Changes (51,227) by MimiLamb from Germany

You notice that the new record label wants to try and do all they can for Mariah to be more likeable for the general public again. The car karaoke is something she would never have done a few years ago. She is getting better with social media, sharing posts from MC fanpages on her official FB page and also answering the lambs and retweeting them on Twitter. Some may think that something like that is not important but I do think it is. I notice myself that I'm getting curious again with the next thing we are going to see/hear from her. I'm really liking the change and the fact they don't overdo it and showing it more gradually. I hope Mariah and her team keep it up, I'm confident.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 15:05)

Music videos (51,225) by Mimi L. from

The videos started going downhill right after Obsessed. IWTKWLI wasn't that bad but the setting could have been better. The effects were a little sloppy but I liked the message they tried to portray with it. By the time H.A.T.E.U. came around, it looked like the label didn't give her any money, so all she had left was walking around a beach. Then came Angel's Cry, and although the video is quite cute and nice, it clearly shows that again little to no budget was given for the video, so MC had to go down the road of takes of her in the studio and cut-scenes to her in a back alley. (I'd like to add that even on a small budget they did a good job on the AC video.) Next came UOOMF. This again was a very cute and fun video and I really enjoy it, even now. This video (although some claimed look like a target commercial, which it did at times) atleast had some level of production to it. I mean there was actually a set, they were given multiple scenes with multiple settings (instead of just walking around). I'm not sure but it may be due to Nicki's inclusion in the video meant her label also contributed a portion in the video (again I don't know if that's how it works but in the show Empire they show that if another artist is featured in a video, the label of the artist adds to the budget of the video). But still Nicki was just a newcomer so obviously the budget wasn't big. When Triumphant came about, I think the label thought that it's a new era and the first single needs to be of good quality. So the video was good. It's one of my favorites. It's all glitz and glam. But unfortunately the song flopped and the label at this point probably lost faith in Mariah because after Obsessed, her chart positions were not up to Mariah's level and so they almost gave up on her, hence #Beautiful had a bad video. Big mistake on the label's part. The song was fire and could have earned them a lot of money. Anyways, the rest is history I guess. That's my take on it. These are obviously not facts, but just my observations and what I think happened. I hope that now that she's back to Sony, she'll get a better team and budget.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 14:25)

Few other points about the carpool karaoke (51,224) by Mimi L. from

I really find it funny that people think the host sang MC's songs better than her in the skit. If that's true then I'm the next Mariah (move over Ariana) lol because I think I can sing those at least on the same level if not better than James. It's karaoke come on, it's no supposed to sound like a stage performance. So yes, back to my point, I am glad MC took a back seat and let the host have a blast getting his Mariah moment on because that's what made the skit funny. Him knowing all the words was cute. Mariah played the role of a background/supporting singer. If she would sit there belting, a) it would not be funny b) there would be some smarta** calling her out for showing off in a karaoke skit. I can't get over the cute dance they pulled for "Thirsty", she looked so cute, I wanted to hug her lol. I also found it cute that at the end when the host asked if she can get home on her own, she said that she'll see if she can hitchhike a ride or something like that instead of saying "Dahlin' I have my A+mazing decked out limo waiting." From what I saw the skit gained her some positive feedback. I am betting this is part of the image damage control by her management and I am content with it.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 14:05)

Bill / demo tapes (51,223) by MIAM from United Kingdom

I just don't believe a lot of the stuff that gets splashed around on the internet about Mariah, like she and Brett Ratner are dating. Lol. I knew that was baloney straight away as we know they have been good friends for many many years. But from what you're saying about the demo tape video does make a lot of sense, but I just don't know anymore. She needs to stop hiding away and give us something herself now.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 13:43)

Number ones new album (51,222) by Raphael from Brazil

Do you think the old number ones will be remastered? I hope so. What's the point of buying this album when you can easily create a playlist.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 13:18)

Ratner (51,221) by Liz Archer from Sweden

JMO of course, if they are just "best" friends maybe they should consider taking the next step. The best partner you can have in life is your best friend, not just a lover.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 13:03)

(51,211) by Andrew (51,220) by May from Denmark

You realize Andrew that she wasn't the only one asked to do the carpool thing right? It's part of the show and an idea of the host, she could have always go and say "I don't want to ride in a car but sing on stage" but she didn't, she was asked to do the car thing and she accepted and she was light and fun and that was that. For the video budget, I agree Mimi L. that Mariah hasn't been given much attention at all, the simplicity of her video. #Beautiful also showed that (even though I did like the takes and the way MC looked in the yellow dress). Yes Andrew, you are right that MC videos haven't been amazing but the only artist that I recall being desperate enough to spend all the cash to do a big promo was Lady Gaga as she was near bankrupt, she bankrupted herself putting all the money on a stage show that it did pay off, but then again, that was a desperate move. Is really MC that desperate? I believe she can still pick up the act. I'm hoping she is surrounded by a whole new better team. Let's agree Kanye was a bigger diva b*tch lol.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 12:30)

Demo tapes (51,219) by Giselle from USA

I'm really loving the Someday original version. It's a lot more less polished and over produced then the final version. I can see why she doesn't like the album version. I'm just so happy to finally hear her sing this song again. That and "I don't wanna cry".
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 9:00)

MIAM / demo tape (51,217) by Bill from UK

I can see why you don't believe the demo tape is real, but allow me to tell you something. We all know about "the" demo tape, the one Tommy Mottola got hold of at the industry party, played in his limo, and caused him to go rushing back to the party to find Mariah. You're right, Vanishing was not on that demo tape. However, when an artist is working on an album, they will produce demos of songs ahead of going into the studio to produce them. Think of them as rough cuts. Artists normally produce demos of several songs, so the record label can give the go ahead to start work on the album, suggest changes, say which ones don't work, etc., so it's entirely plausible that Mariah recorded a demo of Vanishing to say to Sony, "Hey, this is what we've written for the album you've commissioned me to record, what do you think?", rather than just blindly diving into a studio with no direction. For that reason I think that the tape may be genuine, but it's just downright mean to tease the fans with just a few seconds lol. I'd love to hear the songs on their entirety.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 8:22)

Are we really doing this? (51,216) by Darryle from USA

Are we really going to judge the current state of Mariah's voice based on a carpool karaoke video? I mean she sung less than 10 lines. It was meant to be a fun and relaxed type of thing. It honestly just sounds like we're looking for things about Mariah to pick on.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 5:14)

Carpool karaoke / Andrew (51,215) by Edward from USA

I also think that the carpool thingy was meant not for Mariah to be belting or even trying to do that. I think they are slowly working on getting people to like her again, just like they did during TEOM era. If Mariah had started singing/showing off in the car, it wouldn't have been as funny as it was. Andrew, at this point I think Mariah has already gotten the memo. She knows that if she doesn't come back with a well-put together plan, a decent video, and a good song, she'll be done. The competition is tough, and she knows very well people are not catering to "You're Mine (Eternal)" types of songs. So, before we start criticizing her for about anything, let's give her a break to see what she has to deliver once these Vegas shows begin and the new single and video come out. I think it's only fair. I agree with you though that in case she should use some of her money for a decent video. It would be an investment in her own career.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 3:50)

Carpool karaoke (51,214) by Mimi L. from

I thought it was really cute and funny. I was smiling throughout and I thought MC looked extremely cute when she pulled the small dance move. As for her singing let's not blow this out of proportions, the main point of the show was to be funny not showcase Mariah's vocal prowess. We all have been wanting to see MC more relaxed and less diva and that's what we are getting somewhat. I wouldn't go so far as to say judge her vocal ability based on this skit. She probably didn't even try to hit proper note there because it was just a fun skit and she allowed the host to take the spotlight. I said this before, I think MC knows very well about the condition of her voice and career. She's trying, or at least I think she is. She's working to make this year big. While Epic and her management still needs to work on a massive image damage control, I like to believe that she'll get there soon. As for now I am super excited about the new single and the pow video. I am also excited about the Christmas project but that won't surface until the end of the year so I am eagerly waiting for the new single.
(Sunday 29 March 2015; 1:49)

Mariah is doing just fine (51,213) by Luke from United Kingdom

I'm pretty sure the carpool was just a bit of fun. She didn't get into that car to start belting out her biggest hits, but I'm sure if she did someone would complain that she needs to rest her voice and not be doing that lol. She also displayed an incredible amount of vocal talent at her Christmas shows and on the tour before that. Plus random moments like when she sang happy birthday to B Scott. Give her time, I'm sure she is more aware than anyone with what has been going on with her career. She's slowly making changes and a lot of them are big, all while juggling a public divorce and children. She seems a lot more proactive now and motivated.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 22:54)

Bring on what? (51,212) by Carol from Spain

I believe the Corden car ride thing was just to be a pip moment, for people to see another side of Mariah. Why are you saying bring it on? Mariah has nothing to prove. She doesn't have to bring anything, once she already brought everything there as. She was tired, she was working at night, maybe recording? Why are people overanalizing this? Always dissing Mariah some of you guys are. Let it go, people.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 22:07)

Bring it on (51,211) by Andrew from UK

On the subject of Marah's cheap videos, of which recently there are many. She is one of the richest entertainers in the world. Label won't pay to promote an album or songs it has no faith in (based upon market analysis and not that they think she's a really cute queen to whom the aliens will be taken when they land). Then she can't pay for her own? Why should she? A thousand reasons over: anyone starting out wants to make their music known and represented and heard and appreciated. Mariah Carey is a victim of her own actions in as far as he career has nose-dived. She's not a born victim in general. Only she can save her career which I believe she could. I've seen her force in action many times. But she's not that interested in being big now. It looks like she just wants to be thought of as big. But evidence needs to be quickly put forward to counteract this opinion, which is becoming kind of widely-held. Something more serious than 1996/97 happened to that voice in 2014/15. The car pool shows an absence of any vocal talent and a struggle, but desperate need to try. Get on a stage and sing, Mariah. Sing and show everyone. Don't mime. No dubbing. No overlay. No distractions. No more cringeworthy "I was up all night". Go to bed. Get up. Sing. Bring it.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 21:27)

Mariah Carey demo tape (51,210) by MIAM from United Kingdom

I would like to believe the demo tape videos are real but I just can't. And the reason why is because as I am aware I remember her saying in an interview that the song Vanishing was written after she got signed to Sony as they wanted a few more tracks for the album. And it was also one of the quickest songs she has written and recorded.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 21:12)

Christmas movie (51,209) by Dennis from Ukraine

It looks like the idea of the Broadway musical transformed into a movie. She's been twittering about Menzel. Epic wants to release one more Christmas album. And I remember she was supposed to release a duet with Olaf from Frozen. Mariah for sure has more unreleased Christmas songs. It should be interesting.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 20:36)

Edward (51,208) by Mimi L. from

You are absolutely right and might I add that I appreciate your posts. So keep posting more. As for MC's hand, yes we need it to be ready by the time the curtains go up at Vegas. How else would we understand how much MC is yearning for lost love at the conclusion of WBT (that is one example of many of course).
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 19:50)

May (51,207) by Mimi L. from

I think the main reason for H.A.T.E.U. being such a lackluster video was probably because the record label was not paying enough money required to produce a better video. So they (MC and Brett) probably worked with whatever they had. H.A.T.E.U. was the third single and by then the label probably saw that the album will eventually not reach their expected outcome so they probably just decided to give a very small budget for this song. Other than that all the other videos Brett directed (with the exception of TGIFY) were brilliant. Even Obsessed, which seemed to have been done on a comparatively smaller budget was a really good and cute video. So I do hope that Epic gives MC the budget she deserves. I think they did give her that judging by Brett and MC's confident statement when they said the new video for the new song will blow your mind away.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 19:33)

Zaydream (51,206) by Abraham from USA

Thanks a lot for posting that audio. I appreciate it. Mariah is planning something great if she's working with Brett. I'm so excited.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 17:38)

Christmas movie male lead (51,205) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia

Oh gosh, now that Mariah and Brett have announced the Christmas movie they are working on, I'm assuming that Mariah would take the female lead, and who would be the perfect actor for the male lead? What about Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock)? He's good friend with Brett and Mariah though. Mariah even attended the Hercules premiere (the movie was directed and produced by Brett). Or maybe Hugh Jackman. I remember he said something about wanting to work with Mariah in interview during People's Choice Awards 2010. They even snapped a photo together. What do you guys think is the best male lead? Give your opinion, who knows they are reading this board and decide it's a good idea.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 16:10)

MC plus Brett (51,204) by May from Denmark

They truly are a dynamic duo. I personally love all the videos he directed for her except HATEU. While I enjoyed MC in her simple monokinis and the beautiful beach view, there was nothing else, I was hoping to see some kind of sad love story with a bit of depth for that one, almost like the "We belong together" one. I was dissapointed when the video for that beautiful song came out. But since all the other videos have been amazing, I am actully expecting the same quality again, giving Brett another chance for this time blow our eyelashes out. I can't wait to see for what song is the video as well. Anyone has got a clue? Great news, and thanks to the person who posted the link to the phone call.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 15:45)

The roof (51,203) by Jon from Netherlands

Genious songwriting. It's a very realistic song. It's not like "Forever" or "Never forget you". It takes a real story-telling artist to write something like that. Norman mentioned it after my "Lullaby" post and now I'm using "The roof" to relieve my own personal experience because it does transport you to a specific moment of your life (at least you can adapt it) and not necessarily to an emotional state (like the more generic songs).
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 15:45)

The Roof (51,202) by Bill from UK

I need to just say that The Roof is one of Mariah's greatest compositions, and easily the best track on Butterfly. It is so moody, atmospheric, intense, and yet soothing. I really do transport with Mariah "back in time" when I hear this song. I am there on that roof with her. The song is like a painting, it's the only way I can describe its nuances and different colours and that driving, steady, rhythmic, almost urgent undertone it has thanks to the Shook Ones sample. The strings, the layers of soft vocals, the imagery, the delicate tinkling bells, the rooftop that rainy night.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 14:47)

That radio moment (51,201) by Jon from Netherlands

Was brilliant. Brett and Mariah are closer than I thought and clearly have a great time together. They sounded like they were having a blast celebrating their anniversaries.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 13:25)

MC and Brett (51,200) by Mimi L. from

Oh my gosh. Did you guys hear the radio call? MC and Brett made a surprise call to a radio station. They revealed that they are shooting a movie together based on her biggest Christmas song and also her next video of her next single which will apparently "blow your minds". I am so excited. I have been wanting a Brett-MC collaboration for so long. They have been meeting up so many times, something just had to be cooking between the two. I can't wait to see what they come up with.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 11:59)

Mimi L. / fun times (51,199) by Edward from USA

Mimi L., sometimes we take ourselves so seriously here that we forget how fun it is to be a fan of Mariah's. I'm glad you laughed at my joke, that was the intention. I hope she stops swinging though, we need her arm fully functional for Vegas.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 9:23)

18 songs you've never heard of list (51,198) by Stacey from USA

Did any of you guys see that list? So many of my favorite songs are on that list. Do You Think Of Me, Slipping Away, Lead The Way, just to name a few. And of course MIAM had two mentions, Cry and Faded. Ugh, I know it's over and done with, but still bugs me MIAM didn't have more promotion. Such a fantastic, solid album. Anyways, I love these lists. We all talk about singles, more popular songs and yet, MC's catalog is so huge, you can makes all sorts of lists. Oh and the target="_blank">Honey remix? One of her best hands down.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 8:30)

Mariah and Brett in St Bart's celebrating / Christmas movie in the works (51,197) by Baby from Sweden

Basically, Mariah and Brett were on their way to St Barts celebrating their born days together when Brett called in to a radio station that was hyping Fantasy like regular lambs. MC and Brett ended up revealing that they're working on a Christmas movie together. I'm so excited. That means it's slated for a release this year. I really hope she's going to star in it. Also, I look forward to her playing a villain of some sort. *caugh* Bianca *caugh*
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 7:38)

Happy anniversary (51,196) by Dennis from Ukraine

Happy anniversary Mariah. I love you and allways will. Be happy with your children.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 7:26)

Happy birthday Mariah, the ultimate queen of music (51,194) by IheartMC from USA

I want to wish the one and only Mariah Carey an amazing "anniversary" and I believe 2015 is going to be your year. I loved you then, love you now and I will you "forever". In your honor I have been blasting the following tracks:
You Don't Know What To Do
Beautiful remix
Fantasy remix
We Belong Together Dj Clue remix
I'll Be Loving You Long Time
Shake It Off
I Know What You Want
If We
The Roof
So Lonely
Standing O
Heartbreaker Junior mix
You Got Me
You're Mine Hearsay 89 mix
Any other lambs love any of these tracks mentioned?
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 6:52)

Vegas? (51,193) by Travon...The Nostalgic of Truth from USA

The first 2 shows I believe are sold out. Everytime I click 1 ticket at any price, it says no seats found. I even tried the VIP and it said the exact same thing. Does that mean tickets are no longer available because the shows are sold out?
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 6:21)

Brett Ratner / anniversary (51,192) by Darryle from USA

Brett Ratner went on the radio today and he was with Mariah. Brett confirmed that Mariah and him were working on two things. A movie to AIWFCIY and a video for her soon to be released song. Mariah's officially gearing up for the Vegas/MC25 era. I'm very excited to see what she has in store for us. Also happy anniversary Mariah. I hope you have many more.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 4:54)

Epic Records (51,191) by Travon...The Nostalgic of Truth from USA

Its official. Epic Records alongside a slew of other organizations wished Mariah a happy anniversary on her twitter page. They called her "part of their family". Finally proof Mariah Carey is with Epic Records. This is definately exciting times.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 3:28)

Happy anniversary dahling (51,190) by Zaydream from U.S

I've been coming on here religiously since 2008, and I enjoy everyone's opinions and what not, just wanted to wish MC the very best she deserves it. But anyways I'm just gonna leave this right here. New music and a new video. "Heads will be busted open" as Brett puts it and a Mmvie Directed by Brett based on AIWFCIY. They come in the audio a couple minutes into it. So excited.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 3:23)

Need to learn from you, guys (51,189) by Marcel from Montréal, Canada

I have to learn from you how to be that positive always finding great things out of whatever happens. I watched her on CBS and to me she wasn't any fun, at least she wasn't a bore and annoying though, but what surprises me the most is that you guys applaud her "singing" when she, as usual, had an excuse for not singing, she just tried to no success to harmonize to VOL and a few raspy notes to Thirsty. Incredibly James Corden did a better job at singing that MC even though he was just trying to be cool and funny. Anyway, nice to know that most of you think it was a great way for MC to regain credibility. I assume It's just that I'm such a bitchy acid revoltuous Québécois trying to bring negativity to everybody. By the way, still time to wish her a very happy 45th birthday. Oh, to the one who asked when MC said that about smoking, she said that happened when she was just a teen, can't recall at what age but somewhere around 14-16. Never heard about getting back octaves, she just said she recovered her clarity and power. That's the nice thing of being that young. By age 27 I guess it wasn't that easy or she didn't pray that much.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 2:39)

A legend she is (51,188) by Mara from United States

Very well said Sophia.
(Saturday 28 March 2015; 1:10)

Mariah Carey, happy anniversary my darling (51,187) by Sofia from Portugal

Happy anniversary (not birthday) to the one who brings millions together for the same reason - her music. Congratulations to the woman that trendsetted into all music categories and knows to boundaries when it comes to music. Thank you for being you, for being human and pushing trough all the crazy stuff trown at you. The lambily knows and recognizes your hardwork, at least some of us see past the chart positions. Anyway, happy 3/27 to Mariah Carey, who was born a star and became a legend.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 22:47)

Birthday gift (51,186) by Ben from The Netherlands

Nice birthday gift: the video with James Corden is boosting
iTunes sales in the UK (Greatest Hits at 32 and #1's at 51),
Ireland (Greatest Hits at 67) and Australia (Greatest Hits at 35).
(Friday 27 March 2015; 22:24)

Happy anniversary Mariah (51,185) by Bill from UK

Happy anniversary Mariah. I love you so much. Thank you for being the soundtrack of my life and bringing me so much joy and pleasure with your music and singing. You are beautiful, your voice is beautiful, your songs are beautiful, and I will love you for all you have done for me until my dying day.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 21:59)

Happy anniversary MC (51,184) by Luke from United Kingdom

She's given us so much with her talents, I hope she achieves her dreams should she have any. I also hope her arm heals quickly. My mum broke her shoulder last year in January and it still gives her pain so I'm sure Mariah isn't done healing, especially since she said she down played the whole injury. All the best Mariah and I pray for many returns.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 20:59)

Happy 45th Anniversary (51,183) by Travon...The Nostalgic of Truth from USA

"Who? Me? I don't celebrate birthdays. I only celebrate anniversaries. I am eternally twelve. I am a diva dahling, just for the nostalgia." Happy anniversary my queen and music mama.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 20:48)

Happy birthday (51,182) by Warrior Butterfly from USA

Have a fun day and enjoy. We love you.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 20:25)

Happy anniversary, car karaoke (51,181) by Joe from United Kingdom

Loved this moment from Mariah, she needs to continue to show this side of her. The public seem to warm to her when they see these moments. There are still people who will take something so fun and light hearted and turn it into a negative thing. It baffles me, were you expecting Mariah to bust a lung trying to sing "Vision of Love" with a guy she probably never knew exist before this moment? It's really not that deep.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 20:16)

Happy anniversary (51,180) by Marissa from USA

Happy birthday MC. I admire your candor and strength. You have been unbreakable throughout everything you've been through and when I feel low, your resilience inspires me. Have a blessed day.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 18:48)

Happy birthday Mariah (51,179) by Abraham from USA

And may you have many many more. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Love you always.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 18:47)

Happy anniversary (51,178) by carlos from peru

Hey. I made a song for MC in this special day. It is brief and I got a cold but that is not going to stop me to express my feelings for her lol. Here is the link and you can give me your opinions.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 18:36)

A very happy happy anniversary Mariah (51,177) by Mara from United States

3/27 A very festive day indeed. We love you and the world was made a better place the day Patricia and Alfred brought you into it. How empty my years would have been without your musical talent to narrarate it. HBD MC.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 18:02)

Your anniversary (51,176) by Terna from Nigeria

Happy birthday Mariah. If you do get to read this, I want you to know how much loved you are and how grateful to God we all are for creating someone as beautiful as you both on the inside as well as out that we can look up to and be inspired. Never ever change, remain just how He created you, in his own image and watch him uplift you even higher than He already has. Lots of love and do have a beautiful day.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 17:46)

Edward (51,175) by Mimi L. from

You are hilarious. I laughed out so loud at that post, it's not even funny. God I love Mariah and now I feel bad about laughing at that joke. Darn you.
(Friday 27 March 2015; 17:43)
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Mariah Carey and Brett Ratner are just "best friends"
Can't a man and a woman just be friends? It sounds like something Carrie Bradshaw might ask herself, but it's also the question on some minds after Mariah Carey and director Brett Ratner were spotted spending their birthday weekends together.
(Saturday 28 March 2015)
Take a look at this 1993 MTV interview
Happy birthday to the queen diva herself, Mariah Carey. While we don't know exactly how the R&B songstress will be celebrating her big day. I will be watching one of my favorite movies of all time, "Glitter", on repeat to commemorate the birth of a true diva.
(Saturday 28 March 2015)
Are these snippets from Mariah Carey's demo tape?
Before Mariah Carey rose to prominence in the early 90s as a chart-topping artist for Sony Music, she was working as a background singer while writing and recording her own material. Her now-legendary demo tape has never been heard publicly.
(Saturday 28 March 2015)

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