Re: Billy (42,647) by Darryle from Sagamihara, Japan

Oh, you're right. I just googled it and you're completely right. Thanks for correcting me.
(Wednesday 16 April 2014; 9:12)

Nikki / other thoughts (42,646) by Marissa from USA

Nikki, the only response I can give to your post is yesssssssss. (Pardon my enthusiasm, but I've just had a strong hot toddy. ) If MC wants to make waves at this point with no promo (no I do not consider that redundant ET Canada interview promo, nothing new was revealed), she needs to debut an attention grabbing title. Something that the general public gets, not some cryptic title that only lambs can comprehend. I think it is safe to say that this album is not on the gp's radar at all. No one but the lambily has the patience to constantly check MC's twitter and instagram to find no enlightening news whatsoever. If it's not obvious, the gp doesn't care. No one wants to go on a scavenger hunt for album info. I'm a lamb and even I'm sick of all of the frantic searching and speculation. I'm at the point where I just want to say, "Call me when the album's ready."
(Wednesday 16 April 2014; 7:42)

Short album title vs. long title album (42,645) by ratchetgirl from USA

Since one-name album titles are popular, many people want Mariah to follow the trend to have a short album name. However, the last time she did that (Glitter), it didn't appear so well. It's not that the length of the name may be short that affected its outcome, just the events leading up to it. So that's why Mariah's comeback album had a long name (The Emancipation of Mimi). Many people believe that Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is where she disappeared, which I find to be stupid. So maybe she should have a short album title name because it would be the opposite of a long title name. Anyways, I'm still excited for the new album and coming here very chance I got to check and see if there is any new information surrounding the album. Well, the 20 day mark is today, and I need to know something by the end of the day or I'll die. But Mariah is smart and she'll find a way to make up for the lack of promotion and information soon.
(Wednesday 16 April 2014; 7:09)

Album release (42,644) by Mikey from USA

I think it's strange that the album is coming out in less than a month and there is no new follow up single or really any heavy promotion. I have a feeling that the album will be released along with some big anouncement. Thing is, the anouncement has to be pretty big given the lack of promotion up to this point.
(Wednesday 16 April 2014; 4:38)

Head Over Heels (42,643) by RJJ12 from USA

What does everyone think about Allure's Head Over Heels? When I first heard the song I saw the video first and remember thinking how similar it was to Mariah's vibe, then for her to show up at the end of the video and find out they were the first artists on her Crave label and that she wrote the song. I remember reading an interview of the group saying the producer had the beat but they couln't get a good song written. Then Mariah came in and heard the track, took it with her and finished writing the song that day. I'm assuming she helped arrange the song as well. I've always wondered if it was meant to be on Butterfly but she gave it to them. I also wondered how she would sound if she sung it herself. It would be great to hear her sing songs she wrote for other artists such as "Last Chance" or Blaque's "Don't Go Looking For Love" or 7 Mile's "After". It would be great to get an EP of her singing songs she wrote for others. I remember her saying back then that "After" was one of her favorite songs she has ever written.
(Wednesday 16 April 2014; 4:38)

New album "Liberation" (42,642) by QueenMc from Usa, California

I was browsing through a website called ukmix and they claim the album with the be self titled "Liberation".
(Wednesday 16 April 2014; 2:18)

Album title (42,641) by Austin from USA

I personally think the album title should be Dedication. The fans deserve it at this point.
(Wednesday 16 April 2014; 2:00)

Re. Perez Hilton (42,640) by G.G. from USA

Perez Hilton never has anything nice to say about MC. Before he "changed" and stopped being a bully (according to him), he used to say horrible things about Mariah. He called her various names. He is not a nice person.
(Wednesday 16 April 2014; 1:39)

New album (42,639) by Marky Mark from Australia

I'm liking something simple as well for an album title. "Next Chapter" is simple and nice. I still gun for her using "Sweet Soul Odyssey" as an album title especially with Stevie Wonder on the album and both #Beautiful and The Art of Letting Go having a soulful vibe. In fact "Soulful Vibe" would be a nice album title too lol.
(Wednesday 16 April 2014; 0:58)

Does anybody else think that it would be appropriate if the album is called "Splashes"? (42,638) by PeterB from UK

For various reasons.
(Wednesday 16 April 2014; 0:07)

#Beautiful still at #2 in Gambia (42,637) by KaizenOcean from Italy

This is the current ranking of the song on the worldwide iTunes charts. Does anybody know why Beautiful is so popular in Gambia a year later? Everytime I listen to this track I'm always "hectic inside". Clearly it's her best pop tune in years. Alas, the video doesn't bring anything interesting to the table, but the sonic sharpness of the song remains unmatched in her most recent catalogue. High hopes for the new album. I want it to reflect who she really is as a musician and person, but still I'd see her indulging too much in mundanity (E=MC2) and hip hop musicality (Charmbracelet) as a major misstep. Nevertheless, I suppose she has incorporated some elements of Daydream, Butterfly and TEOM in the new music, since Underneath The Stars, Butterfly and We Belong Together are among her most beloved songs. #Beautiful appears on the Pitchfork top 100 songs of 2013, which says a lot about how smart was the idea of joining forces with a new artist and how enchanting is the song.
#2 Gambia
#14 Micronesia
#45 Nigeria
#49 Oman
#55 Namibia
#58 Trinidad and Tobago
#94 The Bahamas
#119 Azerbaijan
#132 Mongolia
#140 Papua New Guinea
#146 Botswana
#156 Malaysia
#169 Uganda
#171 Antigua and Barbuda
#180 Burkina Faso
#183 United Arab Emirates
#196 Philippines
#202 Saint Kitts and Nevis
#206 Kenya
#211 Ghana
#216 Fiji
#240 Cayman Islands
#244 Uzbekistan
#287 Barbados
#299 Brunei Darussalam
#303 Cambodia
#352 Turkmenistan
#357 New Zealand
#364 Estonia
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 22:15)

Album title, next single, and other thoughts (42,636) by B from USA

I hope the album title is short and simple. Something that is catchy but isn't childish like Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. I loved The Emancipation of Mimi and E=MC2 but hated Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. It was too childish. She needs a title that while still playful and young makes people take her and the album she's promoting serious. TEOM made people take her work serious as did E=MC2. Memoirs however was derided for being too long and too childish. She also needs a fresh single. An uptempo would be a welcome relieve to the countless mid tempo singles she's releases in the last decade. Critics have also said she needs to change things up a bit. She doesn't need to do something radical, she just needs to change up the type of record she releases. #Beautiful was her biggest hit in years and it had a throwback Motown sound, whereas You're Mine(Eternal) sounds like 2005 Mariah Carey. She needs a video that is an event. A video that will be played. She needs to reveal the title or the cover work asap and start doing the rounds. 20 some days until the album is released.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 21:23)

Perez Hilton (42,635) by Myles from CT, USA

Hello, Perez mentioned something today to the effect of "We would be surprised if Mariah actually did release her album on 5/6." This era is horribly sloppy and at this point I just want the album. That is all.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 20:50)

Re: Darryle (42,634) by Billy from Greece

I think you have your information a bit mixed up. "If We" has nothing to do with "Firecracker" or "Loverboy". Another "singer's" song was intentionally made to imitate the vibe of "If We".
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 20:00)

Loverboy sample (42,633) by Darryle from Sagamihara, Japan

As you know Mariah couldn't use the Firecracker sample for Loverboy. If you want to hear what a song of Mariah's would've sounded like with that song, listen to If We from the Glitter soundtrack. There's no actual sampling on the track but it was made to sound similar to it.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 13:41)

Pre sale (42,632) by Darryle from Sagamihara, Japan

So the pre sale you guys got is like when Walmart put up the album a while back with no info. Except they had a title. That sorta sucks. I was hoping for some new insight on the album. Oh well, thanks for replying and telling where the pre sale was.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 13:38)

Presales (42,631) by Will from England

Yeah, we had something similar on Amazon UK, where they had Mariah's TBA album up for presale. It should be noted that it was quickly removed after a few hours. One thing I've also noticed is the high price. It was priced in the UK at being £15 or something like that. The Dutch presale seems to be at a similar pricing (£16 or so). So that's around the same price for a film more or less. Of course, whether or not these presales are legit or not is another matter, but there does some to be consistency. Anyway, hopefully we shall find out soon.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 12:28)

Darryle (42,630) by HerLoverboy from New Zealand

The presale is here.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 11:05)

Pre-sale (42,629) by Hanno van Leeuwen from The Netherlands

On the website you can pre-order the new album, and they say May 2 is the release-date. There is no tracklist, cover etc. so I don't know if this is real or not. I haven't pre-ordered it yet, I'll wait and see.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 10:51)

Loverboy sample (42,628) by Billy from Greece

Can you mentally "rewrite" "Loverboy" with its original sample ("Firecracker") in mind? I would so love to hear the original concept.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 9:59)

Pre sale (42,627) by Darryle from Sagamihara, Japan

So I'm not in or from the Netherlands, but I was wondering where did you see the pre sale? Was it on iTunes? I'm only asking because there's no news of a pre sale or anything in the U.S. so I was trying to find out if there's any new info.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 9:39)

Vote Mariah in Maxim (42,626) by Justin from USA

Vote for Mariah in Maxim's hottest women.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 5:47)

Working smarter, not harder (42,625) by nikki from usa

I'm hoping something is in the works under that theme from the promotional front. People have forgotten about this album other than the lambs. They were excited when Beautiful came out, but that was a year ago. You know, if she just titled the album, "Kiss My Ass" she wouldn't have to promote it. The gossip columnists and social media alone would do that. "Kiss My Ass will be on shelves soon." "What does Kiss My Ass sound like?" Mariah began the healing process of Letting Go until she ended with Kiss My Ass. I wish she'd let go of the label, the "formula", and just let the creativity guide her. I'd love to have an album that doesn't have a "flow", but just delivers MC at her best in everything she brings to the table. She can have her My Alls, Fantasys, Heats, Close My Eyes, Sprungs, Lullabys, etc. Just an eclectic mix. Why does she have to wait for a remix to do dance or something edgy? Just bring it all and throw out the rule book. If the label picks out sucky singles then complain to the lambs, because it's obvious we'll tell the label what we want to hear/buy, then they'll oblige. Supply and demand.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 1:49)

Singles (42,624) by Justin from USA

So I think the original YME is done and has peaked. However the remixes are doing exceptionally well. I can't wait until May 6th. And I also can't wait to see which big record company she will sign with and maybe they will have a much better management like LA Reid or Benny Medina.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 1:42)

Album title (42,623) by Will from England

If you missed the part two to Mariah's interview with ET Canada, she revealed that the album does at last have a name, but decided not to share lol. Which hopefully means that we'll be hearing something soon. Personally, I think she'll say something on the 20-day mark.
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 0:56)

25th Anniversary edition (42,622) by lamb from USA

I would love a debut anniversary cd. Unreleased tracks, demo's, the original VOL video would be awesome.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 23:25)

Thumbs down (42,621) by Will from Australia

I actually liked the thumbs down option as there was many a ranting know it all lamb on this board that seemed to gain some perspective from it and went either quiet with posts or changed their attitude a little. Hopefully they've learned a little from it and don't revert back. Great work with the site webmaster.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 23:16)

On pre-sale in the Netherlands (42,620) by Carla from Portugal

I just saw that the CD is on pre-sale in the Netherlands and it will be available for purchase on May 2nd there. Bring it on, we are more then ready. I must say, excitation is already kicking in like never before.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 21:50)

Beyonce Duet? Think not (42,619) by Carla from Portugal

Anyone else thinks this supposed duet with Beyone is a hoax? I hope it's not true. Not really my favourite artist to listen to. Besides, Fire Inside as title kinda gives it away, no?
(Monday 14 April 2014; 21:46)

25th anniversary (42,618) by Carla from Portugal

Who else thinks shoudl there be a re-release of Mariah's debut album on its 25th annyversary? Maybe something with unreleased songs or new remixes. I would love something like that in my collection. PS. 25th anniversary is etternally 12th annyversary, since we're talking about Mariah lol.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 21:43)

Still on the twitter letter (42,617) by Carla from Portugal

Still on the letter that girl wrote: Whatever she is, if she is attached to IDJ in someway or not I couldn't care less, simply because some opinions are supposed to be unsaid. Mariah needs unity, not a thorn apart fanbase like we're seeing here and everywhere. Anyway, she had her 5 minutes of fame and now she's forgotten. I actually loved the ha tweet JD made like he was scared of her.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 21:39)

Album (42,616) by G.G. from USA

I am more than ready for some information about this album. Tracklist, cover photo, etc. We have 22 days until its release. I don't believe this will be MC's last album. I think she will sign a huge deal with another record label. Maybe with Epic, since that's where L.A. Reid is the CEO. MC is not done, she has a lot more to say.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 20:53)

Smile (42,615) by Matt Summers from United States of America

If there can be 1 song on the album that will make me smile as bright as the sun, I will be satisfied. Not that I'm not happy with her work the past decade, in fact it's been incredible, filled with heart-felt songs (We Belong Together). But to use Emotions or Dreamlover for example, whenever I listen to them, I can't help but smile from ear to ear because the vibes I get from those songs. Even Fantasy. And I'm sure all of you know the vibes that I speak of that just make you smile as bright as the sun. She hasn't had a song like that in a while, for me at least. She's mostly released flavorful songs or just love songs. Emotions and Dreamlover just make me high. Naturally. I wanna feel a new breed of a "Mariah high". If that makes sense.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 20:22)

Great move webmaster (42,614) by Eternal from Italy

I think there are many silent [censored] lambs who read this message board and put thumbs down on whatever they read, while not necessarily contributing any useful or interesting opinion. I wonder what some of these people are thinking, if they even think at all before putting a thumbs down. It just instils this sense of negativity to MCA, in a moment of time when the lambs need more positivity regarding Mariah's new album.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 19:17)

Retirement, Mariah's face and thumbs down (42,613) by Anon1978 from USA

I want to comment on a few things posted on here. Regards to the rumors of this being Mariah's last album. I have suspected this would be her last for a long time now when she released "The art of letting go". I thought that song title was about her retirement. Regards to Mariah's face. [censored] Regards to people arguing about the thumbs up/down. Who cares if you get alot of thumbs down or thumbs up?
(Monday 14 April 2014; 18:31)

Re: Concerned fan letter (42,612) by Anon1978 from USA

In response to concerned fan letter by Carla from Portugal, the girl who wrote the concerned fan letter is a very well known lamb. Even Mariah knows who she is. I was surprised she did a bold move like calling JD out because she is known to kiss everyone's behind. She is friends with the people on MDJ and kisses their behind to get more inside info when in reality she talks about them behind their backs.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 18:19)

Album title (42,611) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia

These are my options:
1. Blessed
2. The New Era
3. Dedication
4. The Return of The Voice
5. Eternity
6. Sweet Soul Odyssey
7. Beautiful Melodies
8. Special Gift
9. The Fairy Tale
10. Mirage
(Monday 14 April 2014; 17:21)

Webmaster (42,610) by Stephen from London, United Kingdom

I'm not bothered whether my messages get a thumbs up or down, as it's only a matter of opinion, but clearly there are some juvenile members on the board who don't know how to express themselves properly, and are indeed using the thumbs down in blanket approach to messages, which defeats the point. Therefore, I think it's a good idea to only have a thumbs up option. Clearly common sense is not all that common, as some members of this board appear to lay testament to.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 16:27)

Webmaster from the Netherlands (42,608) by Carlos Jaramillo from USA

I think that would be a fantastic idea. I think we are all so passionate in our beliefs regarding Mariah, her antics and her direction that, it almost puts us on defense mode. Remember, Mariah, at some point or another, has been able to reach us all "individually" and touch a special place in our hearts so we stand steadfastly behind our view points and convictions of Mariah, which ultimately results in impulsively disregarding other's opinions and condescending to them. (I catch myself doing it frequently on here.) The thumbs down permits the opportunity to be "negative". Versus, just having a thumbs up only allows for positive responders to demonstrate their appreciation for said post. If you don't like what that person says, you just move on and, no one has to feel hated on. Great, great idea webmaster.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 16:02)

Album due soon (42,607) by lamby2014 from usa

We need to help Mariah find an album title. The lambly need to help before we get another delay or maybe she already has an album title in mind. Here some of my suggested titles:
1.The Empress
2. The Kingdom of A Diva
3.The Empire Of A Beautiful Mermaid
4. Moonlight Kisses
(Monday 14 April 2014; 15:41)

Song writing (42,606) by Lee from UK

Recently, I have become obsessed with Sara Bareilles, I think she is such an underrated songwriter and performer. I know Mariah and Sara write in completely different genres but I think together they could create something special.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 15:19)

Thumbs down (42,605) by Mimi L. from

34 thumbs down for thanking a fellow lamb for his help and responding to another lambs query. Wow. I must have offended way too many people. Webmaster by any chance is there a prob with the like/dislike button so that one person is able to thumbs down multiple times? Otherwise I don't see why so many simple and harmless messages are getting so much hate.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 13:46)

Album title (42,604) by Martyn from United Kingdon

If the album is called "Journey Of Empress Mermaid", I'm jumping off a bridge.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 13:34)

I also had a dream (42,603) by Edward from USA

In my dream a voice told me the following possible album names.
1. 12 Years Old... Again
2. Someday I'm Coming Back (It Won't Be Long)
3. Slow Enema of Love
4. Emancipation Reloaded
5. Journey of Me
6. Migrate, please.
7. Love Affair
8. Mermaids of the Caribbean
I also heard something with a giraffe, a unicorn and flying elephant, but since I couldn't remember exactly I didn't list them. Thumb me down if you like my list.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 6:30)

Album title (42,602) by lamby2014 from usa

Here are a few rumored album titles:
"Midnight Harmony"
"Love to Infinity"
"Journey Of Empress Mermaid"
"Infinity Journey"
"Knight Within"
"Eclipse Kingdom"
(Monday 14 April 2014; 0:06)

I'm so "thirsty" lol (42,601) by ratchetgirl from USA

I haven't heard much about this album since the 11th and I'm getting desperate lol. I know that Mariah is in the studio, mastering the whole album and all. But I feel like the next time I hear about the album will be this week, and it will include its name and tracklist.
(Monday 14 April 2014; 0:01)

Changing the rating system (42,600) by The webmaster from the Netherlands

I'm thinking of changing the rating system, so you can only give a message thumbs up if you like it (just like Facebook).
(Sunday 13 April 2014; 23:53)

A Street Car Named Mariah (42,599) by Bill from UK

I had a dream this was the new album title. Just writing it down so it doesn't come true lol.
(Sunday 13 April 2014; 18:39)

Hey lamby Paul (42,598) by Carly Gemelle from USA

This is sad, not to be able to get thumbs up from lambs. But let me be honest, even in real life I have had some really angry not friendly lamb interactions. It seems like the only thing we can agree on is loving Mariah, and many fans are really kind and caring but I think there is also alot of one uping when it comes to lambs, I can't even talk about meeting Mariah without getting attitude, there is a lot of jealousy. Mariah is obviously not the only diva in the building. I like to simply include my own likes when I post. 27 likes hahah.
(Sunday 13 April 2014; 16:19)

Thumbs down (42,597) by Will from England

What with all these thumbs down for harmless messages?
(Sunday 13 April 2014; 16:06)
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"Frozen" soundtrack at #1 since new year's
"Frozen"? You know it was an animated movie, won the Oscar. But did you know the soundtrack to "Frozen" has been at number 1 since its debut there on January 6th? Released on November 25, 2013, the "Frozen" music has not melted since that time.
(Wednesday 16 April 2014)
Mariah shows up over five hours late for tv interview
Mariah Carey cemented her status as a world class diva last week! The Eternal singer was scheduled to begin an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada at 7 PM. And if you were waiting on Mariah, you'd have to wait another five-and-a-half hours for it.
(Wednesday 16 April 2014)
A look back at Mariah Carey's album E=MC2
Happy anniversary to E=MC2. Six years ago on this day, the diva known as MiMi, Mariah Carey, released her eleventh album E=MC2. The album was released on Island Def Jam Records and she released the hit single, "Touch My Body".
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