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Re: Rihanna's desperate, really? (61,771) (61,772) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Monday 2 May 2016; 11:13)
Edward you are actually right. I agree with your post. Even though I am not a Rihanna fan (and I have brought up the change in Billboard rules), and I wouldn't want Mariah to be dethroned by her, the fact remains that Rihanna has managed to get #1's based solely on her popularity. She is also as much responsible for the success of the tracks she is featured in as the main artist. Because come to think of it, the only parts of those songs I remember are her parts. It is surprising that Beyonce with all her popularity couldn't even come close to Rihanna even though Rihanna came years later. I also agree about Mariah basically sabotaging her self at this point (my words, not yours) by basically giving up on many opportunities to get more #1's (not just Justin's one). Rihanna now stands the chance of breaking 2 more of Mariah's records, the most #1's by a solo artist and most weeks at #1.
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Rihanna's desperate, really? (61,771) by Edward from USA
(Monday 2 May 2016; 5:45)
How can Rihanna be desperate when she's about to surpass Mariah's record, she's still on her prime and 18 years younger? Rihanna is not desperate, she's evidently very popular. She doesn't have Mariah's talent, her music and catalog are not as impressive, forgettable and a thing of the moment, but she's putting music out there and people are buying and enjoying it. Even though Mariah nowadays relies a lot on titles, it wasn't always that way. Her artistry did the talking and still 26 years later she remains somewhat popular. If it's not Rihanna, it's going to be Katy Perry. Katy has 11 #1's and also seems unstoppable and has the Midas Touch. Mariah had her time, it's life. Records are meant to be broken, let's just be realistic here. The sooner we accept that Mariah's #18's records is going to be over soon, the better. Less pressure for Mariah and less pressure for the fans. It was a long run, she has kept those records for a long time. I don't personally stress over that anymore. It's going to be more difficult to break the One Sweet Day record though. I don't think Billboard should change her rules now because it is convenient for Mariah, that would be desperation. Mariah had the chance of crafting a decent song, potential #1 with Justin Bieber as popular as ever, yet she did something even worse than "Infinity". So, let’s not hate on other people's success, especially Rihanna's. She hasn't ever thrown any shade at Mariah. Out of all the other acts, I think she's the only one who has always given her credit and shows respect when talking about Mariah.
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Re: DFAU performance (61,769) (61,770) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Monday 2 May 2016; 1:39)
That is freaking awesome. Thanks.
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DFAU performance (61,769) by Marissa from USA
(Monday 2 May 2016; 0:37)
I love way she changed up this note while performing DFAU. Better than the original.
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Re: Rihanna / Calvin Harris song (61,739) (61,768) by George Golden from UK
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 23:19)
Rihanna is desperate but I don't see anything special or legendary about her. Even I think she knows that she is not on Mariah's level. But if she surpasses her it's the media that will run with it and they are going to rub it in Mariah's face.
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ET interviews (61,767) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 20:10)
It's funny how in most Mariah interviews we really don't get any info. Save for some (like the one in which she talked about her music, which I loved). She is always so busy fixing her hair, fixing her boobs, turning away letting her hair cover her face, interrupting the interviewer that we end up getting no info, especially when the interviews are as short as these. Can't Mariah just stand still for a second, give straight answers and let the interviewer finish their questions and then just call it a day? Also, in a simple question like when the interviewer was asking her about how she feels about the kids turning 5, we get a "don't speak, don't speak dahlin'" all the while fixing her hair. Why not a simple "I can't believe how fast my babies are growing up"? Monroe clearly looks up to Mariah and Roc is a mama's boy, so does she want them to be stuck in the "eternally 12" cycle too, where they will be scared of getting old? If Mariah wants people to take her seriously, she needs to take herself seriously first and portray that image to the world. This whole over dramatic diva thing is getting a little too much.
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The Bey-MC collaboraton (61,766) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 19:55)
It was a false account after all. Some really disturbed person must have all the time in the world and also be smart enough to use the name of Diane Martel to fool the lambs. I understood on the second day of following this person on instagram that he/she is certainly messing with us so I un-followed her. They said the release date is May 22nd, which just so happens to be the BBMAs air date. Whoever did this, made it look real but oh well, we are victims of a hoax once again.
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Mariah's World (61,765) by B from USA
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 18:33)
I hope this docuseries focuses on her residency and tour and the recording of a new single and or album.
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Re: On the subject of image / Article: A view from the top (61,761) (61,764) by B from USA
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 18:14)
Beyonce's image is fake. She doesn't even do interviews because she's worried what she says will tarnish her image. This story was obviously written by a Minja fan.
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Calvin Harris techno duet (61,763) by Ty from USA
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 15:38)
Per a new interview he says no Mariah duet has ever happened. Who puts this crap into space and the closet case queen sounded snippy about it? Calvin is a clown.
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Article: Mariah did something she's never done before (61,762) by HerLoverboy from New Zealand
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 13:37)
This is incorrect. She brought them up on the stage during the show in Auckland, New Zealand.
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Re: On the subject of image / Article: A view from the top (61,752) (61,761) by Darren from Indonesia
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 4:25)
I agree. She needs to pay more attention to her image and public perception of her. Beyoncé is very meticulous about her image and gains major respect from the public (being hailed as Queen Bey). To actually be able to dominate the industry again, she needs to be in the public's good side. In 2014 she did get a coverage on her Fresh Air Fund but it got overshadowed by her wearing a ball gown on a subway. The public focused more on her diva antics, which they did not know that it is a joke. The fact that some of the lambs hailed her as the "queen of shade" also brought down public opinion about Mariah. Her shades are funny but the public thought of Mariah being catty and not classy because of them. She would do much better if she showed a more relatable side, like what Adele does (the public absolutely loves her). Self-deprecating, hilarious interviews would do wonders to her image. Some would say that she doesn't need to follow in the footsteps of a less experienced, newer artist but imo if it does good things to her career, why not?
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The wedding (61,760) by Marissa from USA
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 4:04)
I'm really curious as to when and where the wedding is going to be. She has a very tight schedule and has to be back in Vegas by July, so who knows? Also, I don't want to see the wedding in the docu-series. I'd be satisfied with seeing some nice photos, but I feel like someone of her stature showing her whole wedding on TV is so tacky and I would feel like I was intruding too much into her personal life.
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A view from the top (61,759) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 3:09)
The fact that he said her career was over since 2001s Glitter is already a false statement so that nullified the rest of the article. I do believe, along with Andrew, she does need a couple of image changes though. She cannot continue to do hip hop music with current, trending artists. She is 46. She cannot continue to be eternally 12 now that she's walking down the aisle for the third time and has two kids. She cannot continue to produce singles with vocals that she cannot replicate live without a backing track. Other than that, she's sounded and looked more comfortable than she has in years and I hope she gives us an album soon, that is mature and focuses more on music.
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Mariah's popularity with social media (61,758) by Travon..SweetSweetFantasy from USA
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 2:22)
When #Beautiful was selling extremely well, her twitter followers followed the same uptick in gains each day. For instance, she was averaging over 15,000 follower gains/day when Beautiful was released. I check her followers daily about 5-6 days a week on twittercounters website. The last 2 years she has average gains of just over 1000 followers a day. What is amazing to me this year is her popularity is increasing day by day on social media. She was already popular but not as popular as other artist followers. This past month alone Mariah went from an average gain of 1500 followers/day and is now averaging over 3000 new followers/day. These past 2 weeks she has easily received over 4000 new followers. Yesterday she gained an additional 5693 followers. Here is a stat from twittercounter, Mariah Carey will hit 16,237,311 folowers in the next 3 months and 17,062,900 in one year. Fellow lambs, Mariah went from 15.8 million followers in late February to now she has 15,967,118 followers. With her current average, she will hit 16,000,000 followers by next week. Amazing.
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Re: On the subject of image / Article: A view from the top (61,752) (61,757) by M from Asia
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 2:18)
You are right, I couldn't agree more. Respect is earned not given and as how Mariah representing herself in public, I think the ridiculous/harsh write ups and articles will always be there.
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ET Interview with MC take 2 (61,756) by Ardis Logic from Earth
(Sunday 1 May 2016; 0:00)
Check it (part 2).
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Happy birthday Roc and Roe (61,755) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 30 April 2016; 23:36)
Wishing a happy birthday to two of the cutest little kids. I wish dem babies the very best. I hope they are having a special day.
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Beyonce and Mariah duet (61,754) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 30 April 2016; 23:32)
Lol at Beyonce's face when Mariah reaches the top note of that run she is singing.
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Re: Mariah in Durban (61,750) (61,753) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Saturday 30 April 2016; 23:23)
Very happy for you Jenny. At the end of the day, it's about the music and the person and the experience of fun. Perhaps the fans (in general) will lighten up a bit sometime. One day, just like Selena and Prince and Marilyn Monroe, Mariah won't be around to inspire or be able to see at a live show, or to record new music or to impact people in many positive ways.
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On the subject of image / Article: A view from the top (61,752) by Andrew from UK
(Saturday 30 April 2016; 22:03)
As per my previous post, if you treat your image like shite, the press and the public may fall out of love with you, or even begin to dislike you. This article is a throat-ripping, blood curdling attack of Mariah because the journalist doesn't like her. People really do dislike Mariah because of how she conducts herself. And whilst many of the stories are embellished or false, there is no smoke without fire. At the risk of repeating myself, Mariah needs a serious image overhaul. Maybe in the Golden Years instead of acting like an aloof sex-industry worker (bit harsh? okay okay) she could come up with a PR plan to reengage with the public and the press. Charity work, charity concerts, good music, dignified videos, self-deprecating interviews. It may be a great denouement to a significant career. I'm pretty sure there are some fans who could manage Mariah's PR much better than it has been for the past eight years. Perhaps instead of being aloof and counting her dollars and diamonds, get some actual fans to consult with her on the way forward. I know a dashing blond, blue-eyed British guy who could help. But I think she'd probably rather punch me in the [censored].
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Article: A view from the top (61,751) by Billy from Greece
(Saturday 30 April 2016; 6:13)
"Nicki Minaj's recent stint in the country, which witnessed sold-out concerts and throngs of devotees desperate to catch a glimpse of their Harajuka Barbie." I'm really curious whether Miss Minaj will be able to have a sold-out concert on the 26th year of her career (or a concert, or even a career). So should the writer of this thing called article.
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Mariah in Durban (61,750) by Jenny from South Africa
(Saturday 30 April 2016; 2:00)
I went to her concert tonight and her voice sounded so strong and clear. YouTube videos do not do her justice. She was amazing. Seeing her perform live and so close was a dream come true.
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Article: A view from the top (61,749) by Robin Elkins from United States
(Saturday 30 April 2016; 0:16)
How rude can someone be really jerk.
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Re: Rihanna / Calvin Harris song (61,746) (61,748) by Luke from United Kingdom
(Friday 29 April 2016; 22:59)
I agree. Or at least make a separate charting category for songs with features. She might get more than Mariah but having more number 1's made of just your own songs with only you singing is more honourable.
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