B, Lamb O Chop (55,059) by Mandy Monroe from United States

B, the feud was not "fake" what so ever. The grudge is real. Mariah continuously threw shade to Nicki even after Idol. Nicki even slammed Mariah on Twitter. Yes the leaked video of them was definitely "orchestrated" but the two truly did not get long on or off cam. Jesus would have loved if Mariah and Nicki forgave each other, motivated and pushed each other to become better judges, harmonized personalities, became a great team, and showed sisterly love on TV, but no she let hate and pride take over. They almost never glanced on each other at the live shows. The devil got Nick and let temptation took over him, ultimately plotting to ruin their union. She also threw some shade on the WMA to Ariana. But I am grateful that she is moving on. I wish her well. Lamb O Chop, there's a difference between judging and telling the truth. I am aware that Mariah is a good person. A beautiful soul, that's been bruised. Sadly. Her action shows she's hurt. She usually get back with her enemies through a diss. This is why I said it's the "devil". Not her. The Lord wants you to really love the unloveable. Maybe Mariah has just been truly hurt before so she has a hard time forgiving people. I know inside she wants to love everybody and I know she prays for her enemies, just sometimes the action doesn't match what she says. But yes, do pray for her. God bless you. I am just happy she is moving on. Prayers work to keep going.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 15:57)

Mandy (55,057) by B from USA

Put the pipe down. Mariah is being tempted by the devil because she had a fake producer orchestrated feud with a rapper and Nick possibly cheated on her? She didn't shade Arianna but she didn't praise her either. She simply said if this is the path she choose I wish her longevity or something like that. J.Lo deserved the shade, she isn't some idiot that was clueless to what Tommy was up to. Packer not rushing to Mariah's side when she almost fell is a stupid reason to question whether or not he's good enough for Mariah. Mariah appears happy and healthy and I'm happy for her. I'm not even going to bother discussing JD.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 15:14)

Move on (55,056) by Darryle from USA

Mariah tripped down a couple of stairs and then corrected herself. It's not that deep. Quit looking for reasons to turn James into some evil man just because you don't think Mariah should date him.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 13:26)

Mariah influences on All That (55,055) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

I know I and RJ112 have praised this song here before, but I brought it up again because I recently read a review of Carly Rae Jepsen's new outing Emotion (which is fantastic and is what Taylor's 1989 would have sounded if it stayed truer to its 80's influences, was more fun, and was less personal). The reviewer described All That as something that Mariah could have sung back in the day. At first, I though it was quite a weird statement, as I was only reminded of Prince and Janet when I first heard it. However, a few repeated listens later, I found myself sort of agreeing with the reviewer. Although I find the lyrics to be a bit too simple, I feel like the double voice technique that Carly uses in the choruses and her ad libs towards the end somehow sound like something Mariah would do had it been her song. Check it out and see if you hear what I hear.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 12:10)

We still need each other when we stumble and fall (55,053) by Bill from UK

How apt. I think though everybody is over analysing this picture. She stumbled, and got caught by the person who was employed to do just that. End of. Move on.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 9:48)

Re: Giovanni from USA (55,052) by MimiLamb from Germany

Please enlighten me as to how I sound ridiculous. Were you or any of us there? Did we see any video footage of this stumble? No, the only thing we see are a few pics. This happened in seconds, he was already on the boat sitting down, maybe he did jump up a little later do you know? Just because we see some pics doesn't mean we seen it all. I don't need you to agree with me at all on this, it's just not that deep. Next.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 7:32)

Mandy Monroe (55,051) by Darren S from Your Heart

Thanks for pointing out. That could be true because the devil is always after everyone so that all will burn in hell with him. Probably this visit to Israel will help MC since it's like The Holy Land.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 5:02)

Mandy Monroe (55,050) by Lamb_O_Chop from Australia

Wow you're totally judging her. We all go through ups and downs in life. It doesn't mean that we're a bad person or we were necesarily in the wrong in every bad situation in our life. I'm sure we can all make a parallel chart of deathly sins in our lives as well, so who are we to throw stones? I do agree about prayer (I actually do pray for her). She's far from perfect but she is not as horrible as people try to make her out to be. She's human and she definitely seem to be in a better place now. They're some truly wicked people in this world that are currently prospering, I won't say any names though.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 3:35)

Mariah and her happiness / JD (55,049) by Licia from USA

In the beginning of their relationship Mariah was very happy with Nick. Stop saying that she was never that happy before Packer because you know that's not true. I would say the first few years they were both over the moon in love with each other. Most of you are only gauging her happiness by his richness and not the type of man he may be. I feel like JD got attacked unfairly by the lambs. They just wanted somebody to blame. They blamed JD. They blamed the record company. They never saw that Mariah might have played a huge part in all this mess. In my opinion everybody slacked up in the MIAM era. From Mariah to the record company. Mariah herself said she gave push back to the guy over how the Vegas show should be. So if she tried to battle this guy, I'm sure she tried it with JD as well. I feel Mariah is so afraid of going back to the artist who has no say so in her career that she refuses to loosen the reigns and allow people to do their job.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 2:43)

Lee (55,048) by Giovanni from USA

There's nothing funny about anyone stumbling.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 2:07)

Re: Dupri (55,047) by Ardis Logic from Earth

So he says Mariah does what she wants, and doesn't give the fans what they want. On one hand I think that as an artist you have to do what you do, without input from others. You feel creative, and it comes out naturally. Mariah is one of the few people out there who actually writes most of her own songs, this gives her a signature sound. I have noticed that many of her fans like the "classic" Mariah better than the Mariah of today. Well guess what? That "classic" MC era was very much tainted by dictatorship. She still got to write her own music and things of that nature, but she wasn't totally free to be herself. Plus she was very much still a teenager, being manipulated to do what others wanted. So I can understand why now she wants to do what she wants. On the other hand, it would be nice if she would at least take into consideration what the fans want, and in some ways I know she does. What is up with Dupri talking about Mariah all the time anyway? Seems like he is just using her name trying to get attention. Get over it already dude.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 2:00)

Speak Jermaine (55,046) by Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan from USA

I still detect no lies in his assessments of Mariah Carey. I'm waiting for the "true" lambs to rush in and crucify Jermaine and defend St. Mariah and tell us how we should worship her as a flawless goddess.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 1:48)

Jermaine is no "yes" man (55,045) by RJJ12 from USA

She really didn't listen to him when he was her manager and let him get hanged by the lambs on twitter. "One thing people need to pay attention is the fact that I am a producer. One day I had a session with Aretha Franklin and I wasn’t saying anything because it’s Aretha Franklin. Then, she got on the mic and said 'What are you doing here if you’re not going to tell me what to do?' From that day forth, I knew what my job was. My job is to say to these artists that I work with when I see a problem or when I feel there is a problem. I am the person that is supposed to speak up and say it. The crazy thing is that the fans - although they backfired on me about Mariah - they know that I’m the person that’s going to say it to the artist. That’s what I do. If the artist is taking a left turn, I’m the person in the room who’s going to say 'The fans are saying we need to do this, let’s do this.' Me and the artists we argue and we go back and forth. But this was not an argument between me and Mariah. And it was no shade to Mariah. Somebody asked me a question about why the press are always saying something bad about her. And I just said, sometimes I think she doesn’t pay attention to 'that' enough. I wasn’t saying that she doesn’t take her career serious enough. I won’t say that. I think she doesn’t pay attention to the fact people are always saying something about her, so you have to go above and beyond to make sure it doesn’t happen."
(Friday 3 July 2015; 1:06)

Packer fall (55,044) by Lee TS from USA

Let's take a look at this pic. Lambs chill. Look at the dude in front of Packer, he manages to move his arm. And the guy behind Mariah wearing the crocks, he only took about two steps down the stairs. I think her tripping happened in a matter of nano-seconds. Only because she didn't actually fall I find it kinda funny of her stumbling. The wind action in her hair is awesome haha. At least she looks good doing it.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 1:04)

Jermaine Dupree new interview (55,043) by Ty from USA

Jermaine gave an interview Sunday where he claims Mariah's issue is she does not pay attention to what her fans want from her and that's why her sales have dropped, they want [...] vocals and she's comfortable giving only what she wants. Interesting.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 0:48)

The devil (55,042) by Mandy Monroe from United States

Am I the only who see how the devil ruined Mariah Carey's life? Wrath, envy, pride (all involved in Nicki Minaj's feud), greed ($18 Million), sloth (countless lip syncing), lust (Nick possibly cheating, naming women he smashed, which also was the start of the downfall, Nick even said it, "if our marriage didn't work out, it's solely your fault"). The devil knows Mariah knows the Lord, and is the most influential artist of all time, she isn't afraid to include Jesus is her music either. So he tried to take Mariah down. He's out there making her give doubts towards Nick (he is also after Nick, I am positive he cheated) making her hold grudges towards other artists (Nicki, Ariana). I actually am kind of disappointed with Mariah's action since Obsessed, great artists do not diss other artists. As a Christian, she should be well aware that hate is not the answer. What ever happened to "love your enemies" (I wish you well). She still doing it with "Infinity" dissing Nick. I honestly think it's too soon to be dating either. She's clearly on revenge. She's full of loathe. It's saddening to see a marriage with great foundation fall apart. The devil has pretty much killed her career too (lip syncing caught, low sales, Infinity flopping). All the unrighteous she did, return right back. May I ask all lambs to pray for Mariah? Please. For her to be saved and get things together. Pray for success, protection, happiness and salvation. Include Nick and the kids as well. Thank you.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 0:37)

Apollo / Randy / lamb o chop (55,041) by Tevin from USA

Apollo Theater 1990, [...]. The year Mariah brought black people to there [sic] feet. Now can I get an amen? Lol.
(Friday 3 July 2015; 0:05)

Out on a limb (55,040) by Lamb_O_Chop from Australia

Now didn't Nicholas Scott Cannon dive head first to save Mariah from a fatal fall? Hmmm I don't know about this Packer guy. Mariah jump ship now girl (exclamation point). Nah, but seriously giving him the benefit of a doubt perhaps it wasn't as long and dramatic as the pictures made it look (probably a few secs), she did have a million body guards helping her down the stairs already (so was probably like "they got her she's good"), and it looked like he was already sitting in a boat which could've resulted in a even more clumsy moment for the photags. So I'll let him make it this time, but I'm watching you Packer, no more slip ups.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 23:31)

Mimilamb (55,039) by Giovanni from USA

Oh please you sound ridiculous. It doesn't matter if he wasn't in reach the moment of the fall. He could have at least stood up to show he was concerned. Any person would.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 21:32)

Really (55,038) by Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan from USA

This message board desperately needs Mariah to return to work. The discussions here have devolved into something from the back section of a tabloid-randomness. We need to be able to discuss her work. Her personal life brings out many weird views and biases from many of you all.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 20:49)

Mariah with Nick (55,037) by Mimi L. from

I am not a fan of Cannon and I am glad Mariah has moved on but it's not true that she was not this happy with Nick. Infact right uptil 2013 Mariah and Nick looked extremely happy with Mariah getting all teary eyed and happy discussing how much she loves and appreciates Nick and getting uber excited when Nick would surprise her by calling in to her appearance. She would also call into his show and pull pranks. I actually haven't seen Mariah smile as much as she did when she was around Nick. That was the only reason I learned to tolerate Nick. Mariah was like a giddy teenager in love and Nick seemed to feel the same. What happened since 2013 is another story. Anyways also about Packer I also don't get why he is being attacked. I still don't know much about the guy, but from the photos, to me it looks like Mariah is just being careful coming down the stairs and the angle of the photo makes it look like she is tumbling over. It doesn't really look like she is falling. We can't really tell from the picture.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 19:58)

Slipping, sliding (55,036) by MimiLamb from Germany

Why do some jump on James back about Mariah almost falling? We saw some pics not a video, you guys do realise that something like this happens in seconds not minutes right? He couldn't have catched her even if he tried unless he is superman of course lol. But in all honesty it's not like all our better halves aka partners are perfect in everything they do in our relationship Are there pics where we can see his face and his expression the minute this happened? I only see his back so I don't know if he may have a shocked expression on his face. Either way this is hardly a reason to write him off.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 19:04)

Has the woman in black era ended? (55,033) by Amber C from USA

Since Mariah married Nick she has been wearing black all the time. It started during the E=MC2 era. But suddenly she's back to color, vibrant color. What's up with that? I think this man is needy and depressed. I have a feeling this relationship makes Mariah grateful because she has met someone more moody and sensitive than she is. Where as with Nick Mariah seemed to be the receiver of attention with this relationship Mariah seems to be the giver of affection. And it seems as though she loves giving attention and wearing her cleavage out and what not. This dude liked her since mid 2013 when he was seeing one of these models and while her and Nick where together and he was still insisting on meeting her (or before that). During the Hercules premier he was there with Brett who was there with Mariah. Hmmm. Not once have I seen Mariah this happy with Nick. Ever. This sort of happiness looks like Beyoncé and Jay Z's relationship. . I don't know if that's a good thing.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 18:13)

25 things you don't know about me (55,032) by B from USA

Wow, I knew every one of those facts. We don't know that Mariah hasn't been rehearsing. She doesn't have to be in Vegas to rehearse. She could be rehearsing on that yacht.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 17:45)

Don't be worried (55,031) by DV from US

So many lambs on twitter and here seem worried about Mariah's voice and her being on "vacation" and not getting ready for Vegas and nobody actually knows what she is exactly doing besides swimming and resting on a boat and I'm sure she is taking care of herself and her voice and their [sic] shouldn't be any worries and I think it's a little too extreme and it's not like she's in photos partying with drinks in every photo.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 17:10)

Rehearsals (55,030) by Mimi L. from

The BMA performance was a one-off performance with a 2 song medley lasting a total of under 5 minutes. The Vegas shows consist of a 19 song roller coaster ride with some of Mariah's most difficult songs off her catalogue. These two are definitely not of the same league. Mariah did go to the BBMA rehearsals a day before the main awards, she just skipped the rehearsals held hours before the BBMA awards, which isn't surprising as many of the big performers skip the rehearsals plus she must have been well prepped for Infinity and VOL because she has been singing them continuously in her shows. I don't doubt Mariah's capability, I just hope she gets some rehearsal done that's all, because even she admits her voice is very sensitive and climate along with traveling does affect the voice.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 16:47)

Chivalry is dead (55,029) by Ardis Logic from Earth

The world has been watching MC and Packer very closely. So close, that they noticed when MC almost feel down the stairs that he did nothing to try and help her. Yes, he does have those other guys there that did help her. I would guess that they work for him, so he feels that there is nothing he could do to help, so he just stayed put, but you would think he would at the very least jump to his feet and act a little more concerned for someone who he claims to have to much love for. It seems a little odd. That's the thing about wearing shoes like that. If you can't walk on your own without assistance, then why wear them at all? Seems a little ridiculous to me that some women feel they have to wear those kinds of shoes to be stylish. Some really cute sandals would have been much more appropriate and safer.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 15:05)

Rehearsal concerns (55,028) by Ardis Logic from Earth

Why are so many of you so worried about Mariah getting back to Vegas? She is very professional, she knows what she is doing. It's really good to see her enjoying herself for a change and smiling a lot more that I have seen in the past few years. Remember when she skipped the BMA rehearsal? It turned out that she did a great job. I'm sure after the holiday weekend she will be heading back to prepare for her show on July 8th. So try not to worry so much. MC knows what time it is.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 14:53)

25 things you didn't know about Mariah (55,027) by Pablo from Spain

I only knew 14 of the 25 things in this US Weekly article. What about everyone else?
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 14:04)

The thing about legends is (55,026) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

That no matter how their popularity has waned or their image has been tainted, their musical output still speak for themselves. Look at Janet, Madonna and Mariah. Their music still stands head and shoulders above the efforts of even their deemed successors. Ciara will never escape Janet's shadow. Britney (who herself has a good ear for what sounds now and next) still can't beat Madonna at her game. And all of those who were ever dubbed "the next Mariah" have either given up, slowed down or only achieved fleeting success. That's what makes a legend. Not even ever-changing trends can stop their influences from seeping through, leaking out and blowing open.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 10:19)

Nick and his excessive work habits / Giselle (55,025) by Licia from USA

People always like to bring up how Nick was always working and I fail to see why that's a problem. Fans bashed him because they thought he was after her money. Now they bash him because he didn't want to be a house husband. My grandmother always said that if a man doesn't work, he doesn't eat. A man is supposed to work. Doesn't matter if his wife is rich. He's supposed to be able to hold his own. I agree he didn't have to take every gig that was thrown his way, but I believe he worked so much because he was trying to prove that he could be a provider for his family (as he should) and not continue to be called Mr. Carey. Also don't get it twisted about this Packer guy. Yes he may be spoiling her and giving all his attention at the moment, but he's still going to have to get up off that yacht to work to keep those billions. Ms. Giselle I am a little ticked he didn't get up and rush to help keep her from falling. Billionaire or not, if you see me falling you better run to help me.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 10:10)

Rehearse (55,024) by Darren S from Your Heart

MC needs to rehearse, pronto. I don't want all the damage repair go down the drain just because of one bad night. And definitely not because Mariah doesn't prepare well. Her voice is fragile and the climate has a lot of effect on her voice. She needs to adapt back to Vegas' climate and rehearse her voice. I really don't wanna experience the Rockefeller incident again. Btw that's very un-gentleman of JP to just watch while Mariah stumbled. I hope Mariah wouldn't rush to marry him. I don't want her to cloud her judgment with love or money.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 10:05)

enwar00 / Mariah's personal life (55,023) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

You're not the only one. I'm kinda squeamish giving my two cents about her personal life simply because as much as I care about Mariah, I realize that everyone already does that for me, and I believe that the less I comment, then at least that's one less person whose thoughts are most likely gonna get lost in an ocean of different opinions anyway. As long as she is enjoying herself, I'm happy for her and it's best to just leave it at that and let her be. Now if we're talking new music or career ventures, that's a different story.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 9:04)

Hmmm (55,022) by Ms. Giselle from U.S.A

Very, very interesting. In other news, oh Mimi, he just sat there while you almost fell and he smoked a cigg. Those outfits and why the Phantom? Jesus, I'm praying.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 6:39)

Licia (55,021) by Mimi L. from

Yes to all of that plus additionally she has been traveling to a lot of different countries with differences in climate and she has been in and out of the water a lot. Plus she is basically living on a yacht. All these combined has a possibility of affecting her voice, the fact that her voice is super sensitive and fragile makes her more prone to these. I hope she goes back to Vegas now, which has it's own climate related problems and start getting used to it again. These shows are important for her. Last time she managed to start the show with a lot of good publicity and end on a high note. She needs to do that again because in this media world, people will throw all positive press out of the window if your current performance is not up to the mark.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 5:18)

Mariah's happiness / future box set (55,020) by Robert-Anthony from United States

It seems that James Packer is spending time with Mariah and taking her places like she wanted Nick to do. But Nick was always working trying to get the next gig. She said in "Faded": "You are always somewhere and but not there me." James Packer does not have to work. I am sure he will be with her every night in Las Vegas. To change the subject. When are we going to get a box set from Mariah? It is long overdue. I am anxious to here [sic] songs that never made onto her albums or previously unreleased songs. I especially want to hear Reaching For The Sky, Kick Rocks, original Loverboy sample that JLo stole, production from the Runners, the Underdogs, DJ Clue, Angels Advocate songs, and Weakness Of The Body. What other songs and production do you want hear as well? Did I miss any songs? I think the box set will set sales records.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 3:18)

James (55,019) by Butterfly from

James gives me bad vibes. Something about him worries me. Am I the only one?
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 2:16)

When you believe (55,018) by Lee TS from USA

So I was listening to the song and hearing Whitney's voice just breaks all hearts from her passing and everything that's happening to her family since. I just hope Mariah is still somewhat grounded on earth and her head is not in the clouds. I can't even begin to imagine what her world is like, the endless adoration and things happening by the snap of a finger. Just for laughs I imagine her feet is always lifted and her ice tea is always chilled. But like if you look at MJ, it's like they're not bounded by laws and the normal human experience. I don't even know what I'm saying. I guess I just don't want her disconnected from reality and Dembabies can grow up somewhat unaffected. If you look at Paris or Bobbi Kristina, it's heartbreaking. One thing I can agree with Nick is Dembabies putting education first and if they want to sing, to do it in a school play. Become a scholar or to get a PhD. Mariah Carey is too big of a name to follow.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 2:02)

Mimi L / Las Vegas (55,017) by Licia from USA

Mimi that's what I have been worried about. With her vacation and the 4th of July holiday, how is she going to rehearse? Yes she deserves a vacation, but let's be real 2015 voice can't bounce back like 1990 voice could. Yes she was able to rehearse a week before the start of the first shows and she sounded great, but with her voice being so inconsistent at times she may not get the same results with these July shows. Everybody is oohing and ahhing over this good press she's been getting about her love life, but what good is this going to do if she doesn't sound her best for her shows? I'm sorry I'd rather her get the good press on her shows than on her love life. If these shows were free I wouldn't care what she does, but people are paying to see her at her best.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 1:30)

It really gets on my last nerve (55,016) by Edward from USA

It really gets on my last nerve when some [censored] demand that biracial or multiracial people pick a side. All of a sudden, and according to some racist [censored] of past and present, the outcome of white mixed with any other race turns out to be whatever the other race is. Well, if you're mixed, you are [censored] mixed, period. If you're white, you're white, if you're black, you're black. Get over it. It's like we have to be in the "pick a race" game to be accepted. Well, Mariah Carey is a mixture of races, why should she pick one to satisfy any demography? The one drop rule is ridiculous at best. At the end of the day even if she picked one, people would based her race on how she looks on the outside. Christina Aguilera is white and latina (a mixture of races), yet nobody ever refers to her as black, maybe latina, but she's considered to be white. Had Mariah looked like Hale Berry or Alicia Keys, life would've been easier for her, but her skin is white, while her racial make up is a different stuff. Mariah Carey is neither black nor white 100%, so why should she be forced to pick a side. Why should she deny her mother or father just to please some stupid people? Are we still dealing with this nonsense in 2015? Mariah Carey is a person, period, a beautiful one as she is. A beautiful mixture of many races, and they can't take that away from her.
(Thursday 2 July 2015; 1:21)

Some beau (55,015) by BLEUX ROGUE from U. S. A.

Funny how in the picture, were she's falling, you see Packard just chilling watching it all happen without even a slight bit of concern. And another thing MC, get your a** back to LV and rehearsals. You should've been there weeks ago instead of vacationing so long. Get to work girl, like the rest of us.
(Wednesday 1 July 2015; 23:33)

The anti-Mariah agenda (55,014) by Baby from The Land of Milk & Honey

Look who's still trying to make Fetch happen by perpetuating the urban legend that Mariah downplayed her racial makeup in the beginning when in fact her story has been consistent from day 1? She was never anyone's Judas. Mariah's looks make racist people subconsciously very uncomfortable because it becomes so obvious that dividing the human race up in skin tones, hair textures and assigning +/- characteristics to them is a fools errand. She is proof that race is a figment, an "idea" (not the best one) rather than a reality. I know a family, Nordic, with three sisters and a brother. The oldest has big red curly hair, the brother is dark blonde with waves, the middle sister has black curly hair and the youngest is a high blonde with bone straight hair. If you wanted to, depending on seasons, you could assign them all to different races (whatever that means) or you could just accept the fact that they belong to the same family, which is the actual truth. But the anti Mariah agenda thrives on the idea of her being a foreign "other" because it preys on the minds of the weak and easily fooled too dumb to take the time to Google or YouTube Mariah Carey 1990 or any year. That's why they fail to mention broadcaster by name, link to written interviews or videos whenever they claim Mariah said or did something they have zero proof of. Being all vague for no reason, in this day and age when almost anything can be found on the internet, is your #1 clue that you're dealing with a liar.
(Wednesday 1 July 2015; 23:17)

Black / white / bi-racial (55,013) by MimiLamb from Germany

I don't really get why this is a topic all of a sudden. I remember an interview she had with Oprah and I'm sure the most of you know which interview I'm talking about, two things she mentioned that stood out for me and I will leave it at that: "We should be aloud [sic] to be who we are, not just mixed people not just black people, white, Asian, Hispanic whatever you are", "lets be accepted for ourselves as people rather then so much focus on what color you are".
(Wednesday 1 July 2015; 21:49)

Mimi L. (55,012) by Giovanni from USA

She does look gorgeous in that pic. She looks confident and comfortable in her skin. And I love the kinky, wavy hair look. I would say that that pic screams "hot mama" lol. She even looks a little slimmer.
(Wednesday 1 July 2015; 21:40)

Mariah: blackish the urban legend (55,011) by Lamb_O_Chop from Australia

Mariah has never tried to deny or hide being part black. From the very beginning of her career she has always broken down what she was. Proof here. Now I do believe that the record label (ie Tommy Mottola) wanted to market her as white (or racially ambiguous) to make her more "marketable" or more of a "novelty", which is probably why he didn't allow her to do interviews at the very beginning of her career. She kind of hinted at that in Glitter when the guy said "is she white, is she black, who cares she's exotic" (I'm paraphrasing). As far as not receiving the same amount of respect from the black community (as her black peers), I believe the urban legend of her "not wanting to tell people she was black" made only a small percentage of blacks write her off. For the most part she is respected and regarded by the black community as a whole. Randy if you don't think Mariah has ever brought a black audience to their feet watch her performance of VOL at the Apollo Theater. Mariah took that audience to church with her runs, belt, and whistle note.
(Wednesday 1 July 2015; 20:59)

Ain't none of my business, it's tea though (55,010) by MimiLamb from Germany

In all honesty it is none of our business who Mariah is with really. Who she is with, what she is wearing and how she is preparing (Vegas) is up to her, when she resumes Vegas we will know, one thing I do know is the lack of faith but also how fast people believe what the media writes (new marriage to Packer). When there is a reason to worry then we should worry instead of already making up worst case scenario's before anything happened, it is out of our control either way. I rather focus on my own life something I do have control over
(Wednesday 1 July 2015; 20:30)

Being "black enough" for more recognition (55,009) by Marissa from USA

Despite Mariah being part black, in the early years she wasn't marketed to black people. Her team tried to solidify her image as the racially ambiguous girl that appeals to everyone. Generally speaking, that doesn't fly with black people. If you are not marketed as an R&B or hip hop artist, you will not be a fan favorite. Her music had plenty of R&B influences but she was marketed as a pop star for years. I don't think you have to be a particular shade of brown for black people to support you. With the black community, it's about loyalty to "black" sounds (R&B, soul, hip-hip). I also agree that the fact that Mariah doesn't dance or have the Whitney-level stage presence put even more odds against her in terms of being a black fan favorite. Whether it's in church with the pastor stomping and shouting or a concert where the artist is kicking off their shoes, we like theatrics and that's not Mariah's speciality. I still love her despite it all though.
(Wednesday 1 July 2015; 20:22)

Vegas (55,008) by Mimi L. from

I am happy Mariah is getting her vacation and all but isn't her Vegas shows starting up in a week? When does she plan to rehearse? She left the last show on such a high note, I wouldn't want her to give an unsatisfactory performance for the first few shows.
(Wednesday 1 July 2015; 19:37)

Gorgeous (55,007) by Mimi L. from

So Mariah is finally giving us what we have been wanting (fashion wise). She looks gorgeous in the monokini picture. Very beach-ready/rich ocean babe (is that a thing?).
(Wednesday 1 July 2015; 19:35)

Marriage (55,006) by Leigh from USA

I would be seriously concerned if the media reports are all true. On the other hand it really is none of my business. When looking into who and what James Packer is and the behavior he has engaged in over the past couple of years, though, as a fan of MC, the reports do not portray him as the most consistent, stable man in the world, Australia or even Sydney for that matter. He seems to be easily persuaded when it comes to changing his religious beliefs. His true net worth has decreased by approximately 3 billion dollars in the past 4 years (holy cow, that's a lot of poor investment choices). His fellow countrymen and women are not very fond of what is seen as using his money to get what he wants. He inherited all of his money that was made by his father and grandfather in the media field and has moved almost completely away from those investments into those that are less stable (casinos and gambling establishments which account for huge losses when those investments have not panned out). And he was caught fighting in his neighborhood with the Nine Network's chief executive, David Gyngell, at Bondi beach for reasons that are reported as mixed. For someone who is reportedly very private, it is not difficult to find a lot of not so favorable information on Mr. Packer So yes I am definitely concerned about who this person is and how quickly this relationship may be moving.
(Wednesday 1 July 2015; 17:43)
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Friday 3 July 2015
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Mariah Carey squeezes into boob-baring black dress
She's known for her curves and Mariah Carey had everything on display as she headed to a party with her new billionaire beau James Packer in Spain last night. The superstar squeezed her best assets into an incredibly tight black dress for the outing.
(Friday 3 July 2015)
Mariah Carey: I swim in evening gowns
Mariah Carey swims in high heels and evening gowns. The We Belong Together singer is known for her constantly glamorous attire and perfectly coiffed locks. And the star admits she doesn't dress down at any time - even when she fancies a dip.
(Thursday 2 July 2015)
Mariah takes her boobs and billionaire beau to Spain
Mariah Carey and her new billionaire beau have brought their romance ashore. The latest stop on Carey and James Packers romantic yacht-fueld jaunt around Europe was gorgeous Formentera, Spain, where they were photographed on the beach.
(Wednesday 1 July 2015)

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