Mariah as a musician (48,083) by nikki from usa

I can't believe that guy tells her to take it off. This performance just proves how sorely we're in need of more live specials.
(Thursday 27 November 2014; 1:46)

MCIIY (48,082) by R&B Junkie from Poland

I also love this album, even more than the 1994 release. It sounds less commercial and more soulful than the former Christmas album. Even though I'm a big fan of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and other songs from "Merry Christmas", listening to MCIIY gives me the true chills. My fav tracks are: HCSC and CTIITAA. I can listen to them even in the middle of the summertime. Honestly, I love every Mimi's albums of the 2000's. Glitter was old-skool and funky, Charmbracelet was for listening in bedtime, TEOM was like a fresh air, E=MC2 was for partyings, Memoirs were for days of "me, myself and I", MCIIY was for warming the heart and "Elusive" was for the nostalgia.
(Thursday 27 November 2014; 0:10)

Mariah as a musician (48,081) by Jon from Netherlands

So the general public sees Mariah as a blonde bimbo that was gifted with a great voice. Mariah and the lambs try to change this image and insist that she writes her own lyrics and she is indeed an amazing songwriter. What I don't understand is why there is no recognition of Mariah as a musician. She composes brilliant melodies. Afanasieff said he never met anyone with so much music inside. It's probably her biggest talent (and that's saying a lot since she has the best voice ever recorded, IMHO). Why isnt there any focus on this? Even a goofy song like "Touch my body" translated to a simple piano is beautiful. Not to mention much better songs than that. "I wish you well" is brilliant just as an instrumental song. This is her biggest gift and she should be refered first as a composer. Her musicianship really shines through when she improvises. She not only knows what fits a song but what takes the song to another level. I don't wanna sound like a blind lamb, I just find her amazing as a musician and I can't find others as good as her. Sorry but there aren't.
(Wednesday 26 November 2014; 23:56)

MTV Unplugged (48,080) by enwar00 from usa

I just got the MTV Unplugged DVD in the mail today. I haven't seen this since I was a kid, and it's so phemomenal I want to cry. So raw and so real.
(Wednesday 26 November 2014; 23:46)

MCIIY (48,079) by Jon from Netherlands

Oh Santa does not receive the love that it deserves but I wouldn't say it's better than AIWFCIY. Having said that I think people are too focused on only AIWFCIY and miss other great Mariah Christmas songs. "Christmas time is in the air again" is the epitemy of a Christmas song. It could have been sang by Frank Sinatra. It really sounds like a classic. I would expect "One child" to be massive in the Christian community and I would imagine being the first go to song by church choirs. "When Christmas comes" is not as strong as the others but has a place on radio station come Christmas time. And then there is Mariah's masterpiece: "Miss you most". This is one to make anyone broken hearted. I personally believe it to be (one of) Mariah's best I-have-my-heart-broken ballad. I've actually suffered listening to this song and it was difficult to hear it for a long time. Coincidently another of Mariah's best I-have-my-heart-broken ballad is "Miss you" (but on the r&b side of things). "We belong together" doesn't even come close in terms of emotion. Actually as great as WBT is, it's not really that emotional.
(Wednesday 26 November 2014; 23:41)

MCIIY (48,078) by todd from Australia

I'm enjoying reading what you all think about the second Christmas album. I find that I listen to it more than the first at Christmas time. However, interesting that someone said that the First Noel is up there with their favourites. For some reason I cannot listen to this song in it's entirety. I love all of the different shades/colours of MC's voice, but her vocals on the First Noel grate my ears. Her voice is whispery and breathy, which I normally love (yay Charmbracelet), but to me it almost sounds gutless on this track.
(Wednesday 26 November 2014; 22:51)

Darryle / Help Me Make It (48,077) by Edward from USA

Darryle, thanks for replying to my post. I have very decent mp3's of "Help Me Make It" and "When I Feel It". Those songs weren't ever released for purchase, so I don't think that sharing them with you would constitute piracy. If you want one or both, let me know your email.
(Wednesday 26 November 2014; 17:35)

MCIIY review, response to Billy (48,076) by ADAM from USA

Billy thanks for your insightful review of MCIIY. It's one of my favorite albums and IMO a lesson for any singer about how to create a sequel to a best selling Christmas album. Lol. First world problems I know. I love the interludes on this album and how as a whole the moods shifts between songs to a final climax. Mariah's mastery of music making has never been better. I would agree with your stance on One Child, her vocals are flawless but I was never a fan of children's choirs, which is probably why I don't like Jesus Born On This Day either. I like your comments about which vocals may have been processed and added in a separate take. I would have never been able to identify that Auld Lyne was chopped up like that. It's such a great song IMO and makes a great festive exit for the listening experience. Her big vocals were meant for for an upbeat dance track, and those whistles at the end, legendary. Lastly, don't you wish that Oh Santa were a bigger hit that what it became? That song is so underrated and IMO as good as AIWFCIY.
(Wednesday 26 November 2014; 15:13)

"Born Is the King" / MCIIY (48,075) by Billy from Greece

I can literally sit through a whole album of "Born Is the King" interludes. The hypnotic harmonies, the deep and slow beat, the layers, just timeless R&B gorgeousness. I've started listening to "MCIIY" lately, which I loved instantly when it came out. "The First Noel" probably contains the best, most clear and "bright" vocal on the album, while all tracks up to the duet with Miss Patricia are top notch. In facts, tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 are exquisite. While I love the vocals on "One Child", I'm not fan of the children's choir. Also, there is quite a "mistake" on this song, around 3:19, which makes me wonder how could MC let it there. There is an interjected "shout" at this point that is really discontinuous with the previous singing, which puts me off somehow. Also, on the sublime "CTIITAA", the moment she raises her vocals for the "and to feel love like ours always" lyric, you can notice that it was sang somehow separately from the rest of the song. Could be because of the pregnancy and her breathing at the time, I don't know. Actually, what in my opinion slightly brings down the otherwise great "MCIIY" are such moments of bad comping, or of rather processed vocals (intro of the camp fest "Auld Lang Syne"). By the way, comping is when several vocal takes of a song are done and afterwards the best phrases/lines are chosen and put together as a whole seamless track. Finally, am I the only one who feels like the extra festive "AIWFCIY" runs a bit faster than the original?
(Wednesday 26 November 2014; 8:59)

Edward (48,074) by Darryle from Sagamihara, Japan

You playlist is perfect. I wonder what it sounds like sequenced. I saw that you had "Help Me Make it Through The Night" on your playlist. Do you have the song or did you just put it on your playlist? I've been looking for a high quality version of it forever and can't seem to find one. If you know where to get one, would you mind sharing?
(Wednesday 26 November 2014; 4:10)

enwar00 / Playlist (48,073) by Edward from USA

enwar00, thanks for your recommendation. I'm definitely dropping "Whenever You Call" and "Against All Odds".
(Wednesday 26 November 2014; 3:01)

Non album tracks (48,072) by B from USA

When I think of non album tracks, Do You Think Of Me and Slipping Away immediately come to mind. Both are great songs and why they were relegated to being b-sides is beyond me. I'd also include numerous remixes like Always Be My Baby featuring Da Brat and XScape. Mariah was a workhorse during the 90's. She is and was a prolific writer and that's why I'm not worried that she'll retire. She writes because she has to, it's her driving passion. I do wish Mariah would work with Roson and Mars. She needs new producers with fresh ideas and beats. I think working with Calvin Harris would be amazing. I feel he'd bring out some of her best vocals like David Cole and Robert Clivilies of C+C Music Factory. I would love to hear any unreleased demos or her vocals from that era. I wish she'd stop being afraid of her voice. I think she's afraid people will think she's showing off if she just let's it rip, no pun intended.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 23:29)

Edward (48,071) by enwar00 from usa

Against All Odds duet, Whenever You Call duet, My Love, Help Me Make It Through The Night and 100%. Does that help? Lol.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 22:54)

No Mariah no (48,070) by nikki from usa

It's only speculation at this point, but I don't want MC doing a residency anywhere. People who do that can't chart or sell music anymore. Mariah can. I don't want her to put herself out to pasture, she has too much going for her. The annual Christmas thing is fantastic. I hope there's some TV special this year and I'm glad she'll be singing at Rockefeller. The Jazz and Blues festival is amazing to hear about. I hope that's something that will be aired. There are so many songs still under wraps in Mariah's arsenal. I'm positive she did more than 3 new songs for the year she pushed her album back too. Other than Christmas time, it's been a full 5 years since Mariah sang new music live on any TV shows. Nothing that was live or fully promoted anyway. Mariah, please open your own label. You could be independent and the music would do so much better. Plus, it would be hilarious for you to be one of the best selling labels when you're the only artist on it.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 22:42)

Brad, Baby, G.G. (48,069) by Stacey from USA

Brad and Baby, keep your posts coming. It's always fun to discuss song meanings. I'm sure MC giggles a bit at all the theories we as fans throw out there. Your posts make for an enlightening discussion. G.G., just "shake it off". We all know who is respectful here and who is not.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 20:02)

I have a nice Idea to improve the sales and increase the views on YouTube (48,068) by Gilles from Malta

I have a nice Idea to improve the sells and increase the views on Youtube. It is extremely easy to change Mariah to a hit seller again. Life is an experiment where we are allowed to try things. So we love MC so much that we did spread her everywhere for free. Personal videos, art with free music, free concerts and etc. We should keep everything on forums and not on YouTube or in free streaming because we destroy the artistic side. We should leave samples on YouTube. We could all delete our videos for one week and see the result on the original Mariah Carey video and Vevo. And we wil win something big as the biggest fans over the world. I know too many who do not buy or even they do not know how to buy on iTunes but know how to listen for free and it doesn't give credits to the artists. What do you think? Kind of Utopia I know lol.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 19:12)

G.G (48,067) by travon austin from usa

GG, this will be the first and last time I will speak to you. I promote respect and that's it. Arguing is not respectful. If you actually did your homework, I really don't comment that much on this forum. 1 to 2, maybe 3 times a week. That's it. Ok. I definitely don't control or try to control this board. I don't have the time for that. Thank you very much. Bye.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 19:01)

Non album tracks (48,066) by Edward from USA

I've been putting together a playlist with b-sides, songs that were released as extra tracks in deluxe and international editions, some new songs from compilations, and other independent projects where Mariah is not necessarily the main vocalist. There are some songs that I left out because I simply don't like them, like "Secret Love". I'm not a fan of lists, but I'm posting this one hoping to hear what some of you guys think. I'm thinking about dropping five songs to make it an even 20. Which ones would you drop?
01. Endless Love
02. Everything Fades Away
03. Do you Think Of Me
04. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
05. Sleeping Away
06. I Still Believe
07. Thank God I Found (Make It Last)
08. Do You Know Where You’re Going To
09. Every time I Close My Eyes
10. Whenever You Call duet
11. Against All Odds duet
12. There For Me
13. Miss You
14. I Know What You Want
15. So Lonely (One and Only Part II)
16. Lil Love
17. We Belong Together (Lenny Kravitz mashup)
18. Help Me Make It Through The Night
19. 100%
20. My Love duet
21. Right to Dream
22. When Christmas Comes duet
23. Triumphant (Vintage Throwback)
24. Almost Home
25. The Art of Letting Go
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 16:44)

Blah, blah, blah (48,065) by G.G. from USA

Travon, like you said earlier, nobody cares what you you think or about your opinions. You and Abraham need to stop acting like you run this mesageboard, because you don't. Keep it cute or put it on mute.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 11:02)

Bill and Supernatural (48,064) by Baby from Sweden

Well of course it's about Luismi. Mariah really hit us over the head with that meteorite. I swear it's freaking Lamb-Knox up in here, nothing gets past you.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 10:53)

Brad (48,063) by travon austin from usa

Yeah. I agree to a degree. I also know that trying to argue on every post when you're not cc'd starts a lot of confrontation. People will feel attacked. Honestly, people don't have to care about what someone says to post a comment. That's just common sense. That is a false belief that people tend to also act upon because they're blinded only by what they believe and will hold people to that. I don't ever comment on someone unless I feel they are being disrespectful to someone that isn't or just being repetitive or argumentative. That's is the problem I have with your comment from earlier. It lacked substance and it felt calculated. It was a rude direct insult to someone who wasn't implying or talking the way you responded.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 10:16)

Baby (48,062) by Bill from UK

Supernatural is clearly about Luis.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 7:35)

Hero and Make It Happen (48,061) by Manny from U.S.

Mariah wrote Hero and Make It Happen about me and for me. Just a little joke. Wow. I hadn't seen the Archives for a few days. Why so much "enmity"?
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 6:00)

Travon (48,059) by Brad Catoe from United States

You're saying no one cares what we think or feel? That kind of attitude defeats the purpose of having a message board. I don't think I was being too sensitive. I just don't like to be told to not discuss something on a public message board.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 3:54)

Producer collabo (48,058) by Norman from USA

Hey there everyone. I've been thinking about this for the longest time, I even tweeted the idea to Mimi herself about two years ago, but I do think that having Mariah work with Mark Ronson would excellent. Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam are over and done IMO, at least with Mariah. It's just like with Janet, they need to move on. I don't think a Calvin Harris collabo would work because it would be too desperate and predictable. It would be cool if she worked with someone like Stevie Nicks, even if she's old school, but she's an awesome writer herself and loves Mariah. Plus, it would be unexpected. Something in the vein of what #Beautiful was going for. Or even someone totally left field like an Axel Rose (sounds uber crazy, I know), Bono, Linkin Park, etc., who have big sweeping songs with deep meaning - just in a different genre. They've all done acoustic versions of their songs, it's not a stretch to produce an pop/r&b with another legend. Just a wild thought. What do you guys think? Hope you're all well. What do you think?
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 2:43)

(48,057) by travon austin from usa

I understand that you feel that way and I will respect that. However everyone has an opinion and I don't think judging or starting a conflict by disagreeing is the way to go. That's not the purpose of this forum. Abraham and those who have been here on this forum for years, understand that. Everything they say seems to come from a respectful and non argumentative way.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014; 0:06)

Brad Catoe and everyone (48,056) by travon austin from usa

Is their any chance that you could be less sensitive. No one really cares about what you feel, what you think, or your opinions. No one is trying to argue. It's a fan forum. We just want to say what we think. I read all the comments and none of them were directed towards you. So please be more respectful when you comment. Also my advice to everyone, please don't dish out what you can't take. It will eliminate conflict, since, some people here are so sensitive to everything we post. Just saying.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 23:55)

Miss Understood (48,055) by Baby from Sweden

My entire post on Mariah's history with Derek checks out 100%. I deliberately refrained from filling in the blanks because it's never necessary when you present facts anyway. The story tells itself basically. Who knew the truth would be such a controversy in this day and age? It's literally old news. The only thing open to interpretation, as per Mariah herself, are the full inspirations to her songs which we all know she writes, almost always, exclusively by herself. But I don't understand the opposition to Mariah drawing from her own rich experiences to inform her music. Why is that idea so offensive to some of you? A good writer writes what they know. Most songwriters write about things they have gone through or witnessed first hand and sometimes it's specific enough to pin down the inspiration but many will mostly generalise so everyone can relate. It shouldn't take a genius to know the difference but I bet some lost souls are out there still trying to figure out who Supernatural is about.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 23:49)

What not to post (48,054) by G.G. from USA

Don't you know? Abraham thinks he runs this message board. He's always trying to tell people what not to post and talk about.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 23:44)

Abraham (48,053) by travon austin from usa

Hello? Have you read my posts? I have tried to do just that but I feel like my head is being hammered by these people who have generalized conclusions based upon what they think. Nothing wrong with that. However what really urks me, is when fans or not, impose their ideas on other people or try to argue because we don't agree. Usually I have seen people not address certain people but direct their post openly. After, the same people who origionally posted get upset because they think someone is talking about them. It only bothers me because I see these comments everyday I research Mariah Carey news on the frontpage. It's very tacky and we need to move on to better things.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 23:38)

Derek? (48,052) by Brad Catoe from United States

Please don't tell us what to post about in this message board. If you would like to talk about something else, just move the convo in that direction. It never fails on this board, somebody has got to ruin it. If you don't want to hear about this, then close your eyes. Anyways, I though it was about Luis because her reference to My All. Wasn't that his favorite song? Before they met, he told her he used to listen to it on repeat? This could just be a rumor.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 23:28)

Derek (48,051) by Abraham from USA

I could care less about Derek or Mariah's past relationships or what songs are about who. All these messages are boring the hell out of me. You have Baby giving a whole life story/biography on Mariah's love life like she knows everything. Derek, Tommy and Luis are all history. Why aren't there any postings about the upcoming Christmas concerts, or Mariah's next album?
(Monday 24 November 2014; 22:43)

Derek et al. (48,050) by Bill from UK

Mariah has never said who the muse was for Subtle Invitation, The Roof, Did I Do That, Babydoll, Circles, and I Wish You Well (along with virtually every other song in her catalogue), and likely never will. All these posts are speculation. Almost everybody on this message board has attributed Thirsty to Nick, when Mariah never has, and probably never will, say who it is about, and when there are just as many reasons to support it not being about him as there are reasons to say it is. Now That I Know is perhaps Mariah realising she was more to Tommy than just a bit on the side, but again, we will never know for certain. It's fun to speculate and guess, but very annoying when people present their theories as facts. You don't know anymore than the rest of us.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 22:33)

Re: Marissa (48,049) by MimiLamb from Germany

I couldn't agree more. I just enjoy the songs and the lyrics but I don't spend a lot of time trying to figure out who she wrote it for or about. At the end of the day only Mariah knows even though some think they know it all.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 20:55)

Dennis / B and DJ (48,048) by Baby from Sweden

It's a known fact that Derek Jeter had two dreams growing up: to play shortstop for the New York Yankees and marry Mariah Carey. Everybody knew, teammates, friends in high school, coaches, his family for sure. He would listen to her songs on his walkman because it calmed him down before every game. That's how much of an impact she made on him before they even met. Then he saw her at the MSG concert on October 10th 1995. They would officially meet in November of 1996 at a benefit for the Fresh Air Fund. In December, Mariah moved out of the Bedford mansion and would officially separate from Tommy in May the following year. During '97 Mariah and Derek were seen orbiting each other at baseball practice, video shoots, cameos in interviews, dinner dates etc. But both remained mostly tight lipped about their obvious involvement with "no comment" comments. Their off and on relationship carried on into '98 through Mariah getting a quickie divorce in March and the last time they were romantically linked in public would be at Puffy's birthday party in November '98. Mariah remained on friendly terms with his sister and was later seen attending two functions with Derek in 2003, for his Turn 2 foundation and in November 2006 for Joe Torre's Safe at Home foundation, where she performed Hero. That's the last time they have been put in the same place at the same time as far as we know. Fun fact: DJ has been nicknamed Mr November by baseball fans since 2001. I mean, what are the odds?
(Monday 24 November 2014; 20:49)

Gong on Jeter, straight from the horse's mouth (48,047) by nikki from usa

I've lost some video interview recordings and mag interviews over the years, but never their content. Mariah didn't have an affair with Jeter. She met him and became best buds with his sister and their family. MC and Jeter were never seen solo together until the end of '97 and by then she was legally separated. In a late 90's interview Mariah had stated when she left Mottola initially it was meant to be a wake up call. She thought he would come around, give her more freedom, and stop micromanaging her. She was intending on working things out and returning. Jeter was just a friend at that point and had a girlfriend of his own. Did I Do That from Rainbow and Da Brat's verse on Pure Imagination were about Jeter. In a magazine interview, Mariah stated after she and Jeter took their relationship "to the next level" she saw reports in gossip mills about their sex life and he was using it as "locker room" talk. She said she ignored it at first because tabloids make things up. It wasn't until personal details that only Derek would know wound up in the stories did she believe them. They began fighting, but Jeter never stopped dishing. That's what "extensive media attention" meant. MC originally thought they were meant to be due to their similar background and how well she got along with his family. To this day MC refers to Luis as a "class act" for he doesn't talk about his exes to anyone. Luis, their trip to Morocco, Moroccan room, Moroccan - something's up there.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 20:16)

Marcus (48,046) by B from USA

Mariah has written about Derek Jeter on every album since Butterfly. The majority of Butterfly was inspired by her divorce from Tommy and Derek. The songs that are about the demise of a relationship (Butterfly) are about Tommy and the songs about a new relationship and longing (My All and Babydoll) are about Derek. I'm not trying to be rude but you can't deny the obvious. Mariah was involved with Jeter during 1996 and that's a fact. Tommy and Mariah's relationship ended when Daydream didn't win any awards at the 1995-1996 Grammy's.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 18:41)

Mara and Marcus (48,045) by B from USA

Mara, I knew that and thought I included it in my post but accidentally deleted it when editing. Marcus, Butterfly was what Mariah had wished Tommy had said to her. I think it's easy to tell what she's referring to if you followed her career and personal life over the last two decades. I think the only song that was inspired by a movie was Obsessed. She said that she is inspired by stories and movies because she didn't want to admit that she was already having problems with Nick and the miscarriage. Mariah told the world Nick cheated when she sang "I know you cheated motherf*cker". Mariah didn't cheat on Tommy, they were separated when she began seeing Derek in 1996. They kept it private until her divorce was official. Well, they tried to anyways. Google Mariah Carey and Derek Jeter and educate yourself, Marcus, before talking about us like we don't know anything.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 18:33)

Who it's about (48,044) by Marissa from USA

Am I the only one who doesn't give a damn who MCs songs are written about? For me personally, it just takes too much time and energy to figure out.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 18:10)

I don't wanna cry was about Tommy (48,043) by Marcus from Brazil

I can't help but laughing out loud. Now all Mariah catalog is about Derek Jeter when songs are sweet, when they are bitter they are about Tommy. Some people are such hypocrites, they talk about Nick's supposed cheating on Mariah, calling him names and such when they have not evidence of him cheating, yet they candidly talk about Mariah's supposed cheating on Tommy with Derek Jeter. The delusion is on its all-time high. Things we know for sure: Butterfly, Side Effects were about Tommy, Thank God I Found You was about Luis Miguel, as stated by Mariah, not by speculation. Not everything Mariah writes is about her relationships, she would've been emotional dead by now lol. It is funny though seeing how convincingly many fans here state which song was for whom as if they had a private conversation with Mariah or Trey, lol. I love it people, I love it. Oh sorry, I was having an Oprah moment.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 17:34)

Derek (48,042) by Luis from Spain

It is often taken for granted that Mariah had an affair with Derek during fall 1996 and apparently they met in an event to where Tommy assisted as well (there are pictures of the three together). Someone above said they started dating back in 1995 but I don't think so, since Mariah was very busy promoting Daydream at the time. 1996 is more precise since Mariah and Tommy were in crisis since the cancellation of Forever and Underneath Of Stars. When Mariah came back from the tour, she changed her looks and they started living separetely since "Butterfly" was the first album that Mariah recorded outside her home. "The Roof" talks about November. They were together until 1998 and they appeared officially in public after Mariah's divorce in March. 1996 was full of gossip and it probably was one of the darkest years in Mariah's career.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 17:03)

ATYNAF (48,041) by Mara from United States

It has been said that ATYNAF was one of Derek's favorite song of hers, hence the reference to it.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 14:46)

Derek Jeter (48,039) by B from USA

Mariah began having an affair with Derek in 1995-1996. They made it official in 1998 after her divorce from Tommy was finalized. I read in an interview that when Derek would hear her songs he would pretend she was singing to him. The Roof, Lullaby, Subtle Invatation, and For The Record are all about Derek. Songs like Side Effects and I Wish You Well are about Tommy. It's easy to tell which songs are written from her own experiences. Thank God I Found You was about Luis.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 14:23)

Written by Mariah Carey (48,038) by Lee TS from USA

Do you remember this one? Just to go along with the board talking about inspirational songs and songs Mariah wrote for others. Remember the cute little boy that sung this on Oprah? Beautiful. I feel like it's our little secret that Mariah writes and produces her songs. But I guess that's ok because that's her secret weapon haha. It's gratifying as a fan to see how much she's involved in her music. I also want to see her writing by herself again regarding to the lyrics. It would be nice to see her writing for other artists as well. They're like little treasures when you learn about a song written by MC or she's singing background vocals for someone.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 14:18)

Lullaby (48,037) by Dennis from Ukraine

Looks like Lullaby is about Derek.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 13:46)

Unknown Mariah song (48,036) by Orkun from The Netherlands

Hi all. Totally by "coincidence" I bought a budget album a while ago and it had a song on it, written by Mariah. You may know it, you may not know it. But for the fans, I'm sending the info. I don't know how to post a YouTube video directly on here. It's sung by Penny Ford, the ex-leadsinger of Snap, who also happens to be a regular dancer on Madonna's tours. It's called [...]. What I like about it is that you can hear it's a Mariah song of that particular time. Peace, always.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 12:54)

Baby / Subtle Invitaion (48,035) by Dennis from Ukraine

She mentions AYNAF. It was written few years before Derek. I don't think it's only about Derek. It could be to all her past lovers collectively. I guess there is a little bit of Tommy, she still has some positive feelings towards him. Same as with Circles. It could be about Derek, however she met Tommy and Thalia during the final stage of the album recording. She gets inspired by some moments and feelings which evolve into song concepts. It could be not her own stories. She gets inspired by the movies or somebody else's stories. Just as she stated during Memoirs promotion.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 12:31)

Mariah Carey - Faded (Male Version) (48,033) by Loris from Italy

Perfect cover to start the week with bliss. Of course they lowered the pitch, but it's very nice.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 10:44)

B and Subtle Invitation (48,032) by Baby from Sweden

Lol, Mariah wrote that more to Derek, than about him. Wasn't nothing subtle about that invitation. Lol. Just goes to show how much you can get across without using your mouth as a megaphone. Derek Jeter has been MC's muse for decades now. (Not complaining.) Maybe Thirsty figured it out and that's why he got his jumpoff's panties in a twist about it. His cheating on Mariah is worse than his big mouth even though he's done his damnedest to sully her with words. MC and DJ are my fantasy OTP, but only if he will love her and respect her as much as she would love and respect him. If not him, then I'm sure there is some great guy out there who will. You single boy-lambs should step your game up and take care of business. Just a subtle invitation.
(Monday 24 November 2014; 7:09)

I thought (48,031) by Brad Catoe from United States

Subtle Invitation was about Luis Miguel?
(Monday 24 November 2014; 5:00)
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"Mamma Mia" cast dances to Mariah Carey
The touring production cast of the musical "Mamma Mia" found time to shoot a holiday video on Wednesday, using the Ira Keller Fountain as their stage. Cast members danced around the fountain as a cameraman recorded them.
(Wednesday 26 November 2014)
Mariah Carey makes a welcomed return to UK charts
Celebrating its 20th birthday by returning to the Top 75 for the eighth consecutive year, Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You jumps 146-68 on sales of 5,212 copies. A year ago this week it was also number 68 on sales of 3,823.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014)
Nick, Mariah friends despite cheating rumors?
Nick Cannon is still doing quite well after his split from Mariah Carey. He was able to joke about his love life during an interview. And while Carey is still struggling with the breakup, she is still putting that aside to spend the holidays with her husband.
(Tuesday 25 November 2014)

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