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Re: Ty, Charm-girl (71,458) (71,470) by Licia from USA
(Friday 20 January 2017; 0:36)
Edward I'm so used to fans talking bad about CB I get excited when I see the love. Makes me happy.
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Re: Magazine scans - help (71,467) (71,469) by Billy from Greece
(Friday 20 January 2017; 0:09)
Wow, thank you so much for that. I had no idea about it. Unfortunately, apart from the cover of the magazine, none of the other scans could be retrieved. With other magazines it works, though. I just need to have the specific ones, their page numbers and publication details for citation purposes. So close.
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Re: Charmbracelet on replay (71,438) (71,468) by Luke from United Kingdom
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 23:24)
Talking about Charmbracelet I shamefully only just found out about There Goes My Heart last week and can't stop listening to it. I love this album, for me it really standouts. To be honest the whole era did. Mariah really pushed herself to the limits and stopped caring about what people thought of her. That's what I miss, the Mariah that isn't afraid to get messy hair on stage and flip it from side to side like she did while on tour lol. She looked amazing during this era. Like a new found confidence radiated from her.
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Re: Magazine scans - help (71,463) (71,467) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 22:34)
Go to and type in MariahDaily's website address.
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Spoiler alert (71,466) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 22:31)
Y'all are so impatient.
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Re: Charmbracelet on replay (71,438) (71,465) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 21:16)
Might have to get on board with this Charmbracelet loving and put it on this morning. I listened to E=MC2 yesterday for the first time in years and I have new found respect for IBLYLT. Charmbracelet was/is a great album, "Bringing on the Heartbreak" is one of my favourite MC songs ever. (Yes I know it's a cover.) It's easy to forget that Mariah is actually a singer songwriter with a catalogue of incredible music, not just a scantily clad, pot-buying, binge drinking reality TV personality that's dating a child whilst having earpiece dramas. Good one Stella. You've really f*cked that one up you dopey mole.
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Re: Ty, Charm-girl (71,458) (71,464) by Mike from FL, USA
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 19:18)
Charmbracelet does sound very refreshing. I've been listening to Charmbracelet quite a bit recently and yesterday I caught myself thinking that "Clown" actually sounds like it could work on the radio in the present day. Anyone else think that, or am I crazy? Of course my faves on that album are The One, My Saving Grace, Subtle Invitation, I Only Wanted and Clown, of course. I quite like Charmbracelet. So thankful that MC has such a vast collection of albums and songs.
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Magazine scans - help (71,463) by Billy from Greece
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 19:07)
Does anyone have the scans from the actual magazines from Mariah's cover stories in Essence (2005) and America (2005)? And is anyone willing to send them to me via email? Mariahdaily used to have all the scans but the site has been defunct for a while. Thanks.
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Charmbracelet (71,462) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 18:05)
It's my least favorite Mariah Carey album. Sorry guys but something's off about the vocals, and what's a Mariah Carey album without stellar vocals? It sounds like she's singing under water or suffocating, her bellowing resonating belt is totally non existent, her ease of singing replaced with difficulty (Yours), her main chest voice only makes an appearance on TTR, MSG, TTR reprise and maybe The One. The rest is struggle vocals (Have you heard the full 5 minute version of "You got me"? Horrendous.) and tired borderline irritable whispering.
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Re: Mariah's world (spoiler alert?) (71,442) (71,461) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 17:35)
Mariah and Stella. The lambily would riot and boycott Mariah until further notice haha.
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Re: Ty, Charm-girl (71,458) (71,460) by Lila from United States
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 16:50)
Once again I am forced to have a moment lol. Now playing Lullaby. It's actually my favorite song from Charmbracelet. I've been going through a Daydream phase and now I might as well have a Charmbracelet phase.
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It's definitely not the same (71,459) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 16:38)
"Everytime I Close My Eyes" is a song I love. Every time it comes on the radio, I fall in love with it all over again. But something terrible happened yesterday, lol. The song comes on the radio, and I'm just waiting for Mariah to kick in with those beautifully executed vocals, but I got nothing, I was like WTF, what happened? I didn't really know there was a version of the song without Mariah in it. While the song is still beautiful, without Mariah, I'm sorry Babyface and Kenny G., but it's not the same.
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Ty, Charm-girl (71,458) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 16:17)
Charm-girl, I think you're having a vision of love? And It is all that we're giving to you. Ty, I agree, Charmbracelet sounds new refreshing, and also appropriate right. "Through the Rain" is definitely applicable to Mariah's situation right as of lately. I love "I Only Wanted". When Mariah sings "Once more into the wind
the embers scatter and the chill settles in" I get reminded how great of a lyricist she is. Who writes like that anymore? And when she continues with "Farewell, fair weather friend, abandonment returns to taunt me again", I'm sold. I don't revisit Charmbracelet often, but when I do, I really enjoy it. It's definitely an underrated gem. "Lullaby" is a great baby-making song. Imagined somebody's spouse being stationed abroad for a couple of years, then they return home, play "Lullaby" on repeat, and the result nine months after? Triplets.
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Re: Snaka (71,454) (71,457) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 16:12)
Oh no are the bookings already on? I am taking the closet.
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Alanis Morisette (71,456) by Gee from U.S.A.(NewYork City)
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 15:28)
Sad to hear what happened to her and yes this man is supposed a business manager and once was to MC and Beyoncé.
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Re: 1991 photoshoot (71,401) (71,455) by Martyn from England, UK
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 14:30)
Thank you, I knew I could count on you. From what I see he has a website where you can buy prints of his work, so I may have to drop him an email.
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Re: Snaka (71,435) (71,454) by Lila from United States
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 14:02)
You are so right but I'm staying in the Moroccan room lol.
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Re: Charmbracelet on replay (71,438) (71,452) (71,453) by Dennis from Ukraine
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 12:55)
I would call CB an experimental album. She worked with new producers. She tried new vocal techniques, like on The One. She never sang like that before. And I like her looks during that era. She was shining, relaxed, sexy and very beautiful.
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Re: Charmbracelet on replay (71,438) (71,452) by Sheila from United States
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 12:29)
We love Charmbracelet, the vocals, all the great guests and she gives you a little pop, a little soul, a little gospel, a little hip hop, lots of shade (Clown). A work of art.
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Re: Charmbracelet on replay (71,450) (71,451) by Licia from USA
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 11:57)
All this CB love makes my insides all warm and fuzzy.
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Re: Charmbracelet on replay (71,444) (71,450) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 11:44)
Lullaby is one of my top 5 songs on Charmbracelet. It's very interesting because even though it's a sequel to The Roof, it's mood and vibe is the exact opposite - bright and flirtatious. Like the perfect summer tease jam.
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Re: Mariah's world (spoiler alert?) (71,448) (71,449) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 11:19)
Stella probably won't be able to do interviews like she did after the NYE disaster since Mariah makes her employees sign confidentiality agreements, but I am sure she'll send anonymous information to tabloids about Mariah. Like she did with Packer, Anthony and all the others.
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Re: Mariah's world (spoiler alert?) (71,442) (71,448) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 10:52)
My money's on Mariah and Stella. Marella, then? If things turn sour between this two, I'll be legitimately worried for what Stella can do to the (unrequited) love of her life, her "sister-wife" (ugh), Ms. Mariah Carey. Judging by how classy Stella handled the NYE fiasco, it's gonna be something for sure.
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Re: Mariah's world (spoiler alert?) (71,442) (71,447) by Butterfly from
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 10:46)
James Packer and Bryan Tanaka aka Eric Roberts and Wentworth Miller. Maybe Mariah's World will end with a music video ala "We belong together". They looked like they were shooting a video in Maui (the beach pictures).
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Alanis Morissette (71,446) by Gigi from USA
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 10:37)
This article popped up on my Facebook newsfeed tonight regarding Alanis Morissette's former manager embezzling nearly $5M from her over the course of four years (2010-2014). Strangely enough, Mariah is mentioned in the article as having been represented by this manager. She attended his charity event last year along with Beyonce. It's an interesting read on how easily celebrities are scammed out of money when they don't keep up with their own finances. Allegedly, he used Alanis' money personally and falsely listed the cash withdrawals as "sundry/personal expenses" to avoid getting caught. I would be lying if I said I didn't worry this was happening to Mariah with every member of her entourage sporting expensive designer handbags, designer clothes and Stella constantly bringing along her friends/family members on trips. Sad story.
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