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Re: New look (59,650) (59,653) by Marissa from USA
(Sunday 7 February 2016; 2:36)
The main image revamp that I want from MC is for her to start wearing color on the red carpet. Everything is black unless she's performing or on the beach. It's boring and unnecessary since she's lost the weight. Isn't this the same woman who always complained about being forced to wear black during her entire early career? I'm indifferent to nearly everything she wears because the outfits are forgettable. I'm rooting for her wearing something like the new gold dress she's wearing in Vegas on the red carpet.
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Make it look good (59,652) by Giovanni from USA
(Sunday 7 February 2016; 1:13)
This song doesn't get the credit it deserves. It should have been a single. It's just too good. And Mariah's voice sounds spectacular.
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John Legend (59,651) by Giovanni from USA
(Sunday 7 February 2016; 1:07)
I wish Mariah would do a song with John Legend for her next album. Their voices blend so well together. I'm so in love with their "With you I'm born again" cover performance they did for "Save the music" back in '05. I always thought Mariah should have recorded a studio version and had put on an album.
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New look (59,650) by Giovanni from USA
(Sunday 7 February 2016; 0:55)
I know I'm not the only who would like a new look from Mariah. The same tired blonde hair should go. I think going back to the brunette color would be refreshing. Mariah looks so much more beautiful with her natural hair color.
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Re: New wig (59,645) (59,649) by Giovanni from USA
(Sunday 7 February 2016; 0:51)
You're right. It gave me "Divas live" tease.
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A binkie? (59,648) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 7 February 2016; 0:38)
Question: how do we all know it's a pacifier? I thought it was a ring pop. Mariah loves those and their bottoms are green. They have a ring on the bottom so you can wear it like a ring. I can't conclusively see what's in his mouth. He's far away and it's poor resolution.
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Re: The articles to be let go (59,640) (59,647) by B from USA
(Sunday 7 February 2016; 0:31)
Evidently your words were merely lies
Reverberating in my ears
And the echo won't subside
There's a deep deep loss of hope
And the anger burns in me
I hope you don't get no ideas 'bout re-uniting baby
'Cause that's the last thing I truly need
Your audacity is too much to be believed, so
Go to MiMi on your contacts, press delete
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Re: MC sings with the interviewer (59,642) (59,646) by Bill from UK
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 21:13)
MC was smiling when she was singing, laughed afterwards, and was graceful about being put on the spot. Andrew, baby it's all in your mind. Just enjoy the moments of festivity, life's way too short.
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New wig (59,645) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 21:09)
Lord yes. This new wig is so much better than the old one which was really bad. This looks closer to her real hair and this dress is also better than the previous opening number.
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Re: Wendy Williams (59,644) by Lee TS from USA
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 20:42)
No you got it right. I believe Wendy ate crow when Kimye got married and made it past the 70 something days of her previous marriage. But of course she goes on to say that doesn't mean they're happy together. So even if Mariah makes it down the aisle, Wendy will be ready with something shady to say. I don't know, maybe like her sister and brother weren't invited creating family drama.
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Re: Jermaine (59,625) (59,643) by May from Denmark
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 19:35)
Haha yes Mimi, I completely forgot the time he was being called a leech. Then again, to me, it didn't feel like he was doing much effort with the promotion of the album and such. In the interviews for MIAM he sounded so lazy and gone, I don't think he has the "manager spark", that thing that makes managers sell their product. He is great doing music but definitely wasn't good in the whole promotion area and getting Mariah good gigs and appearances. Most were radio interviews that are only heard in the US, there wasn't much of an international perspective from him. I guess then all just simply rolled and died with addition of her divorce and moving home with the kids. Guess no one had the energy to even bother to do anything anymore. The end of last year is a great contrast with all that it happened through the 2014.
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Re: MC sings with the interviewer (59,612) (59,642) by May from Denmark
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 19:30)
I do agree Andrew that he did somewhat force it, the whole situation seemed contrived, perhaps he thought there was no other way to make Mariah sing, he obviously didn't discuss this previously with her manager/publicist or Mariah herself, and I don't believe she looked horrified, she looked surprised because it was clear she wasn't expecting it. I'm usually very objective, I love unicorns but I know they don't exist. I just simply don't think Mariah is a stuck up b*tch.
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Article: Will Mariah have a statue of herself at her wedding? (59,641) by B from USA
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 18:50)
A circus themed wedding? This engagement has the bloggers and journalists working overtime quoting inside sources.
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The articles to be let go (59,640) by Andrew from UK
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 18:48)
Dear Mimi L, the stiffness is part of what makes it awkward. Compare MC doing the same thing with Andi Peters during the Rainbow promotion, singing AYNAF over the closing credits (I think it was oZone). Massive difference. She was happy, cheerful, fun. This looked reluctant, awkward, uncomfortable. But then Andi Peters was black, wasn't he? Oh, cheer up, everyone. But I don't get some people here. They kick off about the smallest thing, and things which are purposely reconstructed to fit their righteous indignation. But a racist article about Mariah's fiancé and now an absurd article about her son wearing a pacifier both go unnoticed. I don't agree with any children being used as promotional tools. Before Rene Angelil's funeral I could not have picked Rene-Charles out of a line up. But this article seems to actually pick on Mariah's kid and his development. This isn't journalism. He will no doubt read that when he's older. And as daft as I think Mariah J.Lo'ing her life and public persona with seemingly silly marriages is (you asked me last week to clarify the intent behind a (rather wine- and emotion-fuelled) comment, so there it is), Packer hasn't really done anything wrong. He supports her and always has great big, fat smile on his face. The article is genuinely wrong and people online really ought to have sided with him more vehemently. Mimi L., I love how you love Mariah and the respectful, thoughtful ways you approach it. So I send you much love.
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Should Mariah "ban the binkies"? (59,639) by Ardis Logic from Earth
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 18:26)
This article just came out, about one of the latest pics that MC posted on her social media. This is the photo in question. If you look closely, you can see what appears to be a green pacifier in Rocky's mouth. The article says that once this picture was posted, many fans started saying how Dem kids are too old to still be using binkies. If you ask the "experts" they say children who use pacifiers are almost twice as likely to get multiple ear infections as children who don’t. After the 2-year mark, problems can start. Your baby's top or bottom front teeth may slant or tilt, and the problem can worsen as time goes on. Pacifier use after age 4, which is when permanent teeth start to come in, can have major long-lasting effects on adult teeth. What do you guys think? I say it's time to "ban the binkies".
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Mariah Las Vegas (59,638) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 17:40)
Hey guys. I wanted to ask if there is anybody on this board who has been to see Mariah in Las Vegas this year (2016)? I am interested to see if there is any additional merchandise at the store or have they changed the couple items that had 2015 to 2016?
I bought everything when I was there last summer and will be returning next week before flying back home to the UK ready for the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour in Manchester and Leeds. Have fun guys.
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Master Class (59,637) by B from USA
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 17:18)
I think Mariah's career and life deserves a play like Master Class. Master Class is about Maria Callas holding a voice master class during which she retreats into recollections about the glories of her own life and career, culminating in a monologue about sacrifice taken for art.
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Iorony (59,636) by B from USA
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 13:51)
JD has a talent show about managers. How ironic is that?
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Sigala - Say You Do (official audio) ft. Imani, DJ (59,635) by Martyn from England, UK
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 12:44)
Yes, it does. It samples Always Be My Baby, I'm surprised more people haven't spoken about it on the board. I posted it a few weeks ago but nobody seemed to care ha. It's my jam, I love it. It's very European though, not sure it'd be enjoyed in America.
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Re: Toni Braxton (59,623) / "A Christmas Melody" (59,634) by Billy from Greece
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 11:33)
Hey RJJ12. I did see the movie yesterday (thanks for the link) but I can't say I enjoyed it. It was (expectedly) full of showbiz cliches, but I agree with everything you said about the film being a vehicle for Toni to tell her own side of the story. The acting was pretty cringe-worthy too in my opinion, and as another person on the board here said, the girl who played Toni could not lip to save her life. That being said, I have been rediscovering Toni's catalog the past couple of weeks. Apart from "Secrets" which is a total classic from top to bottom, her recent duets album with Babyface is also amazing. Finally, speaking of cringe-worthy movies, and even though they are not really comparable, I can't see how the Toni biopic is any better than "Christmas Melody". I watched it after I had read all the comments about it being "Gliter Pt. II" and I find it way more decent than I thought it would be, and MC was just fine in it. And that's my two cents.
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The pink dress (59,633) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 11:24)
So turns out Mariah/Stella wasn't trolling us when they wrote they are waiting for the pink dress. They probably meant this pink dress. It's a beautiful dress and Mariah again looks like the TEOM era, but I wish she'd keep this for a red carpet event. It's a little too simple to be a concert costume, especially a Vegas concert costume, where things are supposed to glitter and shine and be over the top. If Mariah would wear this to a red carpet, man she'd look gorgeous.
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Re: Jermaine interview (59,620) (59,632) by Gilles from Malta
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 7:43)
Thank you so much for sharing this podcast with us. I really loved what JD said about MC. He is a very good guy, and this article is down to earth and real. Thanks again.
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Re: MC sings with the interviewer (59,616) (59,631) by Mara from United States
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 5:20)
Exactly my thoughts Mimi L.
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Re: Hey Mara (59,609) (59,630) by Mara from United States
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 5:18)
Thank you May. I put the socks away and totally agree with you.
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Re: Toni Braxton / Mariah Carey mini series (59,608) (59,629) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 5:15)
Yes Mara, I agree, it was nice to see her tell her story. Did you see the 1700 dollar royalty check? I felt bad that she funded her tours with her own money and then took out loans. One thing about Mariah, is her tours are always simple. Say what you want about how simple Mariah's Elusive Tour appeared, Mariah was able to recoup more of the earnings for herself instead of having to pay to have a grand show because you're expected to. It would be nice for Mariah to be completely behind the scenes, guiding the story. I would love to see the story play out during the Butterly/Rainbow/Glitter era. I would to see her tell her side of the story regarding the sabotage and watch it all go down.
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