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Re: Celine, Patti, Aretha, and all that stuff (62,756) (62,757) by Marissa from USA
(Saturday 28 May 2016; 1:43)
I wholeheartedly agree. Since when is dimming your light for others to shine necessary to show respect? I really don't understand why people are so bothered by Celine giving her all at the Divas Live performance. Now if Aretha sounded hoarse or like she was struggling then maybe I would agree that she should have taken it easy on her, but Aretha was holding her own, so I don't find it inappropriate or disrespectful at all. We love Mariah. Wonderful. But I don't see the point in tearing Celine down to prove that or why a performance from 18 years ago is being scrutinized so intensely.
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Celine, Patti, Aretha, and all that stuff (62,756) by Stacey from USA
(Saturday 28 May 2016; 1:23)
I can remain quiet no more on this subject. Celine trying to out sing Aretha? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the 1998 show called Divas Live? I don't recall producers calling it the Aretha Franklin tribute. This whole notion that Celine was trying to upstage Aretha is ridiculous. Celine is successful just like the other divas on stage, so what's wrong in being allowed to show off for a moment during a song? Mariah had no issues doing it during Chain Of Fools. In fact, her and Aretha were battling for vocal supremacy during the final moments of song. I hear no complaints toward MC trying to outsing Aretha. Seems to me the issue is with Celine personally, masking the dislike for her or any other singer behind some silly upstaging argument. I don't understand pitting one artist against the other. I can like MC without putting Celine down and vice versa. I must be gifted in my ability to read messages about other singers without the need to criticize them, lol.
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Celine (62,755) by Giovanni from USA
(Saturday 28 May 2016; 0:09)
Didn't smash anything on Natural Woman. It was clear she was "trying" to out shine everyone on stage, but she didn't. She had the stronger voice, but Mariah's voice is miles better. And like I said, she was lucky Patti wasn't there that night. The reason she didn't attend was because Aretha didn't want her there. Aretha has never liked anyone who can top her vocals or sing over her. Patti destroyed her with her "Ain't no way" cover tribute in '93. Aretha herself knew she had been slayed. But still to this day I can't understand why Gloria, Shania and Carole were there. None of them are divas or can sing. Can you imagine if Patti, Whitney or Barbra had been there. It would have been a diva show down haha. Lord that would have been epic.
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Stella (62,754) by Giovanni from USA
(Friday 27 May 2016; 23:47)
Is just using Mariah for her own personal pleasures. She wants Mariah's star power but she'll never have it. Why is she on "Mariah's world"? I've never seen a manger as much as Stella.
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Article: Mariah Carey leaves little to the imagination (62,753) by zee from lebanon
(Friday 27 May 2016; 23:36)
This has Stella written all over it. They're starting to look alike. What a shame.
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Interesting article (62,752) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 27 May 2016; 23:34)
Webmaster I will just leave this right here, please post if you think it's appropriate, or post on your own without attaching to my name. Mariah is mentioned.
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Lee Daniels (62,751) by Giovanni from USA
(Friday 27 May 2016; 23:33)
Is a total loser. What man calls another woman a b****. That was so disrespectful to Mariah. If I had been at the GLAAD awards I would have thrown my shoe at him.
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Re: Complain vs constructive criticism (62,733) (62,750) by radhames from Curacao
(Friday 27 May 2016; 23:04)
This is exacly how I am feeling. And this whole Stella-hate is so annoying.
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Re: Mid life and career crisis (62,729) (62,749) by Mandy Monroe from United States
(Friday 27 May 2016; 20:14)
Parties and often hanging out with people much younger? Mariah loves kids as she has her own. Stella happens to have a best friend type of relationship with her daughter and there's nothing wrong with loving your friend's kid. Stella tags her along with everything, not Mariah. Drinking a lot and acting the fool? Mariah drinks but she's never too out of it and handles her business well, there's nothing major foolish she's really done so you're a little bit overreacting. A general blasé attitude to the God given talent and ability? Again, what are you on? She's not smoking crack all day getting high, she's performing better than ever in years. Her tour was incredible. And she wouldn't have lasted this long if she didn't take care of her voice. Acting younger at middle age than during the 20s and 30s? Mariah is eternally 12 and oblivious to age. This is not a brand new information to us lambs lol. She's always acted the same, the first 7 years she was confined so let her be. Wearing less and less clothing in public? She's been free as a butterfly since 1997. She's always dressed sexy and there's nothing wrong with it. She does not have one wrinkle on her body and frankly, you've got to flaunt it before it's gone. Check Beyonce, J. Lo and Madonna, it's part of the job. Your mind has this illusion that these are "problems" when in reality everything is fine. She didn't derail. She's relevant, she has offers, she has tours, she has movies, she has new music on the way. She's not broke or homeless, and she has things going for her. In fact, she's taking control of her career more than ever. Just accept her for who she is, let her have fun and enjoy the ride. Dahling.
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Re: Anthony (62,748) by Natalia from Italy
(Friday 27 May 2016; 18:01)
To reply to the other points you made. Mariah has always been drinking and partying. The only thing new here, is that it is being shared to social media, when before it was kept private away from the public view. So what if she hangs out with younger people than her? She has always had parties with guest of all ages, younger and older.
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Article: Mariah Carey leaves little to the imagination (62,747) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Friday 27 May 2016; 17:43)
Oh good Lord, Mariah why? Are those shades completely opaque and did she dress while wearing the shades? Because what else made her think it was a good fashion choice? This is in no way sexy. It's straight up trashy. Seriously with closets bigger than most people's apartment and the biggest designers as her friends, why would she wear this? Where on earth is her stylist?
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The ensembles dahling (62,746) by Lee TS from USA
(Friday 27 May 2016; 17:39)
I am so out of the loop forgive me. But is our diva being the most there can be? She is so feeling herself and the outfits are getting more boobier haha. She is definitely loving the new body and James must be too. Mariah and that kick though, like can we talk? Lol must be fun times for the lambily with all these fun promos etc. Let's hear it for the girl.
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Re: Hallmark Channel deal: desperate or good business? (62,718) (62,745) by THE TRUTH from USA
(Friday 27 May 2016; 17:23)
Andrew, just when I was starting to like you, you had to go invalidate yourself by disparaging Mariah's acting ability. The truth is that yes, Glitter was bad writing and an ill advided choice by she and her team but she was in fact brilliant in both WiseGirls and Precious. Career choices like Stella, Nick, Mariah's World, and Hallmark speak to her mental and emotional health not her ability as an actress. Your hateful vitriol makes me wonder about what your true agenda is. Are you trolling? Have a bone to pick with Mariah? Maybe get a hobby or something. Life is to short to waste your time hating just because you're mad, jealous or frustrated.
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Re: Mid life and career crisis (62,729) (62,744) by THE TRUTH from USA
(Friday 27 May 2016; 17:17)
Anthony you are on track. The Mariah we all fell in love with had a vision of love and now all she does is make news by flashing as much skin as possible and encouraging the media to discuss how much her jewelry costs and how rich her "fiance" is. Wouldn't we all be so thrilled if she just started making great music again, got rid of you know who and settled into the idea that being a mom and a legend is just fine. There are lots of centerfolds, much younger, better proportioned and guess what? None of them can sing like her. Can we spell age appropriate?
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Debates and ideas (62,743) by Anthony Basco from Cardiff, Wales
(Friday 27 May 2016; 17:13)
The genuine reason I come to this board to discuss Mariah is because, shock horror, I'm a huge huge fan. If anybody cares to read through my post histor, the majority of my posts are overwhelmingly positive and full of praise and admiration. It's only recently that I've started expressing concerns. Nothing anybody posts regarding their own opinion is a fact here, not one person, which should be obvious, and as such, sometimes I do read other points of view and think "I didn't think of it that way, I actually agree". That's why I like to share ideas, read ideas and discuss. But there are people who immediately cry foul, and become emotional to the point of hysterics, picking up one word or phrase to bash or further their own agendas, whilst ignoring the posts as a whole. Although I enjoy when people do challenge my opinion, and encourage it because it may make me consider things from a different point of view, using buzz words or phrases such as "hater", "slay", "calling you out" etc are not conducive to proper debate because it's just people getting angry and emotional and often incoherent, reading into things the wrong way or in some cases actually putting words into the mouth of the poster. I just want to point out that I've no secret or non secret hate for Mariah, I genuinely do love her, I just don't have anybody close to me who is a fan so I come to this board to express thoughts and ideas with other fans. And ps Natalia I'm sorry I spelt your name incorrectly in my previous post.
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Natalie (62,742) by Anthony Basco from Cardiff, Wales
(Friday 27 May 2016; 17:03)
It's a combination of things, as pointed out. Of course, the state of undress alone doesn't signal a change, but even regarding that, we've seen Mariah dress so incredibly well recently, which shows she can be super sexy and classy. If any messages said simply "she's wearing revealing clothing, she's going through a midlife crisis" then I could say fair enough to your message. But frankly you ignored the whole post and sentiments of the post and picked up on one thing that wouldn't make sense in isolation. It's good that we can discuss opinions, but not so good when people pick and choose elements of a whole in an attempt to ridicule or discredit the original post. If you've sound logic to poo poo the idea of a midlife crisis and can address the post as a whole, then perhaps there's a worthwhile discussion to be had.
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Midlife crisis? (62,741) by Natalia from Italy
(Friday 27 May 2016; 16:40)
Mariah has been dressing sexy and showing off her body for years now. This is nothing new. This idea that she shouldn't be be showing off her newly slimmed down body because she's over 40 is ludicrous. She looks stunning. There is no midlife crisis, she is just doing what she has always done, looking fabulous.
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Re: These people (62,727) (62,740) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 27 May 2016; 16:13)
I think they want to create a viral moment by any means. Fights over social media are the thing these days, think Kanye vs Wiz, then Amber. That was hilarious to me because I don't care about those artists. It's painful to watch an artist like Mariah openly engage. Of course Wendy will take the bait, she lives for Mariah stories. I think her response will be hilarious, of course at Marian's expense, but she might surprise and treat it like a serious moment. Either way it becomes free press for the parties involved.
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Re: Mariah-Lee video (62,738) (62,739) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Friday 27 May 2016; 15:56)
The video was cute, but the tag? Not so much. Why stoop to Wendy's level? But like I said in my post if she is going on the show then I get the tag, but if she tagged Wendy as a backlash, that's unnecessary because a much more effective way would have been to just post the video and that's it. Shows Lee and Mariah are still friends no matter how Wendy tries to spin it.
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Re: Mariah-Lee video (62,725) (62,738) by B from USA
(Friday 27 May 2016; 15:24)
I thought it was cute and funny.
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Re: Celine vs Aretha and Patti (62,714) (62,737) by Felix Pires from Holland
(Friday 27 May 2016; 15:10)
Your synical writing is so refreshing. And just so you know, we care about what you think, not.
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My post (62,736) by Mariah from Us
(Friday 27 May 2016; 15:03)
What's up with my last message not getting posted? I didn't say anything wrong and I answered the question to (why is Mariah nocturnal). I even used capitals for the names and ended my message with a dot. What's going on here? [Webmaster: You indeed ended your message with a dot. But that was the only dot in your entire message, which makes it unreadable.]
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Re: Complain vs constructive criticism (62,733) (62,735) by Felix Pires from Holland
(Friday 27 May 2016; 15:01)
Well said.
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Complain vs constructive criticism (62,733) by Gee from U.S.A.(NewYork City)
(Friday 27 May 2016; 13:05)
After coming to this board for years as an daily observer and as a member of the family, I have to say I have never seen this board in such an uproar. I am one who believes in speaking your piece but coming to this board lately seems very strange because the majority of comments are now coming from a negative place. Everything MC seems do or anything the media seems to report most of the family here has an objection and to me I say complaining won't change anything. Don't get me wrong I am all for the music above all, but I have no problem with MC exploring other avenues of her creativity. I will support what interests me, and the things that don't I will not waste time on, and you all should do the same. MC can't please everyone, keep that in mind.
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Re: Midlife and career crisis (62,729) (62,732) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Friday 27 May 2016; 11:57)
Anthony, I completely agree with you. The last photo on the news from MCA is even shouting midlife-crisis. And yes all your points are true. It's not necessary, nobody likes to feel old, but for me it makes everyone older with that behaviour. Never thought that would happen. Mariah is not old, of course not a youngster, I hope this crisis will end soon. And she can be "normal" again. Anyone remember the "Homecoming Special" at her old high school. She was so amazing and natural. I love how she talked with her old classmate Chuck and that they watched Pretty In Pink and Thirteen Candles back in the day. No playing, 100 % real and loveable. That was starpower.
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