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Re: M's edit (65,670) (65,678) by M from Asia
(Sunday 28 August 2016; 15:08)
Yes Mimi L., it's my account. That's one of my favorites, I hope she wears something like that in the future.
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Re: Mariah crying? (65,672) (65,677) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Sunday 28 August 2016; 13:52)
Yes, I hope that too. Nobody can look inside what's really going on. Mariah always had a lot of pain inside. Most great singers and actors let's say a lot of artists have it and had it. Fame and money are fine but she deserves real happiness. I'm not sure if she has found it. But at the end after every storm a rainbow appears. I hope that "storm" now will be over soon.
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Re: M upset? (65,668) (65,676) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Sunday 28 August 2016; 13:43)
The Truth, why you're here on this board? Every message is just so hateful. It's ok if you can't stand her. I guess nobody is interested in. But have you ever tried an Emine message board? That would suit perfect with your avatar and you could diss and so on and you would get a lot of likes.
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Re: Mariah crying? (65,674) (65,675) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 28 August 2016; 11:50)
You know, I wondered the same thing reading through all the posts, the negativity is appalling, quite hard to miss and a total turnoff. Is this what new fans are coming to see on their journey to discover Mariah? What happened to your rules Eric? Or maybe you agree with the gremlins who come around only when there's something negative to bank on or say. I've been visiting this site less and less lately too and that says a lot since I've been a regular since summer 2000 and it became part of my routine whenever I was web surfing but now, not so much.
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Re: Mariah crying? (65,672) (65,674) by Tyler from USA
(Sunday 28 August 2016; 3:42)
I agree. This is directed to the webmaster. What does it take for certain members to get banned or their writing privages taken away? When there is constant negativity and hatred coming from the same people I think something should be done. Honestly I stopped visiting the board to avoid certain individuals comments. It's too bleak.
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Re: Tragedy in Italy (65,658) (65,673) by Andrew from London, UK
(Sunday 28 August 2016; 3:28)
You can't "take a stand" against a natural disaster. Pompous enough for you, sweetheart? I shan't bother explaining the points as they were already well made, by several people, and you just failed to understand them. Seems to be a habit of yours. If you can't keep up with the conversation, best not to join in at all.
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Mariah crying? (65,672) by Ardis Logic from Earth
(Sunday 28 August 2016; 0:49)
Whatever it was I hope she's okay, I hate to hear that she might be sad.
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Re: M upset? (65,668) (65,671) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 28 August 2016; 0:43)
You don't know what Mariah feels and her sister must have had a "miraculous" recovery as she is back on the prowl. She needs lots more help than her siblings can provide. It is a tragedy and a private one at that. M. has a right to deal with it privately.
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M's edit (65,670) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Sunday 28 August 2016; 0:41)
M, I'm guessing this is your account? I absolutely love this edit you made. I think it's beautiful. Love the photo you chose, the hair and the dress. Beautiful work. Mariah take note. She looks so classy and beautiful.
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Re: Mimi on Empire (65,663) (65,669) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 28 August 2016; 0:39)
I read that she will be in at least two episodes. It said she did her filming for her "episodes". As far as Kitty and Cookie, they could be "frenemies" and Cookie has a love/hate relationship with both of her TV sisters, they cuss each other out on the regular. Lol. I am sure it will be interesting to say the least. I am not holding out much hope for this duet with Jussie. I have not been impressed by any of the show's music to date, but we shall see. I think Mariah has worked with both Timbaland and Neyo in the past, so it could be OK. Wishing the best for this moment.
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Re: M upset? (65,661) (65,668) by THE TRUTH from USA
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 23:15)
Yeah right, she doesn't shed one tear over Alison. She never even went to the hospital when they were pulling the plug on Alison's life support.
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Re: M upset? (65,661) (65,667) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 21:42)
That is actually really sad.
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Re: M upset? (65,661) (65,666) by Butterfly from
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 21:10)
That explains the silence.
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Re: Mimi on Empire (65,662) (65,665) by Marissa from USA
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 20:11)
I am so excited for this Empire role. One thing I like about Lee is that he keeps it real and will not put up with any over-the-top divalicious mess if it stands in the way of him having an excellent finishing product. The only slight disappointment I have is the fact that it seems like Mariah will be playing Mariah just with a different name. I was hoping for something more out of her comfort zone. Either way, ultimately I'm just glad to see her doing something that is indisputably mainstream so the younger crowd can get more acquainted with her rather than an "almost but not quite" opportunity.
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Melovi featuring MC (65,664) by Ben from Sweden
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 20:04)
Hello, I was bored and smashed my vocalization with Mariah's acapella Butterfly-recording. Like it? Listen here
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Re: Mimi on Empire (65,662) (65,663) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 20:03)
Kitty is apparently a very dear friend of Cookie, according to Taraji. So I don't think there will be fights. But I'd love for Cookie and Kitty to sit together and throw shade at people just for the sake of it hahah. But I think mostly Mariah will be involved with Jussie. I really really hope they sneak in a little Glitter reference now that Timothy and Billie are going to be back in the studio. So it would be a nice gift for the fans. Mariah has said before something along the lines of "Why be on Empire if I don't have a good character arc" so maybe she'll be in more than one episode? But I doubt it. She looks really beautiful in the promo. I hope the song gets a lot of attention.
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Re: Mimi on Empire (65,660) (65,662) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 19:35)
Yup, these should be a couple of epic episodes. I hope Cookie doesn't do Kitty any harm in the show. Lol. This is going to be fun. Maybe even a cat fight in cat suits. Lol.
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M upset? (65,661) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 19:30)
Mariah could be very upset because her sister was arrested yet again for the usual charge. I guess she is out of the hospital. I read this on TWCnews. I did not want to post the link here though. I hope M is ok and will take time to rest if she needs it.
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Re: Mimi on Empire (65,644) (65,660) by B from USA
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 17:29)
I can't wait. I wonder if Lee directed the episode/episodes Mariah appears in. I hope so. He's able to elicit moving performances from Mariah and makes her step out of her comfort zone.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey "threw a laptop out the window" (65,650) (65,659) by G.G. from USA
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 16:55)
Calling Stella a "C grade" anything is very generous of you. I look forward to the day when this Bulochnikov bullshit is over.
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Re: Tragedy in Italy (65,627) (65,658) by THE TRUTH from USA
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 15:05)
You're a pompous [censored] who of course doesn't care if the celebrities that earn and flaunt billions thanks to their fans take a stand about tragedies and world events. So she should care about gays being shot but not dead children in an earthquake somewhere she has spent much of her time?
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Re: Meet and greet (65,652) (65,657) by Darren from Indonesia
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 14:44)
There's definitely something wrong. During the SSFT she looked absolutely joyous and she's confident. In this leg of the Vegas residency her voice is still as strong but there's something in the way she presents herself, like there's something going on. Especially with the crying clips, it makes me worry about her.
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Re: Meet and greet (65,652) (65,656) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 14:40)
I don't know first hand of course, but I read about it on UKMix from people who were in attendance. Two different members talked about it, so that sounds believable. But I was wondering if anyone on this board can confirm this. If she actually is upset about something, that combined with the complete silence of the Kardashian wannabes is really something to worry about. I hope she is doing fine. No matter how much I complain sometimes, I care about her well being and I hope whatever happened is fixed soon.
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Re: Meet and greet (65,651) (65,655) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 14:35)
Well she might have been upset and they did say that the fans would be getting a partial refund. Plus I don't even know if the rumor of her is crying is true. I asked for confirmation. She is human too, she can be upset and instead of cancelling the whole show (which people complained about during the first leg) she gave them a good performance but she probably wasn't feeling good enough for a meet and greet. I see nothing wrong with it if she has returned the money.
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Re: Mimi on Empire (65,644) (65,654) by Andrew from London, UK
(Saturday 27 August 2016; 13:37)
Agreed. Looked pretty good. Fingers crossed.
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