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Re: Mariah's theme (56,452) (56,459) by Darren from Mariah's Shoe Closet
(Friday 4 September 2015; 11:54)
I apologize if I said something wrong. I thought Mariah is beautiful with or without boobs. But I heard my mom's friends talking about bigger boobs, and I heard big boobs could cause some back pain because it's heavier. I don't really know though since I don't have boobs.
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Re: Two big tig ol' bitties (56,449) (56,458) by Darren from Mariah's Shoe Closet
(Friday 4 September 2015; 11:50)
I agree with you until you got to discuss the vocal surgery. Saying that it doesn't have any impact to her is 100% untrue. I would say it could do miracles to her voice. Her belting will become much more elastic and brighter and easier to access, and her lows would probably be better as nodules provide a constant opening at the vocal cords, preventing them from totally closing. I'm more concerned about her whistles tho.
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Re: Mariah's theme (56,452) (56,457) by Pablo from Spain
(Friday 4 September 2015; 10:34)
This post came off as homophobic. Sorry, but I have to speak up and say something. No, Mariah nor no woman should be body shamed, but you also shouldn't insult people by insinuating that they are gay because being gay is fabulous and not an insult. As a gay male, I'd prefer Mariah keep them covered up, but I respect her decision to dress however she wants to dress. She is a beautiful woman, and more importantly, she is an incredibly gifted and talented singer and song writer.
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Baby and boobs (56,456) by Lee TS from USA
(Friday 4 September 2015; 8:33)
I don't know if I totally read your post wrong but it came off as homophobic to me. We were only discussing her breasts because of the article that was posted albeit it being tabloid in nature. I don't think anyone was shaming her for it. It's her body and she can do whatever she wants to make herself feel better. Let's say she does get some surgery, are we not allowed to talk about it? I rather her not get anything done if it's not necessary, I wouldn't want a Joan Rivers moment.
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Re: Wow-performance (56,450) (56,455) by Licia from USA
(Friday 4 September 2015; 6:25)
I loved that performance. She did so great and she looked like she enjoyed herself. I agree about getting this Mariah back. I love it when she just gets on stage with no worries, has fun, and just sings her heart out.
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The Voice pH (56,454) by Dana from Philippines
(Friday 4 September 2015; 3:09)
A girl named Elha sang Mariah's Emotions and eventually won The Voice pH Kids.
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Article: Mariah Carey wants a breast "reduction" (56,453) by DreamLove from USA
(Friday 4 September 2015; 2:19)
I don't believe this article is true but I personally loved her when her boobs were smaller. I couldn t understand why she would feel the need to have a boob job. Now that she has gotten older they make her look heavier than she really is. I don't know if it's like this when someone sees her in real life but in pictures she looks top heavy due to her boobs.
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Mariah's theme (56,452) by Baby from The Land of Milk & Honey B Fly
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 23:46)
The Boobologists on this board crack me up with their useless theories formed without any firsthand, or secondhand knowledge for that matter. When is the last time any of you had the pleasure of handling a woman's breasts without the authorities being alerted? Stick to what you know (which is nothing unless you're talking about dicks) when expounding on Mariah's body over which you have no jurisdiction by the way. The sexism some of you male posters engage in is pretty sickening. It's beyond Mariah bashing at this point. The bodyshaming needs to stop. I don't come here to have my femininity insulted by proxy as you attack everything about Mariah Carey that was God given. Mariah is clearly proud to be a woman and always has been. She is beautiful in all her feminine form. When you nitpick and even go so far as lie and fabricate about her body it shows signs of pathology. This board is not the ideal place to deal with whatever ails you since you're obviously not Lambs. I would tell you to listen to Hero, AYNAF, MIH, VOL, CTTA, I Wish You Well, Infinity etc but I'm pretty sure that'd be like throwing holy water on demons and might do more harm than good. May God bless you all and deliver you from your tormentors.
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Wow-performance (56,450) by Mara from United States
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 23:25)
Wow, someone posted this on Twitter and if it was anyone in here I say thank you. I remember this concert and waiting for Mariah's performance to air. Seeing it again now I really appreciate it even more. Mariah killed this performance. She was not stiff or afraid to move and she ran across the stage with so much energy. She was fierce. I miss this Mariah. I love the glitz and glamour especially for some of the big ballads, but we need this Mariah back on stage every now and then too.
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Two big tig ol' bitties (56,449) by Andrew from UK
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 22:22)
Absolutely, Mariah, get those breasts reduced. "Her breasts have been ignoring each other since 1999," my friend once said to me. She went way too big and then denied ever having done it. In 1999 she took them out permanently and never put them away again. It may help people take her more seriously. Also, it may be age-ist but she's not getting any younger: time to cover up a bit. But vocal surgery is pointless. "Removing nodules" is a fall-back response to questions about her vocal degradation. I think most people know it won't do squat. She needs to record songs she can actually sing live and lower the key/rearrange the old ones. That's all.
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Re: Article: Mariah cuddles her daughter as she takes her swimming (56,446) (56,448) by Mimi L. from
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 21:11)
Haha well to be fair Monroe was also there. Only one photo is included on the article here but if I am not mistaken the original article had this as the first picture.
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Re: Memoirs (56,443) (56,447) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 21:04)
That's beautiful, Licia. Sounds like CB was for you what the Butterfly album is for me. It is so lovely that music can have such a profound impact like that.
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Article: Mariah cuddles her daughter as she takes her swimming (56,446) by MIAM from United Kingdom
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 19:46)
It says she's taking a swim with her daughter but has anyone else noticed that it's actually Moroccan in the picture, not Monroe?
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Nodules surgery (56,445) by Giovanni from USA
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 13:47)
I say yes to the surgery if Mariah ever decided to have it. At this point, I think it's a chance worth taking. I mean I know it's easy for us to say yes because it's not our voice. But I just think she should do it if she had nothing more she could do for her voice. She sounds better now than last year though.
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Re: Breast reduction (56,440) (56,444) by Licia from USA
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 13:23)
That part about her looking at the ex wives is what made me not even pay that article any attention. I mean I get that she's insecure sometimes (we all can be), but I don't believe that she'd be willing to go through all this to mold herself into an image of people she thinks he wants her to look like. I don't believe it.
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Re: Memoirs (56,439) (56,443) by Licia from USA
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 12:59)
Deedre, when CB came out I was going through some things and CB helped me. Since the beginning with Mariah's first album I would always hear fans say how this album or this song helped to pull them out of a bad situation and I never had that feeling until CB. I finally had an album that I felt was recorded especially for me. Also the CB tour was the first time I got to see her live so that makes CB extra special to me as well. CB really was My Saving Grace (pun intended lol).
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Re: Breast reduction (56,440) (56,442) by Darren from Mariah's Shoe Closet
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 12:38)
Me too. From what I heard you can get back pain from boobs that are too big. But then knowing how she flaunts dem boobies all the time, I don't really think she would do it. Yes to the vocal nodules removal though. If she does the vocal surgery, she would need to learn the whistling technique though. Whistling involves a certain muscular coordination that makes the vocal cords form a really small hole. She would need to rehabilitate her vocals and train her belts too. It's a long way but it could be the only chance she truly recaptures the vocal prowess of her youth.
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Boob job (56,441) by Lee TS from USA
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 10:35)
I don't believe the article. I think she loves her tig 'ol bitties, the way she flaunts it every chance possible. But maybe at her age a lift would be the way to go to have them looking perky. But if she does get surgery she might as well get [censored] vocal surgery. Get it all done in one go. If she really does it though I hope she doesn't get addicted, I wouldn't want her looking all plastic.
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Re: Breast reduction (56,435) (56,440) by Mimi L. from
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 6:09)
Yes to the reduction. Although I heard it's painful, but if she is willing to do it, I think it's for the best. Mariah's breasts kinda make her look bigger, when she really isn't. Plus it's better health wise. The article is stupid though, talking about how she looked at pictures of James' ex wives and compared boobs. As if.
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Re: Memoirs (56,434) (56,439) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 3:44)
Hey Licia, I like CB. It's not one of my absolute favorite Mariah albums, but I definitely enjoy it. The One is my song from that era. I love that song. Especially the live performance from MTV Through The Rain. I also love the TTR remix she did with Hex Hector. I have this odd memory of looping a part from "You Got me" on the main page where you enter the site for the longest time during that era. lol I'm also probably one of the only people on here who doesn't think her vocals on "Boy I Need You" are awful. I think it's interesting you mentioned that for whatever reason it is one of the only albums you listen to straight through. No judgement or anything, I just think that's an interesting observation.
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Re: Breast reduction (56,435) (56,438) by Mike from FL, USA
(Thursday 3 September 2015; 0:57)
I think she should absolutely have the surgery. I remember seeing the making of the Heartbreaker video in 1999 and thinking how much larger her breasts looked. I believe she got the implants around that time. But hasn't Mariah denied the implant rumors for years?
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Re: Breast reduction (56,435) (56,437) by Giovanni from USA
(Wednesday 2 September 2015; 23:47)
Personally her breasts don't bother me. But a reduction might make her look a little slimmer. Maybe she wants her body to look perfect for upcoming projects.
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Re: Memoirs (56,434) (56,436) by Amber C from USA
(Wednesday 2 September 2015; 23:35)
I love it. I love Memoirs as well.
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Breast reduction (56,435) by B from USA
(Wednesday 2 September 2015; 22:42)
I've been saying she needed a breasts reduction for years, since MOAIA and MIAMTEC. Hopefully it's true.
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Re: Memoirs (56,428) (56,434) by Licia from USA
(Wednesday 2 September 2015; 21:14)
It's nice to see CB get some love. I thought I was the only fan who liked it. For me CB is one of her best albums lyrically. CB is the one album I can listen to straight through. I'm just now really starting to like Memoirs. I thought I hated it actually. It used to be the third album that I didn't like on my list, but it's moved up a spot or two. I'm learning to appreciate it.
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