced by Mariah alone. Babyface only helped co-write the music probably. But I think it's easy to pick out his vocals in the background during the bridge's "You and me, (Babyface: You and me) in a cloud of reverie" part. I wish Mariah will take full credit for her hard work more often in the future. She revealed on Steve Harvey how she's forfeited director credit for more videos than we probably know of, unnecessarily IMO. I think she's finally getting it, that it's OK to take pride in her singular excellence and making it known to all and not always be so modest. I love MC for her abundant generosity and humility in sharing the profits of her wealth with her collaborators but not at the expense of her not getting full acknowledgment for her work as a songwriter, producer and director. My 2Ā¢ents.
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My list of Thanksgiving (57,992) by Baby from Dreamville...Where There's No Beginning & There is No End
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 11:44)
We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving in Sweden, at least nowhere near the way Americans do. But I like the concept of giving thanks and showing gratitude for the good things we have received this past year. So I thought it'd make a list as it's sometimes good to remind oneself of one's blessings and not just focus on the negative white noise that is constantly engulfing us in our real lives and online. In shuffle order:
10. The Why You Mad Infinity Remix with JB, T.I. and French Montana.
9. The Mac cosmetics collaboration starting with frosty champagne All I Want lipstick.
8. Can't Say No with Rick Ross possibly getting single-treatment
7.The update of #1's to Infinity commemorating her record 18 Billboard #1s.
6. MC's expansion of her Christmas empire with the AIWFCIY book, collectors 10" and red vinyl MC album.
5 The Game of War commercials.
4. A Christmas Melody tv-movie being directed by Mariah Carey as the first of hopefully many more.
3. Stellar Bulochnikov's managerial partnership with MC.
2. The Vegas residency.
1. The Sony homecoming.
Honourable mention is obviously James Packer of WoolPac but also the rest of Team Mariah for keeping up with her busiest year in a while. M runs a tight ship these days and we like that. There is so much positive and creative buzz surrounding Mariah that I'm sure someone else's list might look rather different. Have at it Lambs. But above all, I am thankful that MiMi is happy in both her professional and personal life and is still alive and kicking despite her injuries, visible and invisible. She's one of my greatest inspirations to keep going when the going gets tough.
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LeAnn Rimes: MC's classic Christmas album is goat (57,991) by Baby from Dreamville...Where There's No Beginning & There is No End
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 10:47)
Professional Aussie Stalker: What do you think is the best Christmas album of all time, I know you've got one?
LeAnn Rimes: Uh, probably. I listen to Mariah Carey's, probably more than anybody's.
PAS: Ah, nice.
LeAnn: It's awesome.
PAS: Did you take inspiration from that for your album?
LeAnn: Not really, mine's completely different but I do love that record. It's classic.
PAS: You should do a collaboration with her.
LeAnn: *laughs* That would be fun. Another lamb exposed. I wonder if she has a solar-driven unicorn named Rainbow?
Happy Thanksgiving lambs.
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Mariah on Steve Harvey (57,990) by Manny from U.S.
(Thursday 26 November 2015; 7:59)
I think Mariah looked tired for the interview. I think she's a tough girl. She has had a full schedule. The movie, the book, Beacon shows, her brand, and being a mother. She has a televised show on Lifetime after her movie. The promoters are probably on Mariah team's behind so that they sell more concert tickets, for Beacon and Vegas. Lifetime is probably expecting the movie to be a hit. She gave the audience those presents. We need to keep in mind she needs to promote all those things. It must be stressful and tiring. I just have sympathy because of the fact she's a mother now. She said it herself. They come first. Happy thanksgiving guys.
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