MIAMTEC cd (46,457) by enwar00 from usa

Guess what everyone? I finally found my MIAMTEC cd after it was lost for two months. It was buried deep between the driver's seat and the center console of my car. I've only been able to listen to the album on my phone since then, so this week it's been looping over and over in my car on the stereo and it sounds so good.
(Thursday 28 August 2014; 0:46)

Ken from USA (46,456) by Gilbert from USA

Wow, very good eye. I don't think it is her either. That is one set of really gold hair. I had to watch it a couple of times and the hair doesn't match up from what I can tell so. I'd have to agree I think it must be a double. Not sure why, that doesn't seem to be a hard scene that Mariah couldn't film.
(Thursday 28 August 2014; 0:42)

Re Nikki (46,455) by Carla from Portugal

If Mariah had a rep fighting off these allegations everytime it would be exausting. Mariah will talk about it when she chooses.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 23:54)

Correct me if I'm wrong (46,454) by Ken from USA

When the bride gets into the car at the end of the We Belong Together video, it is not Mariah. I can't believe it's taken me this long to notice.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 23:46)

Gilbert / Close My Eyes (46,453) by Bill from UK

Hi Gilbert, you're welcome. It's nice to read posts like yours, especially between all the talk about Mariah's current situation. I know fans want to talk about it to each other but it really upsets me. I just watched Close My Eyes on Rosie following your post. I haven't seen that in a while and I forgot how good it was. Interesting that she changed the word "dying" to "fading". I also love her look during this period. Bring back the earth tone make up and honey coloured hair, it is beautiful. Another favourite of mine is Emotions from the Rotterdam concert during the Daydream tour. There's a fan video of it on YouTube. It isn't the highest quality but it is fantastic, and during the song's closing bars she trills differently in the upper register to how she usually does. She also oozes confidence and dominates the stage. A great show.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 23:22)

Bill from UK (46,452) by Gilbert from USA

Bill thank you for your response. This is why I enjoy this message board because we get to share feelings and thoughts and I was actually thinking of posting this a few days back but I've been busy with work that I wanted to share. I always loved the way she sang Close My Eyes on Rosie. Why can't that be redone in the format. Lol. I also love how she sang Subtle Invitation and I loved how she had the production of the song done on tour when she sang it on the piano. To me that's one of her best performances. Thank you again for sharing.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 22:35)

Gilbert (46,451) by Bill from UK

I love anything Mariah sings live, especially when she changes it up. For me though, the Unplugged album just trumps all their studio counterparts (except maybe Vision Of Love). This is why it is my most beloved and favourite and cherished record she has ever put out. Her voice, and the acoustic instruments make it seem as if she is right there in your living room. Her voice is of course flawless and the up tempos like Someday and Make It Happen have such vibrancy and energy when compared to the originals. I do also equally love the Here Is Mariah version of Someday though and can't choose between the two.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 21:51)

You are not alone (46,450) by Abraham from USA

I'd also want Mariah to cover the song. "You are not alone" is one of my favorite songs from MJ. I like the lyrics and music. Mariah would definitely do a good job. If she were to cover it, I think it should be the last song on the album. Beause I think it would end the album nicely.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 20:43)

Nick's Saved cap (46,449) by Shelly from United States

Honestly, when I saw it, I didn't even think it could be about Mariah. I thought it was more for his dad since he was getting a lot of attention the last few days. If you look at James Cannon's Facebook, he is a Jesus freak. So I though Nick was making light of the whole situation by saying he's saved.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 20:23)

Hard (46,448) by May from Denmark

Well this_is_qhm, it is hard to find your own sound when you don't write your own songs and try to sing like someone else. Just saying hahaha. Hopefully she will find better writers because it would be a waste of a nice voice tho if it went forgotten too soon. Unlike Katy Perry, her gimmicks were what put her up in the pedestal, but she does writes her songs yet I could never really consider her a singer, I consider her a songwriter. Before she became the huge boom she is, I remember seeing her live while playing or trying to play the guitar, goodness, cats screeching along with bats can surely sing better live than she did that time.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 19:37)

Ariana Grande (46,447) by Shelly from United States

I listened to her album again this morning and honestly, other than the whistle, I don't think she sounds like Mariah. To me she sounds more like Brandy. She reminds me of Mariah because she's pretty, and seems sweet, and she has the whole Daydream/Butterfly look going. But nobody sings like Mariah. I see her having a career like Christina Aguilera.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 19:34)

Michael (46,446) by Mimi L. from

Mariah should do a cover of You Are Not Alone by MJ. The song is beautfiul. It's a lot like the pattern Mariah does with her ballads nowadays, starting slow and soft, and building it up to the point where the emotions are bursting out of the song. What wouldn't I give to have a proper duet of Mariah and Michael. But oh well now the cover will suffice.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 18:53)

Which version do you prefer, original or live version? (46,445) by Gilbert from USA

Close My Eyes vs Close My Eyes (Live on Rosie O'Donnell Show)
We Belong Togehter vs WBT MTV 2005 Awards
Emotions vs Emotions (Here is Mariah Carey special)
Someday vs Someday (Here is Mariah Carey special)
Without You vs Without You (Live MSG 95)
Make It Happen vs Make It Happen (Here is Mariah Carey special)
Hero vs Hero (Around The World)
I'll Be There MTV 92/93 or I'll Be there (Here is Mariah Carey special)
For me, I prefer all live versions over the original song, I'll Be There I prefer the Here is Mariah Carey version.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 18:14)

Nick (46,444) by Michele from USA

Anyone see pictures of Nick out and about in NYC with his hat? It says "saved" on it. Wow. I'm getting an indication of how this is going to play out in public, with little jabs at Mariah. Sigh. He's such a man-child.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 17:35)

My Everything (46,443) by Shelly from United States

this_is_qhm: I completely agree and thought the same thing when I heard Ariana's new album.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 16:48)

My Everything (46,442) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

I know I've ruffled some feathers here when I posted about Ariana on this board before - don't worry, this ain't a lovefest. Just listened to her new release, and it's a letdown. I thought its singles were fun and a sign of a nice departure from her critically-lauded albeit Mariah-aping debut. And in some ways, it is, but apparently, the more Ari strays from Mimi's sound (by using less retro production), the more her music becomes faceless. It's also one of those albums where the better songs were relegated to bonus tracks. It still is better than any of her contemporaries' works, but I only liked a few tracks from it (Best Mistake, Be My Baby, Only 1) and realized that those were the tracks that sounded most like Mariah's material. The girl's got a long way to go in terms of improving her diction, even more so in finding her own sound. Not that there was ever any doubt, but this reaffirms that Mimi's legacy is safe. This effort makes Ariana the latest addition in a growing list of artists who were touted as "the next Mariah" but failed somewhere along the way. She's in the worst position any artist can ever be in their career, because despite the commercial success, she's stuck - if she doesn't sound like Mariah, she sounds like everyone else. Total identity crisis; while her label seems hell-bent on patterning her career on Mimi's. If she considers this her "everything", then things aren't looking good for her, as it increasingly appears that she's got nothing left to give.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 16:41)

Pizza with kids pictures (46,441) by Shelly from United States

She looked great in the black and white dress. The posters on the article were saying it looked staged, that she was over dressed, and that the pap never took pictures of them before so why now. Everyone dresses up in New York, and maybe they're going after her now to try to get a statement, or maybe it is staged because she wants everyone to see that she's okay. I don't find anything wrong with that. She looked great, that dress was flattering and appropriate. And the kids are so cute.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 16:25)

Enough (46,440) by supafly from

Ok everybody, quit posting about this divorce BS. Mariah's fans should not be fuelling this fire. If the rumours are true the least we can do is support MC, and I don't mean by dissing Nick, I mean keep it about the music. Let the haters speculate, we should just shake it off. *hits play on Cry for yet another cover to cover listen*
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 15:55)

Mariah won't retire (46,439) by May from Denmark

I hardly think that she will retire anytime soon. Not without doing at least another amazing album hitting top or without getting her well deserved next number 1. I don't think she should retire because she still has the voice to keep it up, she has the looks and she has a lot of creativity left to still present us with great music. She should retire at her greatest. Mariah was the "sweetheart with the voice" once upon a time, what happened in the way I don't know but clearly she can still get back to the public that admired her so much, apart from her fans. I do feel her relationship with Nick in the last years had taken a toll in her career but she can still make it up. I don't want her to retire, she has so much more to offer still.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 15:38)

Love hats (46,438) by May from Denmark

I love the hats, Martyn your comment made me giggle. This last hat though she bought it right there in the moment in a random store because she was being recognized, I guess she was enjoying herself the walk? They saw the paparazzo and went in to get a hat, I guess she just got whatever there was at first hand, clearly white didn't match her outfit, I think she looked great with the belt and everything, kinda an ancient-greek style.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 15:30)

Dembabies will be fine (46,437) by May from Denmark

I'm sure the children will be ok because to start with, it's not like they saw their dad 12 hours everyday. Nick said he would go home once a week, then he parted ways with Mariah so the kids are sort of used to not seeing him that much. But I think the reason why it won't truly affect them as much is because they are just 3 years old, it's not like they are 7-8 years old or teenagers when it does affect the most as they feel the need for parents to be at all times and together. If Nick keeps the visit rights then it will just be as always for the children, they will get to see him weekends and such, just as they did in the past, for them it will be as if everything was still normal.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 15:28)

Nick's "Thirsty" comment / poor dembabies (46,436) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

There was something wrong before MIAMTEC got released, Nick said Thirsty was one of his fave joints from it. When I first heard it, I knew he was being sarcastic. There's just no way he could've missed it, even if he weren't the sharpest tool in the shed. And now it's come to this. They say dem stars never get used to controversies. They just learn deal with them through time. Mariah's been at this for 24 years now, but even that didn't necessarily thicken her skin enough to be unaffected by all this crap thrown at her. I'm just glad she has two angels that give her even more reason to keep on keeping on. But nevermind the fact that MC and NC aren't doing well right now - they're adults - it'll be difficult at first, but at least we can say they're gonna recover at some point. It's dembabies I'm worried about most, because they'll be dealt the worst blow. They're so young. It's unfair to them. This reminds me of the lyrics to a Janet song, "Children are called the future of an adult world. They are born with spirits so innocent 'til we teach them how to hate. Living in a world they didn't make. Living in a world where grown-ups make the rules. Paying for a lot of adult mistakes. How much of this madness can they take?" I hope they'll be alright.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 14:59)

If It's Over (46,435) by Martyn from England, UK

The MTV Unplugged version is one of my all time favourite Mariah performances. It gives me shivers every time I listen to it. On days when I'm feeling a bit rubbish, I pop my earphones in and pretend to be 1992 Mariah for those 3 minutes and 48 seconds, and everything is resolved.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 14:53)

The non-elusive chanteuse (46,434) by Mimi L. from

Mariah has been out and about in the open three days in a row starting on the 24th at Central Park. This is the most I have seen of her in years. She is basically being photographed every single day the last 3 days. And another common thing is in all these 3 days she has no makeup on, her hair is not done (she has the natural spiral curls and they are just tied loosely) and she is wearing slightly less comfortable clothes although the sky high heels remain intact (come on, you can't expect the woman to give up everything). She is probably trying to send a message that she is doing just fine.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 13:24)

IheartMC (46,433) by Bill from UK

You're not alone, I often go back to old songs. There are so many gems hidden away on her albums, and If It's Over is certainly one of them. I love the Emotions album, and am often surprised fans don't rate it that highly as it's so mature, varied, atmospheric and melodic. A beautiful record and one which really shows off just how astonishing her vocals can be.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 13:23)

Mariah's biggest hits redone with an orchestra (46,432) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

I hate to take a page off Kylie's book again, but in line with her celebration of her 25th year in the industry in 2012, she released The Abbey Road Sessions, an album of orchestral renditions of most of her biggest hits. It made for a really interesting listen (especially the ballad versions of her upbeat hits Better The Devil You Know and Never Too Far, as well as Bond-soundtrack re-imaginations of Can't Get You Out Of My Head and Confide In Me). Woudn't it just be lovely if Mariah did the same? I mean, her voice sounds good on everything, but I believe the chemistry of her voice with live, organic production would just be magical. I'd be really curious to hear live instrument driven versions of her hits. Imagine what she'll do to rework her upbeat hits like Honey, Fantasy, Heartbreaker, etc. It would be nostalgic, but not in the usual greatest-hits-compilation kinda way. If artists of lesser vocal prowess like Kylie and Madonna can pull off recording an orchestral album, then I'm sure Mariah definitely can with even more satisfying results. I really hope she considers doing this in the future.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 12:10)

Fabulous hats (46,431) by Martyn from England, UK

I see Mariah has been wearing unnecessarily over the top headgear over the past few days. I really hope this is a new thing. There's nothing that says "I'm moving on with my life" more than a dramatic hat. Well done Mimi.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 11:23)

Divorce sum up, just the facts (46,430) by nikki from usa

Both Mariah and Nick are still wearing their wedding bands in every pic that's been taken of them so far. Nick recently left their home in NYC with a smile on his face. They had dinner last Friday night. That certainly looks like divorce with no reconciliation. Nick's dad was plugging a book he wrote on relationships from 2011 and the media spun it to be about MC and his son. Neither Nick or his wife are commenting and apparently this translates to Mariah having a muzzle on Nick.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 9:48)

Andrew (46,429) by Abraham from USA

If you feel the end of Mariah's career is near, that's you. She doesn't need people like you trying to bring her down. Especially now, thankfully she has fans who still believe in her. She's surely capable of having at least one more good successful era.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 9:38)

Mimi's penchant for multisyllabic language (46,428) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

Probably the most interesting thing to me about Mariah's songwriting is her fearless use of multisyllabic words that not even rappers would think of using in their songs. I mean "reverberating", "dominion", and "audacity" are more than enough to send one running for the dictionary several times - and that's just from one song. That's pretty much up there with Shakira inclusion of "lycanthropy" on She Wolf. It's impressive and somehow hilarious at the same time. I mean I've once stumbled upon this glossary a fan has made on the more difficult words Mimi has ever used and it was quite the long list. If constantly getting away with using of such words isn't a sign of great songwriting, then I don't know what is. Genius.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 9:02)

Bill (46,427) by Mimi L. from

Not only were the song choices on point, I liked the sequencing. Plus the list was fairly sized. I know a lot of us would love for Mariah to sing a lot of songs, but there are physical limitations. Some of the lists posted were really long. That would not be possible, and we all know Mariah has a condition where if she would try to sing too much, it would affect her voice. Plus it's not a one night gig, she'll be flying to several countries and have to do the same routine multiple times and that would really strain her voice. It's hard enough to do it, but its harder when one is singing Mariah songs.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 8:50)

Random thought (46,426) by Mimi L. from

So Mariah was spotted wearing a long red gown in France around June. This is around the time we were all jumping up and down thinking YDKWTD video was being shot. She had a white towel covering her chest, while she is entering a building. I wonder what was going on. If it was a random candid she obviously would not have a towel on her in public. It seemed more like she was either coming from or going to a shoot. I guess we won't really know now that it has been over 2 months.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 8:43)

Mariah out again (46,425) by Mimi L. from

Mariah as out and about on the streets again. With that fabulous hat she was career around the first time. Miss Mariah what are you up to? I am just glad she is not holed up at home being miserable.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 7:23)

Nikki / shade throwing (46,424) by Marissa from USA

I get where you're coming from, but the media will trash you whether you stay silent or speak up. The "she's a has-been", "she's old", "she's a slavedriver" comments will come rolling out regardless. The media doesn't just disappear if you try to put them in check. In fact, they come at you even harder if you give them any fuel to talk. Although I want to know the details, I feel like her approach of keeping her privacy is the best. On another note, why is throwing shade so glorified and considered classier than just saying what you have to say outright? Mariah is a shady grove when she's pissed and I'm not gonna give her brownie points just because she's not cussing people out or blatantly name calling. Saying something slick and giving a smirk afterward isn't class, it's passive aggression. Making insults in a more demure way doesn't take away from the fact that you're making insults. I hope both of them take the true classy route and either say something positive or at least neutral or nothing at all for the sake of their kids.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 6:31)

"Fantasy" on Kimbra's "Carolina" (46,423) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

About a month ago, I've posted about Kimbra lovingly name-dropping Mariah in her weird lead single from her second album. Well "The Golden Echo" dropped last week and I've listened to it, and I must say it's the most intoxicatingly psychedelic plethora of sounds and random unpredictable melodies I've ever heard from an artist who isn't Prince or Björk. What's interesting, though, is Mariah's clear influence in the vocal layering on the entire album. It's just as smooth as Mimi's, except that Kimbra adds her usual over-the-top intricate details to it to make it her own. I really suggest you all check out this track "Carolina". You could tell by the intro alone how Kimbra treats Fantasy like it's the gospel. Mariah will always be relevant. Always.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 6:22)

How about don't retire (46,422) by enwar00 from usa

I may be the only person who feels this way, and maybe I'm selfish or delusional in comparison to other opinions, but if Mariah was to never sing live again or go on another talk show or ever chart again, I would be content with her just creating and sharing her music for many more years to come.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 5:55)

None of this should be a suprise (46,421) by Marissa from USA

Since I can already see that this board is going to go on an anti-Nick rampage for however long, I just have to say this. I love Mariah but I'm not going to act like she was hit blindsided by all of Nick's antics over the years. She knew exactly who she married. We all could have told Mariah that some childish antics would be pulled from the very beginning, let's just keep it real. There's a difference between marrying someone with a youthful spirit and someone childish and Nick was childish from the start, it's just that the haze of the honeymoon phase keeps you from fully seeing your partner's issues. Although most of Nick's comments have been annoying, did you really expect him to transform into this worldly master of tact just because he married Mariah? Whether the stuff he's done is crass or not, he's being himself, thus I'm no longer angered by the stuff he says. I'm not saying I condone it, I'm just saying that's he's not doing anything out of character, so I don't have time to get up in arms about it. As long as he isn't doing anything mean spirited, I'm keeping it moving.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 5:55)

Kyle / Reswirl (46,420) by enwar00 from usa

Kyle I honestly hope you're right and that there's more to come from MIAMTEC. I've been thinking about that recently as well, since the songs have come to life for me the past week. I don't think there's anything wrong with making the most of it. I'm sure a lot of us want to see more commercial success for Mariah and it's fun when she's everywhere. With that said, I'm in love with this album and don't consider it a disaster just because of its sales.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 5:49)

Silence is class (46,419) by jaker20 from US

I'm surprised some of you consider MC's silence to be a problem. Who cares what people say? There's news every day and not all of them is true, and its constantly changing. She's this and that today, and then tomorrow, it's another. No one cares except tabloid consumers who take everything as factual. No one. MC's silence shows that her concern is not to be holy in the public eye, but her kids. One day, these kids will know their father was badmouthing their mom, and his father wrote a book about it to cash in. Like father, like son, both losers. This is almost unforgivable. No one wants their mother to be humiliated, no one, and especially not in public. Even if their mother isn't perfect. The situation is completely different from Motolla. She's got kids now to protect.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 5:03)

If it's over (46,418) by IheartMC from USA

Hey fellows lambs, I am one of the biggest Mariah followers and devoted fans and been feeling very Mariah nostalgic lately and If It's Over comes to mind in recent times. Any other fans fans going through the same thing? This song is often overlooked and it is in one word brilliant. Vocally and lyrically this is Mariah at her best churning it out. Anyone else feeling the same way about this song or any others? You know our girl has so many gems.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 5:00)

A "refresher course" on Mariah Carey (46,417) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

Great article. As much as I love a lot of newer, current artists and appreciate their considerable talent, I'd have to agree that nothing will ever compare to the battle of the 90s divas. Back then, they fought it out with sheer talent and artisty. With artists nowadays, talent almost comes second because the music biz has rather become more of a cutthroat battle of marketing and promotional strategies, employing just about every kind of gimmick possible to command the public's attention. So yeah, the competition definitely was tougher back then, as you can't fake talent. The Philippines is a nation that loves karaoke and amateur singing contests that's why I think young people these days still somehow know who Mariah is. (I mean, seriously, no competition or karaoke night will be complete without a rendition of a Mariah ballad - most likely Hero, Through The Rain, Can't Take That Away, Without You). The only problem is that, like the rest of the world, most teens and twenty-somethings here are also swayed by who's young and what's trendy. Mariah's neither, and for me that's great, but I can only speak for myself.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 3:46)

Matt Lauer interview (46,416) by Manny from U.S.

When I watch the Matt Lauer interview one of Mariah's last responses stood out in my head. Matt asked where she was at emotionally. Her response was: "I've always been a pretty vulnerable person but I've built up. I've learned how to built up a wall. So when I have to I can put up that wall and leave it there and walk in the other direction. And that's what I have to do sometimes with people in my life when they just don't get it." I thought it was about the IDJ record executives and how they didn't support her (promotion). I thought there might be a chance it was about Nick. With everything that is happening it seems it was only about Nick. I also noticed she looked sad in the interview (the look in her eyes) even though she was making jokes.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 3:26)

My perfect concert list (46,415) by Tarraga from New York City

1. Triumphant (Vintage Remix)
2. I Still Believe (Pure imagination)
3. My All/Stay Awhile
4. Dedicated
5. If We
6. Always Be My Baby (Remix)
7. Emotions
8. Bliss
9. Vanishing
10. Help Me Make It
11. To Be Around You
12. Fantasy
13. So Blessed
14. You Don't Know What To Do
15. Make It Look Good
16. Loverboy
17. I'll Be There
18. Hero
19. Make It Happen
20. Thirsty
21. Cry
22. Vision of Love
23. The Wind
I would love the entire concert to be just with a jazz or chamber orchestra and, of course, a grand piano. We can all dream right? Lol.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 3:25)

Divorce (46,414) by Jimbo from UK

It was clear to me that they were heading for divorce after seeing the Matt Lauer interview. She was so sombre and her answers were quite revealing, despite never directly admitting anything. The body language in the "home video" also further evidenced Mariah and Nick's frostiness. Not once did she embrace him, or even acknowledge him. Some of you dismissed my interpretation, but I think most would agree now that it's pretty obvious. I also think her troubled home life helps explain her, quite frankly, bizarre behaviour over the last few months. Endless gowns, erratic, rambling speech, substance abuse (?). She must have been going through hell. It was also obvious, at least to me, that many of the ballads on her last album were about Nick. Particularly Cry, Faded and One More Try. It's sad when any couple break up, especially when children are involved. To those who berated her for not focusing on her career as a way of distracting herself from her personal life, I suggest you gain some empathy. Everyone deals with crisis in different ways, we all have our own coping mechanisms. It's arrogant to think your method is the correct one. I hope that this negativity will at least inspire creativity. Butterfly, her greatest work, was born out of personal tragedy. And whilst Butterfly embraces rebirth, it ends on a deeply cautious note about freedom's limitations (Outside). Heartbreak can lead to reflection. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 1:41)

James Cannon (46,413) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines

Three things: 1) He has no business meddling in whatever marital problems his son is having, unless it directly concerns him. If this was a way for him to weigh in on the situation while hoping to draw the public's attention to his book, then that's just sad. But it would be in everyone's best interests for him not to comment. 2) I won't say anything on his statement on Mariah "lying all the time" and Nick not, since I don't know what their everyday life is like let alone what their conversations sound like. But talking about someone else's sex life on social media then immediately deleting it is just low. But what's even lower? Mocking someone because of her weight. Like really? Really now? That's downright childish. Especially if that someone happens to be one of the bestselling artists of all time who singlehandedly pulled his son out of relative anonymity by marrying him. And Mimi still looks great whatever weight she is. So congrats, Mr. Cannon, you've not just presented yourself as an immature old man, you've also made your son look like the world's shallowest jerk. Double whammy. 3) He's Roc and Roe's grandpa. Does he really want a stupid, cowardly act like this to be the reason they'd possibly resent him later in their lives? It's bad enough that MC and NC they're probably getting a divorce. He shoudn't make it uglier by putting this on top of that. This is a good example of the fact that age doesn't equate maturity. I now see where Nick got his tactlessness.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 1:09)

Watch out, Nick continued (46,412) by LC from USA

I agree. Nick should really watch out. He knows Mariah better than anybody, and from what we know about her, she knows how to get back at someone. There have been rumors that Nick has been badmouthing Mariah through his family members because of the gag order, and if he is, he better get ready. Mariah has all the resources at her disposal to destroy his image and career. Honestly, she could just stage one interview with Barbara Walters or Oprah, and Nick would be done. Not to mention how she could trash him with music. Obsessed, Side Effects, Clown, and Thirsty will seem like light work compared to what else she could say. And did anyone see how ruthless the lambs were to his father on Facebook? He had to take back everything he may or may not have said about M. I know Mariah will take the classy way, as she always does, but that doesn't mean it won't be effective. Her shade is iconic and she'll shade Nick to the ground.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 1:02)

We gon' reswirl this thing (46,411) by Kyle from USA

This seperation is explaining so much about the album. One of the release dates was March which is when they started having some serious problems. Mariah haulted production and went back to the studio to record new songs, most likely "Cry.", "Faded", "Thirsty". Back in June, Jill B Scott tweeted to Mariah "We gon' reswirl this thing lol" most likely referencing new music for a re-release of the album. Not long after that tweet we saw Mariah herself post a picture with the caption "after a long night in the studio". This album is going to be rebranded and relaunched. Let's face it, all PR is good PR and now that her name is on every gossip column and internet feed about her divorce, now would be the time to relaunch this project with "Thirsty". She may act dumb but we've all seen the genius of Mariah Carey. She knows how to work it and I do not buy the age crap on radio. A good song that sounds current will get radio play. The singles for this album were all wrong. "#Beautiful" was the right lead single but that should have been followed with "Thirsty" however, "Thirsty" probably wasn't written last summer. This era still has potential and MC will change the game. Again. It's sad to say but she always does her best when she is working with a broken heart.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014; 0:37)

Just saying (46,410) by Otti from Belgium

She looks healthy on that video of TMZ, she even reminds of her performance at Pavarotti and Friends when she sang My All (heck Yout\Tube). It seems like this album is dedicated to Nick. The song "You're mine" is about Nick, especially when she sings "You make me feel our love would never end, how can I forget baby we were the best." Every fan knows the best songs of Mariah are the ones about her personal life. Mariah's music has soul and personality to it. I think it's sad that they compare Ariana Grande with Mariah Carey. Ariana is an imitator of Mariah, but she forgets one thing. Mariah, writes, produces her own work. It takes more than beauty.
(Tuesday 26 August 2014; 23:32)

That rainbow's end (46,408) by Andrew from UK

I think the reasonable among you probably understand that Mariah can't go on forever, and doesn't the end feel nigh? I think most things could be forgiven but the endless lip-syncing is now a global joke. Does anybody believe she really hits these notes in the studio anymore when she struggles to get an octave lower when she actually does pop a live note out? Don't question my fan status: it's a little "argumentum ad hominem". I've followed Mariah all my life. My point is this: it has to stop sometime, for her sake also. Is the amazing legacy not being damaged now? There is absolutely no sign of anything changing and yet "next time she'll do it, next time she'll be good". It's becoming a very familiar sentiment. Having said that, I just watched A Home For The Holidays from 2001. Never Too Far/Hero and I'll Be There. Loved that era - was when I first moved to University in London. Absolutely loved it. I miss the singing, the look, the presence, the "accessible" music, the "non-elusive" (ie. cared about her career) Mariah; the Mariah that would interview and be sweet and funny and not recite dreary rehearsed lines in monotonous, fake accents. Really good memories. Check out Mariah presenting The Friday Night Project and tell me you don't wonder what went wrong and when ax.
(Tuesday 26 August 2014; 22:46)

Re: Carla my problem with Mariah (46,407) by nikki from usa

I'm not talking about Mariah making any responses guarding her situation period. In the 90's we all knew generalizations about our celebs, but we knew their music more than anything else. MC doesn't have to share her privacy. Nor am I talking about "attacking" anybody. Letting people tear her apart isn't "classy". I'm talking specifically about the media taking things too far and giving them consequences for it. I also specifically stated that Mariah doesn't need to fight everyone, but she needs to draw a line somewhere. Mariah doesn't have to do it herself, either. Simply having a rep telling them to back off while the family is experiencing a difficult time would reduce some of the sensationalism. It's diplomatic and doesn't answer anything. Not saying anything period will just make the media more blood hungry.
(Tuesday 26 August 2014; 22:44)
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Thursday 28 August 2014
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It's time to stop comparing Ariana Grande to Mariah
From the moment her breakthrough single "The Way" set her career framework, Ariana Grande has operated in the shadow of a giant: Mariah Carey. Yours Truly, her chart-topping 2013 debut LP, ripped pages out of the book of Carey.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014)
Nick Cannon has apologised to Mariah Carey
Nick, who announced "there is trouble in paradise" last week, visited Mariah at her home in New York City yesterday and gave her permission to take their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, out of town, as "he knows he really upset her by speaking out of turn".
(Wednesday 27 August 2014)
Mariah Carey called Nick Cannon "100 times a day"
It sounds like Mariah might have driven Nick away with her controlling ways, according to a shocking new report. The singer was reportedly so worried that Nick was cheating on her, that she would constantly check up on him.
(Wednesday 27 August 2014)

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