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First time JD worked with Mariah (57,097) by Tony Sciacchitano from Australia
(Sunday 4 October 2015; 13:44)
It says Mariah first worked with Mariah on "Always be my baby". Didn't JD do the remix for "Never forget you?".
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Article: In honor of Daydream's 10th anniversary (57,096) by Rommel from Philippines
(Sunday 4 October 2015; 5:26)
There are some inaccuracies here even the subject title. It's 20th anniversary of Daydream and not 10th. it's her 4th studio album and not 3rd. Lastly, "Melt away" is not the first song she collaborated with Babyface. "Never forget you" has Babyface credit on it.
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The time of your life (57,095) by Cgee54 from Usa
(Sunday 4 October 2015; 3:50)
Every time I hear the song "The time of your life" she did for the Pepsi commercial I always think how would this song be like if it was a complete track. I think Mariah should try to do this type of pop records in her next album, it is fresh and modern in my opinion.
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Re: Happy Mean Girls (57,092) (57,094) by Marcus from Brazil
(Sunday 4 October 2015; 2:19)
Lamb A: Do you want to keep reading mean and bullying messages from Baby?
Lamb B: No, of course not.
Lamb A: Good. It's settled. You can go shave your back now. Bye Baby.
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Daydream (57,093) by Manny from U.S.
(Sunday 4 October 2015; 0:00)
The memory I have of "Daydream" was going on rollercoasters and singing "Fantasy". It was usually my cousin, sister or someone who was not into her. They just thought I was a crazy teenager. Later, when I met other lambs, I felt normal doing that with them. I met them after high school though.
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Happy Mean Girls (57,092) by Baby from Dreamville...Where There's No Beginning & There is No End
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 22:40)
Yay. I thought I should at least acknowledge this holiday since I'm the resident Regina George. On October 3rd we play Daydream. What a time to be online, ey? Really, I try to celebrate and honour the Mean Girl spirit everyday. Thank you to all those who make it less of a daunting task, I appreciate it. See you at the next "Book Burning", yeah?
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Re: New pic (57,028) (57,091) by Nick from USA
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 21:06)
I did not like the dress when she wore it on the David Letterman show during the MIAMTEC era and I do not like it now. Her makeup and hair look cute though.
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The queen of the remix (57,090) by Jeff from USA
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 20:19)
I was feeling festive today, so I decided to break out some of my favorite remixes and I realized that, in many cases, the remixes are as good as the regular versions. That takes talent. Since it was a beautiful 60 degrees this morning in Austin, TX, here are my top 6. What are yours?
6. Breakdown (The Mo Thugs Remix)
5. Always Be My Baby” (Mr. Dupri Mix)
4. My All/Stay Awhile (So So Def Mix)
3. Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely
2. I Still Believe/Pure Imagination
1. Fantasy (Bad Boy) featuring O.D.B
And since we are treating it like a holiday, here is my honorable mention: Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise).
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Re: New pic (57,086) (57,089) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 18:02)
Yes to the shaking off the black clothes. Mariah is one of those rare people who can pull of a wide range of colors. She looks much younger when she is wearing bright colored clothes. Plus I need her to wear something emerald green already and by emerald green I mean this. I think she will look stunning in this color.
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"Help me make it through the night" (57,088) by IheartMC from USA
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 18:00)
I mean can we all talk about the magic that is this raw genuine cover Mariah graced us with. I am in love with how raw she sounds on this record. She needs to try and reinvent herself by doing more songs or even shows like this. It would show her in a more humanized way in my opinion. I love her and everytime I seek guidance or need hope/faith I tend to lean on her music. This seems to be one of the songs that I just love from her as well as My Saving Grace, Outside, Through The Rain, Can't Take That Away, Make It Happen, Right To Dream, My All etc. I really hope she attempts to do more songs like this, it would only help in maintaining that incomparable legacy. Long live our beloved M.
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Daydream (57,087) by Giovanni from USA
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 17:44)
I'm loving all the "Daydream" stories. So cool to know how Mariah's music has helped or made people's lives so much more better. The album is a masterpiece. I've always believed that Mariah is the best female music artist of all time. I'd so love another epic album right this second. *plays "Me I am Mariah*
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Re: New pic (57,082) (57,086) by Giovanni from USA
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 17:31)
I've been saying for awhile now that Mariah needs drastic help with her fashion. It's terrible. And I'm not feeling the new make up at all because it makes her look older. The jackets and enormous high heel shoes have to go. She can be so extra at times lol. She needs to start wearing more colored clothing rather than the same tired old black. It's very boring and depressing.
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Re: New pic (57,082) (57,085) by Will from England
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 11:28)
I think the last time she drastically cut/changed her hair was during the Glitter era.
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Daydream (57,084) by Baby from Dreamville...Where There's No Beginning & There is No End
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 9:18)
Was the first album I ever bought with my own money. I had a paper route in 7th grade. I was a newly baptised Lamb from watching the Fantasy - Madison Square Garden show(shout out to Always Be My Baby) on Swedish television and I might have cut gym or math class to go to the mall and buy the CD. I carried that gold textured disc around with me everywhere I went and played it every single day without fail. Everybody in school knew me as the #1 Mariah fangirl. It felt like Mariah had written that whole album just for me. Especially I Am Free. At one point I played and sang that song sometimes to the detriment of all the other gems on the album. It was like I Am Free feat. Daydream. But really I love all the songs. There isn't a weak link or throwaway lyric. As much as I appreciate Music Box for its thorough introduction of Mariah in my life Daydream was when Mariah became more than just another great singer or songwriter to me personally. She became an icon and a steady friend I could turn to whenever I needed an escape. No other artist was as consistently filling me up with positive energy and reimbursing my faith in God as much as Mariah apart from MJ. Today, Long Ago and Melt Away are probably the two songs I might randomly crave the most but that always changes. Even One Sweet Day, Forever, When I Saw You, the Open Arms cover and the genius Daydream Interlude still evoke in me memories of trying to do homework in my room but failing miserably because I had the album playing on full blast. I've always perused album liner notes since I was little and I remember being very impressed that Mariah wrote Underneath The Stars entirely by herself. And also produced Melt Away on her own. It seems that that vein of her artistry has not been encouraged or capitalised on very much since. But, I digress. The last track, Looking In, was probably the song that made me start to wonder about Mariah as a person because it was such a contrast to her image. That dichotomy fascinated me, knowing that someone as beautiful, talented and famous could still relate to teenage me. That revelation saved my life. For that I will always be an L4L.
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Re: Reading too much into something (57,061) (57,083) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 8:46)
Mara, don't worry, K Buckle and Mariah are still besties. We were just joking.
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Re: New pic (57,066) (57,082) by Mimi L. from Asia
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 8:32)
About the hair, I also have been saying that a shorter, edgier hair with a darker color would have been a fresh change, but after reading the interview of Mariah about the MAC lipstick campaign, I understood why she hardly cuts it drastically. I don't remember the exact quote but she said something like she hopes Monroe doesn't cut her hair because her hair is like Mariah's and that Mariah has a tough time growing her hair because it's so curly. So maybe she is scared that if she cuts it and it doesn't suit her, she'll have a tough time growing it back. About the makeup, I personally think the makeup shows she is more confident now. We hardly ever see Mariah in heavy makeup and a dark lip. She went for the edgy (by Mariah standards). I saw some photos where it looked like the contour and blush products were not blended properly but then again it just maybe showed up like that because of harsh flash photography. I love the darker lip gloss she wore. She is dipping her toes into the "Fall Trend" of wearing dark vampy colors and since obviously Mariah is not going to wear a dark plum, this was her way of switching it up. I love it.
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Re: The Daydream detention (57,063) (57,073) by Marcel from Montréal, Canada
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 7:03)
Hahahaha if there's a real and for real fan in here, it is you Andrew.
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Re: Reading too much into something (57,061) (57,072) by Marcel from Montréal, Canada
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 7:00)
Don't know but KB should put the same effort and artistry he puts while applying his own make-up when he's doing Mariah's. I know everybody has a different taste and seem to see things differently but to me Mariah has looked the same - make-up wise - for like 10 long years now. I read Mariah saying she doesn't like the heroine look and to me I guess those who styled her back from Music Box to just the beggining of the Butterfly era were the best. Those looks obviously meeting 2015 should fit her better IMO. In that last picture as someone said, she looks like in technicolor like 10 years older.
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Daydream (57,071) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 6:46)
This is the first album that I bought on CD, ever. I was 14 going on 15. I was initially introduced to her by my cousin who owned her debut and used to play Love Takes Time over and over again. She had the tape and would always rewind and play the bridge. I remember the massive Music Box album. A week before Fantasy was debuted, I was wondering, whatever happened to Mariah Carey? A week later I heard Fantasy on the radio and got really excited. I loved that it started off with her famous whistle register and it had a harder edge that any of her previous up tempo singles. When the album came out, I had saved money to purchase it. I remember playing the album over and over on my boombox I got for my birthday everyday afterschool. I loved the uniqueness of UTS. There was a park with a stream hidden by trees that I would love to go to and I always thought it would have been the perfect place to shoot the video. Always Be My Baby was a different song for her which was straight up r&b. I was hoping it was a single. I always loved I Am Free, I always wanted to sing it at church. When I first fell in love around the same time the album came out, When I Saw You became my song. Open Arms was such an amazing cover that I was convinced she wrote it. I was obsessed with Melt Away and was conviced Babyface sang the first verse. I loved the old school doo wop feel of Forever and played the Daydream Interlude on repeat. I cried may times to Looking In when I was going through hard times. I was actually underwhelmed with Butterfly when it first came out and felt it just didn't match the greatness of Daydream. The only other album stacked with so many great songs that could be singles was MIAMTEC or maybe even E=MC2. This was the first time I read the liner notes and discovered she wrote all these great songs. She inspired me to become a songwriter. I wrote my first poem called When You Left. Daydream will always be her best work.
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Re: Petals (57,025) (57,070) by Marcel from Montréal, Canada
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 6:36)
Of course Valentine is Tommy. That was like his nickname when [...] younger. I don't recall Walter selling any stories. Actually if he's done something is to always be very positive on Mariah. He said their "silly fight" as he mentioned it, was because Mariah wanted him to take on her side and break with Tommy and he couldn't because by the time Tommy was his boss and he had legal ties but other than that, he's been quite nice on her and even quite open to work again with her. He said that yes he didn't like the direction she was heading to and kinda said indirectelly he was worried MC wasn't taking good care of her voice. But the only thing was he didn't want to get involved in MC's and Tommy's fight and Mariah considered that as a betrayal. He said he wished that that never happened and he still is so nice on her, something Mariah hasn't. Actually she hasn't mentioned Walter but a couple times since 97 and even then she was kinda mean to him. Whatever. I love all the songs they wrote together even that draft recording Hoy from 97 that ended up being the best IMO track on Glitter. Sorry but this iPhone tries to change every word I type into French.
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Re: Mariah's vocals (57,023) (57,069) by Marcel from Montréal, Canada
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 6:17)
Couldn't agree more. Music Box gave that other side that was still soulful and powerful but showed that saccarine tone as well. I love her Daydream vocals obviously but remember my older sister being like "What happened to her? Those falsettos are annoying." To me she still sounded incredible, but as you said Emotions is her best to me, hands down.
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Re: Daydream (57,013) (57,068) by Marcel from Montréal, Canada
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 6:09)
Hahahaha you really changed my mood [...]. Daddy didn't like his song asking for Mariah and gave him Michael Jackson instead. Hard to believe it's been 20 years now and how succesful Fantasy was. The pop version here in Montréal. Still I was too young I guess to go buying an album but then I couldn't resist it by the time ABMB came out that I bought her 3 ABMB singles: the one that has the R&B and the weird Reggae versions, the cardboard single with Slipping Away and the one with the dance mixes. After that I started buying so much CDs even though it was the summer [...] becoming a 7th grader. I bought Shakira's album in Spanish and fell in love with her but then I got like all Mariah's previous albums and singles on sale and was amazed. Remember Mix 96 playing MC all day and an old videos shown by a bold guy I guess his name was Connan on Ytv where the Forever video was played a lot. I thougth she was older. My dream was for her to appear on MusiquePlus so I'd go to Rue St Catherine and watch her. I signed to her fan club and won a ticket to be in line and have my Butterfly album signed by her a year later, down in NY though. Thank God my aunt took me down there. Loved those old days. Used to wish I'd be older (back then of course) so I could you know, live Mariah's fever as an 11th grader or college guy.
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Mariah's injury (57,067) by Alex from United States
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 4:42)
After looking at the picture of Mariah's date night with Packer, it appears as though her right hand is still injured. I know it's a random shot, but the way M is holding her right arm up and her fingers looks to me that there is still nerve damage. I feel like Mariah is underplaying how bad her injury is and that makes me feel really bad. Poor Mimi.
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Re: New pic (57,056) (57,066) by May from Denmark
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 1:23)
I liked her look. I love that dress. I think the reason why she looks more mature is because the strong make up, we are too used to seeing her in her usual well suited and lovely nudes and peaches. If anything to me it signals confidence. A more relaxed dress was the one she wore for the Harper's Bazaar event, I never saw her wearing that dress before and it looked beautiful, I liked the stars and moons details and the way the fabric floated when she walked. I love that jacket, but I felt something else would have gone great with that dress. I actually thought that she had an up-do, but it was her classic pony tail, nonetheless when I saw at first glance I thought she had cut her hair short. I definitely think, that at this stage, with her age and the current weight she would actually look lovely with a modern short haircut. But I guess it would be too weird, she seems to love the long hair.
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Jackets (57,065) by L.H from Lebanon
(Saturday 3 October 2015; 0:33)
Her latest outfits have all been with jackets. Personally I didn't find it was needed in all outfits (i.e. "The Intern" premiere). Maybe it's her shoulder that's dislocated again. Recurrence is a common complication.
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